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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tom Hanks Twitter Hearts/Likes My Tweet Calling For Justice Attacked at MD's

10:00am realize fan page they look exactly a like  still until I figured it out with the help of a friend it was such a glorious feeling and a warm-up at what I believe is going to come however long it takes to get Justice  I do believe films and books are going to include my case as well as other victims!

I saw this article on Tom Hanks in the NYDN how he used Tweeter to shame a person with a load of parking tickets on their windshield like a bird poop -- just to big to ignore and by Tom Hanks tweeting about it the NYPD quickly responded!  I guess they monitor celebrities as well as activists like me?  


I saw the article in the New York Daily News the Tom Hanks tweeted about a car with all these parking tickets so I really believe this is really him it's his account and he hearted my call for help to arrest my attacker and NYPD  threaten me.

I tweeted:  Tom can u get NYPD top  brass to arrest my attacker and corrupt nypd that threatened me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE

I took a photo of Tom Hanks "heart" liking my tweet because I am wowed.  
Tom Hanks did a mitzvah CPR on my soul....

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Tears Tom Hanks ❤️ my tweet on me wanting my attacker and corrupt NYPD threatened me arrested. Thanked him told him AVP advocated for me pic.twitter.com/upCJek9nhh

 I have such chronic severe insomnia since  attack that when I woke up this morning with four hours of sleep and looked at my Twitter account I couldn't believe it!

I called my Mom and told her.    I'm so happy while she still with us she's hanging in there I get to tell her something this positive and sweet and beautiful!

 I tweeted Tom Hanks a thank you or used a Hebrew word for righteous person I really believe he is such a good person he's a Menche...

(My head hearts -- I worry I will pass out from so many years of insomnia fighting for Justice in my case -- my head hurts from insomnia and exhaustion but after writing this I stood up and said "Thank you God!".

Celebrity can amplify one's weaknesses but in Tom Hanks case celebrity his amplified his goodness.

I tweeted him how the MD's violent lying attack receptionist/office manager did a running punch to my head and punched a hole in my retina and was not fired or arrested.  That my patient rights and body were violated and than the NYPD decided to threaten me fix this make it go away no crimes including their own and how this inspired my concept the NYPD App Tracker....

I tweeted him how my Dad was a decorated WW2 Vet and a Scholar and my Mom is in Hospice and I want an apology.  I can't forgive People that aren't apologizing.   I told him about my friend 95 Auschwitz survivor (still alive) and my Dad died knowing I was treated like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany.

I feel dizzy tired right now -- it is 7am and I wish I could go back to sleep. I can't but thanks to Tom Hanks "hearting my tweet" click the link and see the top tweet in the photo it is him the sun seems brighter, the birds singing more beautiful...   My friend 95 who survived Auschwitz would always tell me the sun will come out tomorrow -- meaning have faith....

I can't find  my tweets -- I know somewhere there is a tab to see your tweets to others...  I tweeted him thank you.

I told him that Anti-Violence Project took me in I'm not gay but I've always been an outsider  and AVP (Anti-Violence Project) advocated for the arrest of my attacker and wanted the NYPD held accountable in my case but the DA is just like the corrupt cops. 

I have tears in my eyes that I'm in shock and there's an irony there are so many I think of him as Jimmy Stewart of our era it's sad that people younger people of our country don't even know who Jimmy Stewart is in his films that were so outstanding like Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

Feel like Mr Smith re: 911 Tech Corruption and my case a victim of savage violence and NYPD City protecting wrong doing...it has been that for years now trying to get more than $60.5 million back on 911 tech corruption response to Sept 11, the new tech system  to command centers but greed and stupidity became the priority and it was zero accountability no arrests bigger than CityTime. 

 My mind is just too exhausted it's been such serious severe insomnia I was supposed to go away on a real vacation and I couldn't go because the post traumatic stress and so insomnia PTS extra bad....when I realized I was going to have to cancel the PTS Insomnia got worse like the first 2 years after the attack.

I was tweeting to Tom Hanks and so got up in PTS Mode I forgot I was boiling water for tea.  

I was at home when I saw the NYDN article on  Tom Hanks getting results because NYPD read his tweet about the car with parking tickets so I tweeted him and tweeted him and tweeted him the story and beings photos police reports were the NYPD detective lied in his DD5s aka police reports.

Tweeted him about what  happened to me and I tweeted him Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from Rikers.

I will believe there will be in films.

I am just overcome deeply deeply moved I feel almost in shock his "heart" of my tweet means so much to me...

I watched Sully  but the very beginning the buildings it stressed me it upset me because it made me think of September 11...  as always I thought Tom Hanks was excellent and I just loved him in the film Bridge of Spies...I bought the film when it came out.

Way back Dr Amen the famous brain MD that is on public television favorited my tweet taking about me seeking Justice and how the MD didn't even fire her!  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/01/dr-amen-gives-suzannah-troy-favorite-on.html