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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

NYPD Chiefs Like Campisi Ray Kelly's puppet fixing favors my case Preet Bharara FBI protecting highest levels corruption lead straight to Police Commish Ray Kelly and Bratton

I think it's pretty obvious that Chief Banks is going to be indicted any day on the heel's of Larry Seabrook's cousin -- nyc is run by corrupt families, the oligarchs of New York who own the NYPD and literally keep retired cops on the payroll to make it and fixing in favors that much easier and quicker... PREET Bharara and NY FBI seem to have no idea that there are so many people in the city that want justice that are victims of the NYPD and it started with top cops Ray Kelly and Bratton -- Banks looks like a low man on the totem pole want to comes to corruption in the Police Department.... The Chiefs get away with murder with  The police commissioners blessings because they're taking gifts lavish gifts as well backroom deals and $oft landings.   Cushman Wakefield went from paying Ray Kelly's  private security after Mayor Deblasio cut Ray Kelly and then suddenly I believe when Wakefield Cushman got wind of the FBI probe they dumped Ray Kelly!!!
  I'm the only want to point that out  and make that connection!

Reminder Scott Stringer and David Seifman's pal George Arzt threaten to destroy a blogger that does something similar to what I do true news screaming and yelling at him you'll never work in this town! You know what goes on behind the scenes with players that don't like bloggers doing what we do. The NYPD retaliated against me because of my activism in this blog because I'm outspoken do the math. Even better read this motion to not dismiss my case and show up for my oral argument The end of this month. I feel like Mr. Smith goes to Washington but it's been years and I feel like I'm going to collapse from exhaustion but I'm not going to give up and I want to testify and find a new commission into police corruption

Bring in Campisi and Reznick and ask them about my case and so many others under oath! 

.@NY1 .@nytimes .@PreetBharara .@FBI PBNYFBI fixing4Kelly, Bratton,Campisi,Reznick,topbrass dirtierthan Banks? 911? http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/06/nypd-chiefs-like-campisi-ray-kellys.html?m=1

@JamesComeyFBI NYC's 911 under Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, Rose Gill Hearn, Cy Vance! Overbudget over $1 billion NYPD gifts no arrests

Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi then head of internal affairs is on record in federal court defending coercion threatening me lying in police reports witness tampering false at resting me on the Sabbath unless I dropped charges and guess how many top cops and Internal Affairs and the The NYPD including Chief Esposito and chief Banks and their special right hand the charming Lt Gannon. Gannon even told me under Chief Banks and Ray Kelly I cannot up grade the assault charges against Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks because I'm suing the NYPD so therefore I can upgrade Delita Hooks to second-degree assault!!!!!
 I did a follow up YouTube last night where you could hear better but for some reason it didn't work when I try to post it on YouTube.

Youtube above hard to hear -  use your headphones make sure the vines up on the YouTube and your phone but the bottom line is is the US attorney and FBI are going to hard time resting Chief Banks Asst and that other chief that resigned super quickly and making the case that they were the only Chiefs when I'm saying to police commissioners were take lavish gifts and chief Chuck Dowd  was taking lavish gifts on 911  contractors over built and delivered crap they delivered late and they've jeopardize millions of people's lives and top cops NYPD were taking gifts and this ties into my case retaliation and went testified at City Hall we need a criminal prosecution of crooks where is the investigation for stealing and I talked directly with Chef Chuck Dowd  refuse my testimony and he had taken my card that say NYPD fix climb like Las Vegas casino and that was before The New York Daily News articles came out that he was caught fixing cam
crime  and was promoted. 

Ray Kelly promoted Chief Banks even after he caught him fixing crime like Kelly promoted Dowd and so many others  but banks was a figurehead not the actual top brass calling the shots.   The top brass calling the shots including for my case needs to be held accountable...

Do not forget I am alleging  chief Chuck Dowd  was like a kid at a candy store so I'm alleging he took gift from top contractors that were over billing like a tall and he was also compensated on FirstNet.  

911 Rose Gill Hearn, Cy Vance and Mark Peters should have to answer questions  under oath about 911 and how it went over $1 billion over budget contractors were over billing and how that is not stealing and how top NYPD cops were taking lavish gifts!!!

 The second command center for 911 is still not up and running and the city is trying to cover it up by saying it's top secret what goes on there but that's a lie what's top secret is the corruption overbilling inflating prices stealing delivering crap this is a bigger climb in city time and top top NYPD brass profit on this and I'm alleging FirstNet a 7  billion-dollar rip off just like 911 using September 11 I horrific day mass murder and distraction to put money in their pockets mind their pockets and deliver crap.

It is 2016  and for the billions of dollars spent a 911 and FirstNet  what did the people half to show for all that money?  Below par technology and open thievery and it's all being protected --  top cops were taking lavish gifts like a high priced tollbooth!!!!! 

 I want corporate counsel to have to answer questions about why they defended my case and how many others involving police corruption under oath from lawyers to investigators the paralegals I want to hear what they have to say about why they defended cases like mine  and ditto for comptrollers and their staff.  Scott Stringer  have to answer under oath about his dealings with Hewlett Packard and Teflon George Arzt.  Arzt  is one of many oligarchs want to be in the city that are protected and only good news is you're so arrogant a really believe their Teflon and that's the only thing I have that gives me hope with these people is they really think there Teflon above the law and accountability.  


Read the NYDN articles  and NYPD chief checked out and you'll see he got court fixing crime and was promoted. Chief Marino caught fixing crime...  My case there's a Chief court involved in fixing crime it's Chief Campisi ahead of internal affairs and you know what chief Resnick is no different



am so traumatized from the violence and lies please continue to help this go viral and give me a thumbs up until they stop lying. Please share this on twitter and FB until the lies and blame stop and all involved in the violence and lies own up. I had a cyst removed and ended up leaving with a hole in my retina. floaters in both eyes and the sicko even pressed her barefoot against my vaginal area and see the women in the video in nurse pj's -- they all lied too!!!!!! I WANT TO ASK THEM AND THEIR EMPLOYERS IF IT WAS DISCUSSED TO ENGAGE THE CORRUPT NYPD IN THREATENING ME WITH THEIR FALSE STATEMENTS BECAUSE LYING TO THE NYPD DURING AN OPEN INVESTIGATION IS A CRIME EVEN IF THE NYPD ARE CORRUPT AND ALSO LYING IN POLICE REPORTS WHICH THEY DID. I AM CALLING FOR A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR TO GO AFTER THE NYPD AND INTERNAL AFFAIRS IN MY CASE AND I HAVE HELD ON SO MANY YEARS NOW IN COURT THAT THE US ATTORNEY AND FEDS ARE INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION FIXING AND FAVORS SO STAY TUNED....IF NOT THIS TIME LIKE THE NYPD RAMOS SCANDAL IN THE BRONX ANOTHER FEDERAL PROBE WILL BE COMING BECAUSE THE NYPD ARE OUT OF CONTROL



I posted the xerox version of this but you could not search it -- below xerox with 6 pages of evidence -- both copies are not exactly what is filed in court but close enough...

https://www.scribd.com/doc/311630938/Troy-v-NYC-NYPD-Ray-Kelly-Campisi-etc-Opposition-to-Dismiss-NYS-Supreme-Court-address-top-cops-taking-lavish-gifts-ECTP-Cy-Vance-Mark-Guma-and-a It has been almost 3 years pursuing Justice...you can search Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton, Chief Reznick, Chief Esposito -- I don't know if you will find Esposito but he is in the evidence section included in snail mail asking for badger numbers u can find in the original upload page 5 or 6 using link above, search FBI, Rudin, fixing and favors, Dr Andrew Fagelman, Dr Fagelman, Dr F, Delita Hooks, Hooks, Det John Vergona, Lt Fikru, Cy Vance,  Mark Guma, Joan Illuzzi, FBI agents, Federal Probe, Bloomberg, Det Kevin Lynch, NYPD, Intelligence Division, Haggerty Trial, campaign laws, retaliation, lying in police reports, Joe Tacopina, Joe Tacopina and associates,  Charles Hynes or search Hynes, NYPD App Tracker (NYPD App tracker should appear multiple times), lying during an open investigation a crime, NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd, FirstNet, CityTime, 911, ECTP, 911 ECTP, whistle blower, whistle blowers, Zachary Carter, corp counsel, Internal Affairs, IA, Det Tommy Moran, Moran, The Mercer Hotel, Mercer Hotel, NYPD PO Eugene Schatz, Schatz, PO Migori, Sgt Chen, Lt Michael J. Agnese, Sgt Chen, Sgt Mary O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Lt Burgos,  Lt Angelo Burgos, Linkedin, Det John Vergona, VERGONA, Det Andy Dwyer, FB, Facebook, "Ms. Troy has reason to feel aggrieved", Feds, fixing, favors, retaliation, Lt. Cobb, Ramos, DA, ADA, Tiana Walton, Det Pepe.  (Det Pepe got shot with his own gun when he was cheating on his wife....yes he is mentioned in this lawsuit as well.  Internal Affairs Lt Cobb -- she got arrested for tipping off a PBA official found GUILTY)

4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies