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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Feds US Attorney Preet Bharara NYPD Crimes in Soho Call a Cop like Williamsburg

Feds find ‘questionable’ audio recordings made by convicted Shomrim leader | New York Post

NYPD DI Ed Winski  make sure a pile up of climbs from doctor Andrew Fagelman's office were erased.  Now top NYPD brass including in Internal Affairs and  three police commissioners, two chiefs of detectives are protecting a misogynist take climb as well as a racing violent threats to harm me repeated savages salt as I backed away the fact that my attacker pressed her barefoot against my vaginal area the NYPD detective squad with the protection of their commanding officer Winski acted on a misogynist hate crime that my guess was Joe Tacopina  again my guess in concert with his partner Chad Seigel I had reported to the New York State Supreme Court ethics committee  they both threatened me and I said go ahead and see me I will call the feds that interview Joe Tacopina know that he did the proffer agreements with, Bernie Kerrik, the client that Joe slept with his wife as well as the clients  ex-wife yeah he divorced her when he caught her sleeping with Joe Tacopina what his name is in the divorce papers so I never heard from them except perhaps with a sock puppet account after I was savagely assaulted  I was told if I took any legal action that  he might guess Joe Tacopina would see that I would be destroyed buried and that the tables would be turned on me .

Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O'Neill nypd app tracker time capsule of nypd crimes exposing Rapes, Crimes misogyny and the police commissioners that protected crimes

 The NYPD detective squad led by Detective John for Kona who verbally finally threatened me told me he didn't care by two black guys lied and police reports had corporate counsel Lai on his behalf including that he didn't know I was Jewish name and email proving it I talk about false arresting the Jew on the Sabbath...

Top NYPD brass have been protecting the cop said acted on any misogynist hate crime and turning the tables  treating me like a rape victim I got what I deserved and I have to just take it the abuse the violence the lies and the threats  all during an open investigation and the doctors office lied during an open investigation a crime as did the police and police reports also a crime as was threatening me coursing me and they belong in jail.
The Manhattan DA it took me almost 2 years to get the cinnamon need me made it it was   And they did not want to touch the NYPD they said if they arrested my attacker it would be Siobhan Berry special investigator but again even they were corrupt -- google DNA Cy Vance Intern.   I understand completely why she did not trust the Manhattan DA or special prosecutor but I still want to special prosecutor and I would like the feds to make an arrest. 

Internal affairs is guilty 100% under Charles Campisi and Reznick. 

 Their staff have lied and lied and been party to fix in crime refusing evidence and covering up criminal actions by the NYPD making light of it sending it to the integrity division to be fixed to die corruption complete corrupt.

Morning I woke up angry and I thought about Dep the inspector Ed Winski  and that he's truly an evil man and he has young pretty daughter and maybe what was done to me will be done to her and I wonder how he would feel about that?  He also is a Polish discent and I always wonder how anti-Semitc c people like him are truly as I believe Detective John Vergona NYPD IA Sgt  Mary O'Donnell is pure evil and extremely bad person and I believe most everyone involved in the NYPD in my case are Anti-Semitic  someone like Chief Resnick and other Jewish NYPD officers I'm not saying all but some would put blue corruption before anti-Semitic  ask along with misogyny like Mary O'Donnell being part of the misogynist boy club that protected NYPD crimes.

The NYPD detective squad hid badge numbers hit their faces
 And the identities of my attackers detectives that were part of the corruption it was only through Facebook three years later that I found Detective John Vergona's face and Det Andy Dwyer's and they  are Facebook friends with the first cop I have a reported to internal affairs for fixing and favors  for the Mercer hotel and Michael Rawson was and until recently continued to harassing me until Andre Balzac and the Mercer hotel  the street from where I was assaulted.

I had to use the second phone with the hidden number to get through to Internal Affairs and a cop that supposedly investigates corrupt cops inside Internal Affairs and I said I don't expect you to arrest Detective John Vergona.   What I didn't tell him is I expect the feds to do it.    I wish they would arrest his Facebook friends that were party to coercion long with the supervisors and commander and I only wish they had wire tapped them along with Dr Andrew Fagelman's office 4 years ago. 

Please Google Dr Andrew Fagelman watch the assault.   He did not fire her and you got fixing in favors because it's one big favor when you don't fire of violent lying psycho and by the way lying to the police during an open investigation is a crime even if the NYPD are committing crimes and I'd like to know about his conversations with the NYPD but when he was asked by Private Investigator did you speak to the NYPD Dr. Andrew Fagelman said no comment. 

Soho is like Williamsburg  and the Rich of SoHo get fixing in favors just like the orthodox Jews and Williamsburg  NYPD fix crimes they make them go away and they prevent victims like me from reporting crimes they did a full court press and they were willing to break laws doing it for four years 3 police commissioners 1st Precinct has been protected everybody involved in the crimes from the doctors office to the police department to internal affairs have been protected

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