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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Preet Bharara Protecting Ray Kelly, Chief Dowd, NYPD IA Crimes my Case selectively going after Small Group but it is Systemic Police Corruption NYPD IA fixing crime covering up gifts, barter deals, fixing crimes like mine retaliation or just to lower crime stats and how the NYPD even break the law like in my case when they say there's no crime my case lying in police reports coercion NYPD crimes protected by Internal Affairs Charles Campisi Ray Kelly

Ray Kelly got freebies at Harvard Club: report - NY Daily News

Tweet: My case Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi involved in fixing crime including NYPD crimes motive retaliation suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/04/preet-…

Cy Vance ADAs answer questions under oath about protecting police wrong doing my case but the DA was even more extreme falsely prosecution  victims of NYPD wrong doing the NBA star Thabo Sefolosha, Joe Jazz Hayden, Michael Premo  and countless protesters because the Manhattan DA and Ray Kelly don't like what they have to say Occupy Wall St - protecting isn't a crime and Cy Flash Boy Vance  is exposed in the best-selling book about his special relationship with Goldman Sachs so do the math!

Ex-911 boss Chuck Dowd’s underlings retire ahead of probe - NY Daily News

 Ray Kelly's NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd removed by Bratton as head of 911 and I'm the only one to tell you that first Bratton and Dowd hosted a FirstNet Board meeting at 1 Police Plaza before FirstNet came under a probe! Dowd and gang took gifts 911 and my guess gifts and Dowd compensation FirstNet. 
 i'm filing not positioned to dismiss which is going to include this blog post and I'm going to send it to the Attorney General's office in the US attorney.

 This morning I sent this to the US attorney's Press office:

NYC I Love You Big Time: Ray Kelly accepted free rides for him wife on Mayor Bloomberg's private jet now NYPD $ laundering Gifts 1800 NYPDDA PBA fix it
Is Preet just just a little selective protecting Ray Kelly in retaliation for me speaking up?

Ray Kelly defended Det John Vergona lying in police reports threatening me and coercing me. 

Ray Kelly and the NYPD Intelligence division made sure the mayor could do whatever he wanted and his airplane wherever he wanted if it meant breaking curfew they protected that you and I did that we could be arrested you have to question whether they did what they did because the Intelligence division  knew they were going to be put on his payroll as a thank you?  Bloomberg  give them big salaries on top of their pensions and they signed the confidentiality agreement  but I want them questioned Underoath about fixing and favors even about my case because intelligence division knows that I was threatened and coerced I handed them the Justice cards as well!

Lisberg: Records of Hizzoner's luxurious jet trips nowhere to be found - NY Daily News

 I've been handing out cards I call them justice cards for over three years about how the NYPD fix crime how they course me threatened me lied and I handed them to Raymond Kelly  and I said to him I'm sorry I'm gonna have to be suing you he could've cared less.  On the card it says one 800 NYPD fix it and I handed a Justice Card to The Chief of taking gifts on 911 tech corruption and fixing Crimes Chief Chuck Dowd on 911  when I went to testify at City Hall  we need a criminal investigation of 911 tech corruption I saw them both handed them my card!  The 2 articles of Chief Chuck Dowd  did not even want to tell me that he was the chief of technology when I asked him why was he here! Read 2 NYDN articles on chief Chuck Dowd  and you will learn that Ray Kelly appointed him after catching him fixing crimes like my case to 91 one head of technology with no tech qualifications kind of like Scott Stringer  is the comptroller who cannot even do his own taxes and he broke with that dirty deal with Hewlett Packard only paying the city back 10.5 million on 911!!!

What did Bloomberg get in return? Fixing crimes like my case retaliation on a SilverPlatter silencing  threatening critics whistleblowers Ray Kelly selling the lie crime was down so they could push a tsunami of real estate development and Cushman & Wakefield  made a deal you help us and will hire you and they've been paid for his private security I want to know who's paying for Ray Kelly's private security now?

Ray Kelly and his wife took free rides  how many other NYPD officers and other politicians in New York City government?

Ray Kelly promoted dirty corrupt NYPD officers all the way up to Chief we're caught fixing crimes doing fixing in favors making crimes go away just like my case!

The NYPD did Dr Andrew Fagelman a favor since he didn't fire his violent lying receptionist aDelita Hooks and certain people in the medical office lie to the police during the investigation which is a serious crime and she signed a letter open me threatening me to her NYPD fix her which is similar to the comments threatening to destroy me bury me both warning enough to take action I believe Joe Tacopina wrote her a letter and the comments also calling me a confronted of cunt which is enough to get him disbarred because it's a crime to he threatening a victim of violence and it's also witness tampering both of them telling me not to come forward and take action.  Delita Hooks letter warns  me not to come back and file (second-degree assault charges) while the NYPD including supervisors including Chief Banks office, Internal Affairs under Campisi and Reznick joined a scrum preventing me from reporting her false cross-complaint, second-degree assault, menacing threatening me including in the sign letter to the NYPD fixtures and that the NYPD were threatening me lying police reports and their own lawyer tipped me off the dirty corrupt detectives and supervisors from the 1st Precinct had sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint etc in under one year!  Corrupt cops that literally committed crimes protected by Internal Affairs had sealed their criminal actions and my attackers and they're still being protected because of my blog because of my YouTubes by Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton their Chiefs of detectives their heads of Internal Affairs and I want every internal affairs officer involved in line and fixing in my case.  

Kelly: Mayor's Frequent Flier

New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly accepted five free trips to Florida aboard Mayor Michael Bloomberg'sprivate jet last year, records released Tuesday revealed, raising questions about whether the billionaire mayor offered free air travel to other city employees. 
Mr. Kelly, who has led the NYPD since the mayor took office in 2002, is the only high-ranking city official to list the free plane rides on financial disclosure reports filed with the city's Conflicts of Interest Board. A spokesman for the mayor, Stu Loeser, didn't respond to inquiries about the mayor's private plane and who else may have received free trips.
On the disclosure report, the police commissioner didn't venture a guess on the cost of the freebie trips. "Value unknown," he wrote.
In an interview with New York magazine earlier this year, Mr. Kelly commented on the trips that he and his wife, Veronica, take on the mayor's jet. The mayor goes to Bermuda, where he has a vacation home, and the Kellys get off in Florida, where they have a weekend retreat.
"It's great," Mr. Kelly told the magazine, referring to the free plane trips. "Only way to travel."
A spokesman for Mr. Kelly also didn't respond to a request for comment.
During his 8 ½ years in office, Mr. Bloomberg has regularly used his private plane as a perk to bestow on elected officials and others he's trying to woo.
In 2002, he flew Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and then-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno to his Bermuda home. He's given rides to others on trips to Israel, Ireland and the Dominican Republic.
The Conflicts of Interest Board hasn't issued any rulings on the propriety of these trips. But one advisory opinion noted, "If the gifts from the superior to a subordinate start to get fairly regular and extravagant, people may begin to wonder what kind of silence the superior is attempting to buy."
Gene Russianoff, a senior attorney at the New York Public Interest Research Group, said he would be more concerned if the trips were more frequent. It was unclear whether Mr. Kelly accepted free rides prior to 2009.
"It would be more troubling to me if it were a regular thing," Mr. Russianoff said. "It's good to work for a billionaire with a plane," he joked.
The mayor is not the only person at City Hall lending a helping hand to a colleague. Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs gave James Anderson,who left his post this year as the mayor's communications director to work at Mr. Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation, a personal loan valued at between $60,000 and $99,999, according to Ms. Gibbs's report.
Mr. Anderson and Ms. Gibbs declined to comment on the loan.
Elsewhere on the forms, two city commissioners reported accepting free international trips.
Patricia Gatling, chairwoman of the city's Commission on Human Rights, allowed the non-profit group, Corporate Counsel Women of Color, to pay for a trip to South Africa. She served as a panelist on a careers symposium.
Through a spokeswoman, Ms. Gatling declined comment on the trip, which cost between $5,000 and $39,999, according to the filing.
Jeanne Mullgrav, the commissioner of the Department of Youth and Community Development, traveled to Jerusalem last October for a number of conferences, according to her filing, which puts the trip between $1,000 and $4,999. The travel was paid for by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and the Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center, her filing says.
During the trip, Ms. Mullgrav sought "to exchange best practicies [sic] and ideas of sustainable urban development" with government and nonprofit leaders. A spokeswoman for Ms. Mullgrav didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.
Roughly 8,000 of the city's 300,000 employees are required to file annual financial disclosure reports with the city. This year, as of Tuesday, 58 failed to file, 54 filed after the deadline and 477 requested a portion of their report remain private.
Two city officials who requested privacy are deputy city comptrollers Alan van Capelleand Lawrence M. Schloss, who ComptrollerJohn Liu appointed as his office's chief investment officer. Sharon Lee, a spokeswoman for the comptroller, said she could not reach the two officials.
Write to Chris Herring at chris.herring@wsj.com

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