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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Terrorism, 911 tech corruption stealing NYPD graft, ny pensions corruption graft blowback?


 One day is it all going to come out like Richard Nixon's tapes or is there going to be such a disaster or series of them because of so much corruption in New York City government and New York State that literally it's going to be like terrorist attacks but what it is is unchecked corruption - add to the irony of all the uncheck corruption all the races everybody got raises promotions and no one faced except for Sheldon silver and a few other s  but hint over 8 million people rely on a 911 tech system were crooks were openly allowed to steal DELIVER Crap and late as hell and then there's the pensions and no one is paying attention -- well something or series of things happen so horrific that there's gonna be no way not to notice and then questions of accountability?

Terrorism, 911 tech corruption stealing NYPD graft under Bloomberg Cy Vance, ny pensions corruption graft blowback? http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/11/terrorism-911-tech-corruption-stealing.html?m=1

Answer questions under oath including every agency that was supposed to do something about the corruption the stealing the kickbacks the graft...  Will it take some horrific tragedy for that to happen or will it never happen or years later will this all be uncovered and exposed?

I read in the Epoch of the Times  New York taxpayers had to pay $5 billion last year to compensate for the pensions but that isn't on the cover of any paper or lead story like Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from Rikers Island and indictment of Ray Kelly and this occurred under Michael Bloomberg like my case where with savagely assaulted at a doctors office and Soho down the street where I've been blowing the whistle at the Mercer hotel one 800 NYPD fixing in favors selective policing involve Michael Rawson and of the Mercer hotel  and he said he's call the FBI of me I really think the FBI needs to take a look at him the Mercer hotel and Dr. Andrew Fagelman and the first precinct's selective policing and the NYPD committed crimes in my case retaliation for NYPD PO Gene Schatz of Mercer Hotel fixing favors retaliation  -lets ask the NYPD why the hotel gets to use the loading and unloading as private parking and what retired detectives and NYPD do for Hotel or receive as well as the conversations of Dr Fagelman with the NYPD re my case and more.

1800-NYPD fix it.

Read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from 7 years ago -- it gives new meaning to it stops today.  

I believe Eric garner his pro se lawsuit and mine will become historical and expose Ray Kelly Bill Bratton and now even Jimmy O'Neill with my case.

Preet Bharara and FBI know Top NYPD took Lavish Gifts 911

Cy Vance really should be arrested and prosecuted along with others for his role protecting crimes corruption and one example is the 911 tech system which was a response to Sept 11.  

 If the system is tested yet again with the natural disaster like hurricane Sandy or G-d forbid a large scale terrorist attack  or series of terrorist attacks the system will collapse. 

 The 911 Tech system involved a lot a lot of stealing and besides stealing they delivered late and delivered crap and Mark peters chose to protect the Bloomberg administration including Rose Gill Hearn. 

Rose Gill Hearn is the first and only had of Dept Of investigation ever to go on New York one and do an infomercial for citytime -- she stated it works it's fine but the truth is it's a hunk of junk Destined for the dumpster and Rudy Giuliani he and his Deputy  mayors should have to answer questions under oath along with Liz Holtzman and why they were pushing essay I see you like drug kingpins and Rudy has to answer for SAIC and CityTime as much as Michael Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn it's a shocking shocking dirty story and it even involves trying to push through an extremely dirty deal with the MTA and Patti Harris's husband was appointed to the MTA board by Bloomberg along with what's his name the financial guy that works for Bloomberg as mayor.

then there's the New York pensions they keep losing enormous amounts of money and if you want to learn about graft and corruption that's another place to look and by the way it also ties into 911 Tech corruption.

 There's a lot of evil corrupt stuff going on in the city and are getting free passes including my case please I continue to ask people to google dr Fagelman assault! One 800 NYPD fix it again total complete corruption and top brass protecting it I believe in karma what goes around comes around and there's a higher court these people are cursed but not by me by themselves by the evil and wrongdoing and lies and violence their party too plus coercion. Take a look at NYPD Det Vergona's facebook friends including Det Andy Dwyer, Tommy Moran and PO Gene Schatz a truly evil creep that was on speed dial one 800 fix it for the Mercer hotel.

I know  there is the highest court in karma and G-d  will get them.

Eric Garner and I pro se  and corporate counsel the city internal affairs every agency that could ever should've has known and they did nothing they were like Nazis they were like the Germans during the Nazi era there are some good cops they're retired that was spoken up for me and I thank them but way too many top brass in the New York City Police Department were involved and evil are involved and evil and I think because they do some good deeds that that exonerated then and they pretend they have no idea why there's anger towards the police department.

 My jacket is in the Sept 11 Museum - I had many letters publish on the half of the FDNY now NYPD including in the Wall Street Journal per trail of ground zero and a letter in the New York Times give me NYPD and FDNY Brooklyn now I don't believe the NYPD  should have any races until we have a new commission into police corruption and then NYPD app tracker to track patterns of corruption and wrongdoing and allow people to report crimes the NYPD one allow us and 30 DAs like Charles Hynes, cy Vance and his dirty crew Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzzi, richard Brown look at brown fusing to put the two top cops involved in the Adrian schoolcraft case in front of a grand jury...

I voted for de Blasio  and I am one of many victims of the NYPD were corporate counsel went in and lied and they did not settle her case and I won't vote for him because I thought he'd take responsibility fir NYPD bloomberg corruption but de Blasio acts like he's blackmailed by corrupt top NYPD brass  so I am one of many victims of the NYPD and Corp Counsel and I because of that I'm going to be responding at the voting booth against de Blasio  along with many victims of the NYPD.   

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated  when in fact they were! The NYPD detectives also broke the law and were protected by their supervisors therefore complicit along with internal affairs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

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