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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Monday, January 2, 2017

mayor de Blasio Hand cuffs or no hand cuffs coming soon 911 tech corruption Bloomberg's biggest Tech mess like Pentagon NYC Tech massive tax payer abuse

NYC Corruption 2015-16 911, CityTime Preet , NYPD, de Blasio Bratton Out?
 See my predictions from last year I was right about Bill Bratton.
Tweet: Last yr I predicted Bill Bratton would exit in 2016. See youtube I confront Sheldon Silver almost 2 yrs pre arrest

Corruption NYC Gov Nursing Home 911 & Happy 2017

The hottest game in Albany remains guess who's Teflon but very soon we will know who is getting arrested.

Zachary Carter  should be arrested for redacting documents interfering with an investigation but just like Charles Hynes he is Teflon.  Carter  should be forced to resign now for what he did and he lied under oath in front of City Council because he did not act within the scope just like the NYPD in my case and what is he do he sends in Catherine Papandrew to lie in my case.

CityTime and possibly 911 tech aka ECTP and board Of Election technology are most likely all Destined for the dumpster those are the top three most obvious big tech messes under Michael Bloomberg

911  is the biggest tech mess in New York City government history it was protected by Dept Of investigation rose Gill Hearn and Mark peters both beholden to Mike Bloomberg well who isn't beholden -- Rose got to kick back jobs for protecting him but what's interesting is Mark peters was also bill de Blasio'  campaign manager - US attorney is going to narrow his scope when it comes to arresting people - just like CityTime.   Preet Bharara  refuse to go back in time CityTime and he made no arrests of nyc gov employees; not even Joel Bondy!

 Do US attorney will narrow the scope but there are going to be arrests and soon.

De Blasio was using anti- Trump for fund raising  hey will you send me Bill, two dollars or three dollars and it backfired so he's completely stopped anti Trump campaign but Donald Trump wants him out and the US attorney could make that happen.

Melissa Mark Viverito  broke how many rules/laws? She broke campaign laws and gave herself a massive race and if she could she pull a Bloomberg and get rid of term limits she is so corrupt and sad to say she won't be arrested and she should be!  Ask her about not to clearing $100,000 she earned renting her fordable town how she stole from someone who really deserved it she is a multimillionaire and  look into her and her family's real estate ownings yet she still affordable townhouse same ask her how she ended up in Harlem in the first place.

 I was sitting next to some MTA people yesterday and one of them made it really clear that, was taking credit for their first Avenue subway and he did not deserve that credit.

 Expect major shake ups this year.

NYPD ad campaign a big failure.  NYPD Compassionate Recruiting Ad Det John Vergona NYPD Crimes Lies - YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKY5gzJYtWMI could not even read the word compassion but  after being a victim up NYPD crimes verbally violent threats and being told by the detective (Det John Vergona criminal dirty cop broke laws in my case retired living in Staten Island)!he doesn't care by two black eyes maybe it's me or is it the ad where is it the NYPD committing systemic crimes ?

911 -- Top nypd took lavish gifts -- like the Pentagon open season for overfilling stealing many of the contractors are tied to the pensions pension funds in  case of massive stealing the biggest ever New York City government for 911 that is definitely New York pension connected and there was a Normas amount of lavish gifts whining dining whatever you want to call it the NYPD want to cover up their crimes and they should be held to accounting including the Saudi Arabia trip they took with that mass murderer Omar Mateen.

 If we have a large scale terrorist attack here in New York City again the NYPD will once again be heroes and forgiven and all crimes but the nypd crimes are systemic and I know firsthand they use coercion as a policing tool to lower crime stats in doing so they commit crimes in my case they committed a series of crimes and corporate counsel has protected them

Stay tuned because the FDNY Who I believe will be for more honest in the NYPD about 911 and the tech corruption that was birth under Michael Bloomberg  at some point may become more vocal stay tuned 911 is the biggest tech corruption in sooner or later it's going to come out

 How many lives depend on 911 ?   Look at the lobbyists start with the lobbyist for Hewlett-Packard when Hewlwtt Packard opened
the floodgates on stealing  and delivery late and delivering crap. Despite all this and only having to pay back $10.5 million the culprit most responsible in terms of representing Hewlett-Packard and interfacing with nyc gov was able to dance right back in and get yet another contract representing another company although a far smaller contract it's deeply offensive and criminal.    How many lives depend 911 to work????????

Scott Stringer could've prevented Bill Rudin from pushing through luxury condos  and giving us protective zoning for a hospital only reminder there was no prosecution of Saint Vincent hospital crooks  and reminder the trauma level one hospital was open during the September 11 attacks.  St. Vincent's Hospital also had a rape crisis center and AIDS care.

 Scott Stringer brokered the most corrupt deal ever in the history of corruption wedding Hewlett-Packard off with only $10.5 million on 911 tech corruption while John Liu  got $50 million back from Verizon who is not the lead contractor Hewlett-Packard was  and how Hewlett-Packard got the contract is fascinating since they had no 911 tech experience.   Google Hewlett Packard NY pensions they did have biggies on the New York pension board appointed by either Mike Bloomberg or Rudy Giuliani --  George Arzt , Scott Stringer's friend and evil powerbroker he's got his finger and every single dealing going on but remains Teflon including Charles Hynes crime - you think Arzt did not know Hynes was stealing  drug money? Arzt supposedly was a lobbyist when HP was stealing!!!!

 Scott Stringer wants a new person a chief economist  to take over and do his job but there may be major scandal is about to blow stay tuned -- Cy Vance has a lot of explaining to do about  why he hasn't recused himself over Mark Guma  Who he is but Holden to since Cy ran in to debt running for  DA and Mark Guma  him off the hook for money owed and possibly they broke campaign laws so how could the Manhattan DA not recuse himself but it's even bigger when it comes to 911 tech corruption and also NYPD taking lavish gifts from contractors that were over billing and possibly FirstNet and ny pensions?

Cy Vance is the dirtiest DA  in the shortest amount of time - look at John Lou's press releases to Cy Vance on 911.  Scott Stringer removed  them from the New York Comptroller's website as soon as he got in there !!!!  Cy Vance  must've been happy about that considering they were entitled CityTime 2 and Tax Payer pocket's punched.

Scott Stringer needs a new person to do his job and help with ticking bombs of corruption and mismanagement?
The New York City Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer of the City of New York. Among the many missions of the office is to ensure the financial health of New York City by advising the Mayor, the City Council, and the public of the City’s financial condition, as well as make recommendations of City programs and operations, fiscal policies and financial transactions. The Comptroller’s Office seeks exceptional candidates for selection as Chief Economist.

Boston Marathon bomber gets N.Y.'s top public defender - NY Daily News

 New Yorkers want a new commission into police corruption that whole dirty DAs and corporate counsel accountable as well and every government agency that is failed us including the commission into police corruption, and the civilian complaint review board.

If there is a large scale terrorist attack or series of smaller ones there will be mass murder here in New York City and police corruption will again fall to the wayside forgotten but not by New Yorkers that are victims of police corruption including families morning the deaths of Loved ones.

 Going to see some historical events coming up like never before including out rage involving NYPD corruption it's going on and on and top officials that could prosecuted are selling a lie that it's not systemic why not prosecuting cops that are criminal cops including my case I believe the city and federal agents are themselves contributing to a time bomb.

NYPD inspector general another waste of taxpayer money a total rip off and ineffectual just like Internal Affairs and 911? Overly complicated corrupt masses overly

 Another time bomb  is the massive corruption Albany to City Hall and they keep giving themselves raves and raises.    Every corrupt agency New York City government seems to be hiring more money to do advertising and PR are you kidding me!!!!   You're not kidding New Yorkers you're just robbing the taxpayers even more.
The NYC Department of Investigation is seeking a highly qualified individual to serve as the Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs. Under the direction of the First Deputy Commissioner, the DCEA will oversee both the Press Office and the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.
The New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) is seeking two Inspector Generals to manage the operations of an Inspector General Squad comprised of a professional staff of investigators, attorneys, auditors and analysts that engage in the performance of confidential, highly complex and specialized investigations into allegations of corruption, official misconduct, fraud, waste and inefficiency involving City agencies, and City employees, vendors with City contracts.

 The New York pensions both state and city are also ticking time bomb's.

Good bye Obama

Tweet: Obama departed 1st slamming Israel and arrest Orthodox Jews NYC but did 0 about Eric Garner killed by reckless NYPD

‪Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 8 Years Ago‬

Read Eric Garner hand written pro se lawsuit NYPD under Ray Kelly history until death targeting Garner

Obama  targeted Israel and the Orthodox community before he left but he did nothing about Eric Garner's Homicid which is truly shocking