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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Justine Damond Murdered by Reckless Cop Here in NYC James O'Neill Protecting NYPD Crimes Pretends He's Clueless Anti-Police Sentiment

Justine Damond Murdered by Reckless Cop Here in NYC James O'Neill Protecting NYPD Crimes Pretends He's Clueless Anti-Police Sentiment

In Minneapolis, Unusual Police Killing Raises an Old Outcry: Why?

Justine Damond  when I read the New York Times article it's hard not to cry -- she went through suffering came out lighter and brighter only to be murdered by an idiot cop and look with NYPD did to me for a rich Doctor Dr Andrew Fagelman who wanted me threatened so Dr Fagelman didn't have to fire is Violet lying employee manipulative while at lying but what is it say about him he conspired to have me threatened and he found corrupt cops criminal cops willing to do it I could end up like Justine but it wouldn't be an accident...    when the NYPD murder victim they mostly always blame the victim..

I am lucky to be a live.   The corrupt cops in my case had like Ku Klux Klan members if they had met me I don't know what horrors would've been done and I probably be at Rikers right now or dead!!!!   All the cops that broke laws in my case were either promoted or allowed to retire! Three police commissioners, Charles Campisi and Ray calling Reznick and Chief Boyce  protecting crimes and I really think I could be murdered anytime and NYPD or Rick it and say it's my fault!
NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago

Under mayor de Blasio a fraud  how many people have been murdered by the NYPD? Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton do not want you to read Eric's hand written lawsuit from Rikers island why?  Do not want you to read Eric's hand written lawsuit from Rikers island why

When I came up of the concept of the NYPD app tracker a database of crime including NYPD crimes I realized it could become National and I also realize it would be a time capsule so Nicholas Heyward could finally report his son's murderer and  every government agency every person who failed him in New York City government including a dirty DA http://nicholasheywardmemorialfoundation.org/story.html

Eric Garner and I  wrote our pro se lawsuits under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly  both victims of NYPD harassment and crimes protected by internal affairs and Bill de Blasio and Zachary Carter  still protecting NYPD crimes and Internal Affairs crimes in my case!

Google Akai Gurley.   NYPD kill so many people I can't even give you all the names and there's so many victims of NYPD crimes  including me and yet the cops get promoted

In New York City and Internal Affairs Drugs hex corruption along with top brass including police commissioner James O'Neill, Bratton  taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD and Ray Kelly who taught me the NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas casino!

Internal Affairs has been protecting crimes in my case for years

NYPD top brass and IA are more concerned with protecting the NYPD  brand than our lives because all they care about are the big pay off their going to get look at Ray Kelly look at Bratton and look who's funneling money to them!!!!

Cy Vance Pay to Play DA Make Campaign Donations funneling $ to Ray Kelly corrupt NYPD PC My Case Pro se and Eric Garner pro se Eric Garner was killed by reckless NYPD well I'd be killed why been murdered by someone inside the NYPD or a retired cop or someone connected to the doctors office or the Mercer hotel th Eric garner was killed by reckless NYPD will it be killed light be murdered by someone inside the NYPD or retired cop or someone connected to the doctors office or the Mercer Hotel the NYPD have killed how many people?

Cy Vance's ADAs Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzzi I made it clear they were going to protect NYPD crimes in my case!!!  And now they're boss Cy Vance is funneling money to Ray Kelly via a contract with K2 Intelligence and Cy Vance made sure there was no prosecution of 911 tech aka ECTP crooks  under Michael Bloomberg and  Ray Kelly and if the Manhattan DA had prosecuted 911 tech crooks and the top cops that were taking lavish gifts kickbacks as contractors delivered late and deliver crap on 911 and Ray Kelly never would've gotten this K2 job would he?

 When NYPD officers aren't killing people or stealing from them were stealing from drug dealers or gunrunning or threatening victims like in my case they're finding ways to take gifts and it starts at the very top with Ray Kelly who excepted lavish rides and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's jet for Ray Kelly and his wife. 

  It starts at the very top if they don't care about our lives or safety in fact if were murdered what does it mean to them nothing all they care is about their lavish gifts and powerful appointments another way money is funneled to them we are not safe ---

 I had asked Ray Kelly  to redo the psychological evaluation's because it clearly not screening people properly did he do it no he's more interested in money then our safety.

Ray Kelly protected a pile up of crimes in my case I'm lucky I'm alive and he protected his crimes because he doesn't like me and the same with the Manhattan DA but more so the Manhattan DA protects NYPD crimes because their funneling money to Ray Kelly!!!  

 The Manhattan DA did not protect NYPD crimes then Ray Kelly wouldn't have a job he has for them to funnel money to would he?

corrupt nyc, ny: NYPD Det John Vergona 01 Det Squad LIED vs Public Member Marks My Case by Suzannah Troy on Scribd

NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force Telephone Number Broken! NYPD so fake! Verify Det Andy Dwyer corrupt Cop promoted?

NYPD Jimmy O'Neill Apologize NYPD Det Squad Acted on Cunt Threat to Turn Tables

 The NYPD protected pile up of crimes in my case google Dr Fagelman assault.  Watch the 36 second youtube.  Then the NYPD detective said their supervisors headed by Commander Deputy inspector Ed Winski the 1st Precinct they either directly broke laws lying in police reports conspiring to threaten me downgrading second-degree assault menacing A false  cross complaint into a mutual third-degree assault to no crimes!

Internal Affairs party to these crimes all along I was threatened obstruction of justice I was wasn't allowed to process I was threatened with false imprisonment unless I dropped charges.

I allege Joe Tacopina  using a sock puppet broke the law threatening me a misogynist hate crime and dirty corrupt detectives on the first precinct acted on it I'm trying to find out if he actually contacted them since I believe he ghost  wrote the letter for my attacker  agreeing to drop her past cross complaint and threatening me with another false cross-complaint second-degree if I filed a second-degree assault charge she will file another false cross-complaint she openly threatens me it's a crime.

I also am alleging Michael Rawson  Who worked at the Mercer hotel was harassing me online and his Facebook page has a manifesto against me a commitment to harassing me until I remove you tubes of my protest against him for harassing a dying Korean War Vet are and who died in hospice a prostate  cancer.

 I was harassed online the social media harassment began with someone on behalf of Dr. Andrew Fagelman's while lying attack receptionist that's when I put up the YouTube three days later it started right after I talked to the detective who is going to line police reports and threatened me!!!!

The NYPD have protected threats and joined in!

 It's stunning to me that the head of corporate counsel Zachary Carter continues to lie to protect police crimes in my case including Internal Affairs corruption.

Zachary Carter NYPD Crimes Tumors symptoms worse, NYPD DA Apology Wall 

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