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Monday, May 1, 2017

Extreme Nauseous 3am Film like Spotlight Expose Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bloomberg, de Blasio, Zachary Carter, NYPD Crimes too Many Victim's Me Included

5:30 am updates this post - I know Dr Andrew Fagelman party to knowledge NYPD detective were going to fix it  did not fire his violent lying  receptionist Detective would threaten me my case and they got fixing in favors from the NYPD detectives only to happy the line police reports because they didn't like me because I reported to Facebook friend PO Gene Schatz so from the 1st Precinct before I was attacked a running punch my head what is horrific is found a new blog accusing a man I believe this is his father and the doctor of something to do with child pornography I don't quite understand the person alleges that and also there's an investigation.

In my case the doctor was asked did you talk to the NYPD and he said no comment as if he would incriminate himself if he even said yes.

 I believe there are three Dr Fagelman's  one is the father and 2 sons and all three are connected with NYU Langone?  Dr Andrew Fagelman has some relation with Beth israel but I don't know if it's still on going and that Mount Sinai owns BI..?

Mom Hospice Cries as Zachary Carter, Bill de Blasio, NYPD O'Neill Cover-up Crimes MyCase
Bill Bratton  taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD and I believe his books, Ray Kelly's books, and Charles Campisi's books belong in the fiction section  next to Lance Armstrong's.

Cannibal Cop’: ‘People don’t choose the things they’re aroused by.  FYI he passed NYPD psychological valuation and clearly that psych eval has failed over and over including my case

Head of scandal-plagued NYPD division quietly retires | New York Post

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mike Bloomberg, Bill de Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Reznick, Bratton, O'Neill, #NYPD think of film like "Spotlight" suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com.ln.is/d84Yi

 Just a reminder the NYPD control press passes do the math...

It is almost 3:30 am - woke up over an hour ago -- first thing I noticed when I woke up with severe pain in my neck like when I was attacked at Dr Andrew Fagelman's  by violent liar Delita Hooks  and I have new startling pain in my shoulders actually try not to raise my arms I go to class would say like a yoga class I don't raise my arms it also is painful to just look at my Watch or to put on a jacket ...

I normally don't take painkillers but I took painkillers I was given actually two different types by Dr Bergang  after savagely assaulted at the doctors my arm was numb from two injections and I was holding bags one with Ipad  so I was a human pin yada and the NYPD corrupt evil detectives Vergona and Dwyer "doctored" police reports broke the law and for over four years corrupt evil internal affairs has been protecting crimes so much so that they are now party to them.

Someone takes two pieces of paper put them together to make a sign on top of the bench in the subway and it's accusing Dr. Andrew Fagelman's father of...? I found this allegation in link below...he "Mark Fagelman who practices in Pomona, NY involved with child pornography. He has some disturbing footage of a young girl putting Viagra pills into a guy's mouth b4 child sex, only to hearhttp://markfagelmansexwithchild.blogspot.com/2017/04/mark-fagelman-who-practices-in-pomona.html?m=1, "Daddy, make it stop" during sex."



Extremely sick being allegations against the creepy doctor in my case who I believe broke laws was party to his staff lying  during an open investigation, party to having me threatened he knew that the detectives were going to break laws threatening me to write up an investigation he was party to whomever is behind the Hate Crimes I believe Joe Tacopina who called me a cunt threaten to bury me to strive me see the tables turned the NYPD detectives acted on it, in the creepy Dr Andrew Fagelman party to his violent mine receptionist signing a letter openly threatening me to the NYPD which is also a crime and my guess also drafted by Joe Tacopina incredibly stupid if we had a police department with an ounce of integrity there would be arrests.

 How very sickening and nauseating there are no allegations against Dr. Andrew Fagelman's father it appears to be by someone  who's Google account I have posted.

 I also have severe severe stomach ache nausea I over ate stress eatingfeel so ill and nauseous ---

I am working on my appeal New York State Supreme Court minutes in the first division the same division that with the NYPD cop off the hook w ho jumped on Eric  I am working on my appeal your state Supreme Court and it's in the first division the same division that with the NYPD cup off the hook who jumped on Eric Garner  well Eric stood still like a statue in front of a glass plate window and there's no video evidence of a crime like I have video evidence of a crime and the police officer was given a raise in 24 hours security like his mayor and what did the first division do but protect the cop who didn't even offer any assistance in trying to help Eric to live!

Eric Garner case there's no video evidence of a crime of Eric selling losers.   I have video evidence of a crime and the police officer Eric Garner case Homicide was given a raise in 24 hours security like he's mayor and what did the first division do but protect the cop who didn't even offer any assistance and trying to help Eric to live.

 I've done the majority of the retrieval of the documents and I have a meeting later this morning to begin assembling the documents ---  I haven't written the appeal part yet but the first page will say we are pricing for page 2 which are photos of my attacker repeatedly assaulting me including with her hand that has keys on her wrist and her iPhone which she strikes me with when she switches hands how she pursues me down the hall her threats to do bodily harm when she acted on all omitted from Detective John Vergona's  DD5 which is known as a police report and then I will show public member marks report which says I'm afraid for my safety and has four more details of the video where the detective has omitted everything possible because he is in process of committing a crime along with his coworkers and supervisors
 And then I will show public member marks report which says I'm afraid for my safety and has four more details of the video where the detective has omitted everything possible because he is in process of committing a crime along with his coworkers and supervisors

 I will tell the judges if I don't get it Justice I'm confident films documentary films and other films and books will tell my story and/or include it with other victims of NYPD crimes and whistleblowers

I think of the film spotlight and I would like a graph chart like my concept the NYPD app tracker  exposing every government agency that  failed me or was directly complicit protecting the NYPD Internal Affairs in my case and how many others?

When there is a feel like Spotlight shedding light on what happened to me I want every judge's name listed.... and allegations that Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel I believe are guilty of witness tampering threatening me during an open investigation that show with the cunt hate crime threat the NYPD acted on joining in breaking the law and I would like to see a rest in my case including Joe and that he be disbarred; I also believe Joe wrote my attacker signed letter openly threatening me get another climb to her NYPD fix or warning me to not come back about second-degree assault charges or she would file a second force cross complaint and the NYPD Internal Affairs covered this up and corrupt evil Mary O'Donnell read it to me and said case closed.

The city of New York the NYPD are protecting crimes just like the church did with pedophiles....