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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Homeland began as Israeli TV mind blowing

Prisoners of War | Hulu Mobile Clips

Note:  if it doesn't grab you right  away give it time -- it will grab you -- it is not as splashy as Homeland but for me for many reasons more powerful but both series are powerful. 


Homeland on Showtime is good very good more often than not but Prisoners of War even more so with far more complex relationships and spared us the crazy lady Carrie character which of course in the USA is standard misogynist fare.

Because of terrible anti-Semitism involving the police department the NYPD detective squad 1st Det John Vergona 1st Precinct detective squad Manhattan but the anti-Semite lives on Staten Island -- surprise -- because of it  I made a radical change  which I will tell you about yet and it involves a decision a legal decision --  won't share right now but it was sparked by NYPD protecting Vergona and Corp Counsel selling the lie Vergona did not know I was Jewish when I even have email proof he knew and was false arresting me on the Sabbath.   After a running punched to my head like the game knock out the Jew in Brooklyn but I was at a doctors office in Soho after had a cyst removed holding bags my arm numb this corrupt evil detective 15 days later screamed at me you're gonna drop charges or I'm going to arrest you.  Det John Vergona decided he could only arrest me on the Sabbath, false arrest me on the Sabbath.

 I asked him false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath are you anti-Semitic?

Det John Vergona refused to meet me and lied in police reports he fabricated  and Internal Affairs Drugs three police commissioners have protected call the cops involved in my case because I don't like this blog I don't like my politics they don't like what I have to say they don't like me  so it's OK for them to break the laws and violate my constitutional rights.   By the way Det John Vergona  told me he didn't care if I had two black eyes.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/12/nypd-det-john-vergona-01-det-squad-lied.html?m=1

 One thing I believe about the NYPD in genera... they like very rich Jews who funnel money to them one way or another and that goes for retired NYPD and they like our delicatessens but they tend to be incredibly racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic although for me racism and anti-Semitism are one in the same.   They also like trips to Israel if someone else is paying and they get gifts I gather...

 I am also critical of extremely wealthy people here in New York I call Oligarchs of New York.  Among them are wealthy Jewish folks I'm openly critical of including our ex Mayor Bloomberg and Bill Rudin.   In the Bible there's a clear message Moses  was not welcome in the promised land it's very clear the message there that's clearly lost in the very wealthy Jewish folk here in New York City.

I love my Jewish People.  When I felt mayor Bloomberg did inexcusable acts I called for his resignation.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=emDr Andrew Fagelman based on his role in me being a victim of violence and lies his office his role even blaming me makes him an evil man. So many good people have apologized they say I'm sorry that happened to you.

Based on my  experience over 4 yrs on going NYPD lied/crimes my case and every agency that supposed to police them covering up and  not being able to get judges to look at the evidence or let them present the evidence to a jury has taught me why people become radicalized.  My response  is the concept the NYPD app tracker which will be a database a series of database but the central one will allow victims to report crimes the NYPD won't let you including their own victims can report every government agency that a spell them every corrupt cop, dirty DA etc.  Will also serve as a time capsule so victims were there surviving family can report crimes that they were never allowed to report and expose the "injustice system".

I can't build the app but eventually it will be for the statistical data base it exposes but even NYPD crimes stats are a lie or  how the public perceives crime is far different than the NYPD stats.

My blog has a critical voice  as for and since Mike Bloomberg could confirm.

 On the other hand I'm amazed at how many Jewish people have contributed so much around the world.

Gideon Raff the Israeli man who  created Prisoners of War and helped birth Homeland and he happens to be gay and a vegan.   Homeland is based on his show and every episode of Homeland acknowledges him  flashing his name for a millisecond and the fact Homeland is based on his original TV show At the end he and many others  are given equal time acknowledged as executive producers! Hey it's understandable being an executive producer is far more important (sarcasm) than creating an original TV show and also directing it.

 Showtime is already showing the first episode of the new season of Homeland on the mobile app.

I have no desire to meet Gideon Raff but for now I love him so much.  I became vegan too it was the 3 year anniversary  of the violent attack at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's.

The Israeli series so brutal stressful towards the end I had to try and skip some scenes it was too much.

Earlier today I had such upset with the way my Mom who it's hanging on by a thread was treated in a neurologist she never even saw the doctor was an Olympic effort by ambulance which she pays for out of pocket to go I'm just thankful there was no violence just thoughtlessness and stupidity perhaps but it lacked the violence that I was a victim of at Dr Fagelman's I did get an apology from the main office regarding the unfortunate visit.

Regarding Israel, Israel is a complicated place in every Jewish  there has their own opinion -- when I visited I've seen people protesting many different issues -- if you have an idea about Israelis you may be wrong  because they have very diverse in every way including politics.

I love Israel and I do know Israel is surrounded by enemies that would destroy Israel if they could .

The TV show hints at the complexities and the cycle of violence that seems to have no easy answers although anti-Semites have their own easy answer they always have.

This Israeli  TV series was riveting almost to riveting it was so musing it probably is my most powerful TV shows I've ever seen.

I always said English is not my first language -- a hippie said love is our first language.  I  no some Hebrew but it's really by heart prayers but after watching this I can say thank you in Hebrew.

 When I was dealing with the aggravation of what I feel was really unfortunate and miss treatment of my mom - that couples  with the trauma the violence and lies from the doctors office and Soho to the please department involving me being violently attacked was just too much I felt almost like I was having a heart attack this burning pain in the middle of my chest but I know it's acid reflux.

I want to heal myself  I miss my body I miss how I felt for I was attacked which was great and beautiful I miss my fitting into my clothes there's a lot I miss but one thing I am I am so grateful for the kindness and compassion so many people have extended me and for everything I have and for my loves everyone who has been loving to me....

What went on today with my Mom who is barely hangin in and the PTS  from me being attacked the violence and lies that are doctors and me being treated like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany it's just too much let me take 24 hours off and just not blog.

One more note;  I love the psychology behind this including them addressing Stockholm syndrome

ps tribute to Prince...nothing compares to you....