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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O'Neill nypd app tracker time capsule of nypd crimes exposing Rapes, Crimes misogyny and the police commissioners that protected crimes

The NYPD have a history of rape and preying on  sex workers and the NYPD app tracker will be in a time capsule for victims including of sexual Assault my NYPD officers acted on a misogynist hate crime threat to turn the tables on me if I didn't drop charges you can read about it below but the NYPD app tracker will also be a time capsule for everyone female male transgender who's been a victim of rape including up NYPD rape will be a time capsule for people or their families to come forward  and report rape, or sexual salt or a hate crime and misogynist threat like my case the three police commissioners, to chief seven internal affairs and 2 chief of detectives that protected.

‪@NYPDONeill @UN Ask Ray Kelly Bratton O'Neill about sexual assault Eric Garner describes by nypd &my case Det Squad Cunt turn tables threat‬
‪.@NYPDONeill @UN If NYPD 01 DetSquad had arrested Delita Hooks instead of fixing favors retaliation I'd never conceived idea NYPD apptracker‬

‪.@NYPDONeill @BilldeBlasio  nypd apptracker future timecapsule will not let crimes uprotected mycase cunt threat turn tables be erased‬

‪@NYPDONeill @BilldeBlasio Corrupt top }NYPD IA corp Counsel using Ron Kuby letter to attempt erase pile up of crimes from MD's office - NYPD‬
‪.@NYPDONeill @BilldeBlasio @un http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em my patient rights bodyviolated hole retina touched my vagina nypd actedon Cunt threat‬

‪@NYPDONeill @BilldeBlasio @UN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em sexually violated + NYPD acted on cunt threat to turn tables‬
My Letter  in the financial times years ago talking about women's rights basic human rights and mine were violated and  The NYPD joined in by protecting them etc including Corp Counsel.

They thought they were going to sweep it under the rug and I couldn't handle that so I came up with idea of a time capsule so it never ever will go away ever   

I thought of Nicholas Heyward his allegations his son was murdered by an NYPD cop make sure that the ambulance took his boy to a hospital far away so he would die of his wounds.   He will finally be able to report his allegations to a database and then other victims can come forward if they believe the same cop committed crimes in their case like my case where they hit their badge numbers and their faces.   Still don't know the names of the partners their badge numbers and what their faces look like except for accidentally finding Det Vergona and Dwyer 3 years later  Factor Facebook friends with the first cop from the same precinct I reported to Internal Affairs Drugs two years before I was savagely assaulted!  If they have other victims we can share information and be counted together in a database a time capsule  where finally they will not be protected and their crimes  will not be swept under the carpet  which three police commissioners have tried to do in my case and corporate counsel has protected these crimes corporate counsel's role will be part of the database! 

NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago

‪@FBI The future a database allowing victims to report crimes the NYPD other agencies were party to covering up obstructed justice ‬

If  you dig around on the Internet you're gonna find some shocking allegations about NYPD officers and their alleged sexual proclivities Retired NYPD officer arrested for alleged possession of child pornography – New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
https://www.google.com/amp/pix11.com/2016/05/04/retired-nypd-officer-arrested-for-alleged-possession-of-child-pornography/amp/?client=safari  interesting this NYPD officer was not caught when he was employed by the NYPD only after...  let's say in theory he or anyone sexually abused a child as an example and that child couldn't come forward but years later as an adult they will be able to come forward the crime will never go away  and finally a victim will have a chance to have their accusations added to a statistical report of alleged crimes in my case I have evidence so I can upload it to a database  The NYPD app tracker will be a database as well as a time capsule.
‪@NOW_NYC IAB captain busted in NYPD gal-pal assault | New York Post‬
‪https://www.google.com/amp/nypost.com/2013/01/19/iab-captain-busted-in-nypd-gal-pal-assault/amp/?client=safari ask nypd for his status. ‬

The latest nypd sexual sicko predator  past his psychological eval NYPD Mounted Unit cop busted for having phone sex with girl, 16 - NY Daily News
Ask for a status report on nypd internal affairs Capt Aaron Wright.  He beat the living daylights out of is NYPD Sgt girlfriend  she works in domestic abuse -  left her there on her front lawn beaten to a pulp  and when the neighbor called 911 she lied for him!   Senator Diaz's NYPD  daughter threatened her boyfriend and she was not punished she still on the force look up these cases!
My case started by Googling Dr Fagelman or Dr Fagelman assault. Watch the 34 second youtube. I also have links to the police detective lying in his DD5s.  

 Before you read my story read Eric Garner  he says he was sexually assaulted front  back in public media has black this out in someone's even altered the Wikipedia page and Eric to mislead the public to believe the New York Times to share this and they haven't allowed the public to read his lawsuit and it's entirety the  NYPD in his case my case should be confronted along with the police commissioners and internal fares in front of the new commission it's a police corruption under oath what the future will hold and NYPD app tracker database which will be a time capsule exposing all the crimes and wrongdoing including my case the NYPD think that they can be protected by corporate counsel lies taxpayer-funded lawyers head right now by Zachary  Carter lying in my case so I just want to be clear at the NYPD app tracker will expose every government agency that was complicit and protected the crimes including corporate counsel in my case and the NYPD app tracker will show that Eric Garner  alleged sexual assault my Tucker Prester barefoot against my vagina and then NYPD acted on misogynist Hate Crimes to turn the tables on me and three police commissioners protected that it's never going to go away but the doors will be open to create a time capsule of data to expose systemic corruption that goes to the very top in my case three police commissioners because I'm a whistleblower especially on 911 the top nypd brass  Took lavish gifts as contractors overbilled  delivered late and delivered crap and I was also blowing the whistle  on the Rich of SoHo getting fixing in favor so when I got a running punched my head what did the 1st Precinct do but the fixing in favors  I think they got away with it lying in police reports which three police commissioners are aware of two chiefs of detectives and to Chief seven ternal affairs and NYPD think they can get away with a misogynist hate crime protecting the crimes but they won't because of the NYPD app tracker which will be billed in the future -  NYPD app tracker will be like Uber of crimes you'll be able to map it and track it will be historical data base and time capsule  including for families to report that the NYPD murdered their child or raped their child if that was the case and they never were allowed to report it and get Justice .

 Google NYPD rape you will find cops that were arrested but I'm a legend for every cop arrested there's more that weren't.

 I was a victim of a misogynist Hate Crimes at the NYPD detective squad acted on how many more victims are there like me?

Eric Garner  very clear in his hand written lawsuit he was sexually assaulted front and back in public.   The NYPD think it's all going to go away my case will be swept under the carpet like Eric garner hand written lawsuit  it's not going to go away and the more they protect the lies these years after years of protecting lies it just gives birth to stronger better ways to fight back like an NYPD app tracker time capsule.

.@NYPDONeill @UN O'Neill, Boyce, Reznick protect NYPD IA crimes including my case! Future NYPD app tracker time capsule database nypd crimes

My case The 1st Precinct was doing fixing in favors it was one 800 NYPD Internal Affairs fix it for the Rich of Soho like certain Hasidic we're getting fixing in favors in Williamsburg it's been covered up in the first cop I reported with Eugene Schatz his Facebook friends with the detectives involved.   When I reported Schatz , Mercer Hotel ( Manager at the time was Michael Rawson) under Ray Kelly the commander DI Ed Winski and Ray Kelly promoted Schatz to Community affairs with Tommy Moran and I'm alleging that was to do even more fixing and favors.  Schatz  Facebook profile is on this blog it's the red glove with the finger on the sidewalk take a look at it that's with the NYPD's misogynist mentality is asked them about parties with strippers asked him about sex workers under oath asked him about any knowledge of rape under oath.    I was told by a source that has been reliable allegations that Henry Buhl had raped a woman but she was too afraid to come forward and I learned at the 1st Precinct of that allegation and a year or so  later when I was punched in the face and I told my attacker not to touch me and she prayed pressed her barefoot against my vaginal area when she couldn't kick me so that makes it a sexual assault dr. Andrew Fagelman's  this attack happens down the street from the fixing in favor I allege  for the Mercer hotel and Henry Buhl The rich of Soho call the police like Williamsburg  add  doctor Andrew Fagelman  because the NYPD did him a favor I believe he was party to their plan to threaten me and Line police reports and three police commissioners have protected misogyny the Hate Crimes the NYPD line and police reports the NYPD acting on a cunt calling threat to turn the tables on me top brass in the NYPD Internal Affairs have protected this ...

 I've been suing but every judge has prevented me from questioning them in front of the jury and the Manhattan DA didn't want to touch it and wouldn't give me a special prosecutor!

Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, 2 Chiefs of internal affairs Campisi and Reznick two chiefs  of detectives Polasky and even more corrupt is Chief Boyce  Who is so evil and corrupt and misogynist he has actually blocked me on Twitter because he can't take the truth and he's so guilty protecting the detective squad that acted on a misogynist cunt calling threat that I believe was Joe Tacopina using a sock puppet account to bury me destroy me if I took any action he would see the tables turned in when I sent that to the detective squad via email Detective John Vergona because he would not meet me  I refuse to meet me see the injuries to my I my arm my neck he lied and lied and when I asked is this witness tampering he acted on it he didn't answer me he and the detective squad Det Andy Dwyer Sergeant Chen, Lt Burgos  and even the commanding officer acted on it as a group and their Facebook friends is Eugene Schatz  The cop I reported to Internal Affairs Drugs who is the call a cop one 800 fix it for the Mercer hotel.  Michael Rawson and was running that hotel and he's been harassing me for years on YouTube and I had a recently call Andrew belies to tell him to stop since I know the NYPD are owned in Soho.  I'm hoping they will be actions taken to expose the misogyny, the hate crimes, the rapes, everything the NYPD won't let you report we can report.

.@NYPDONeill @UN James O'Neill 3rd PC protecting misogynist Hate Crimes after sexual assault violence nypd Det squad acted on cunt threat

Suzannah B. Troy artist: Misogynist NYPD using 2 Sock Puppets Silent Because Chief O'Neill Contacted?

Bloomberg Newzzz: NYPD App Tracker Report NYPD Crimes, Search Lawsuits and FOIL Requests

Suzannah B. Troy artist: #NYPD App Tracker The Future Exposing NYPD Stats a Lie Expose NYPD IA DA crimes