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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Preet Bharara FBI More Wiretapping NYPD Internal add DAs ADAS guilty Corrupt fixing for NYPD IA


Whatever wiretapping the US attorney has done in the FBI it's too little!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Wiretapping #NYPD internal affairs corrupt DAs ADAs not enough I have how many audios we video audio no justice! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/04/preet-…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@ThaboSefolosha @SportSouth @nypost dnainfo.com/new-york/20150… NYDN NYT NYPost aren't reporting this either protecting Cy Vance & gang

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My point is this is like a Shakespearean play on the lowest level was NYPD PO Eugene Schatz payback because I left a voicemail for his than new  partner Det Tommy Moran first precinct Community affairs how terrible what a bad cop PO Schatz  was next morning I got a gay bashing insulting email three months before the NYPD would commit the crime October 20 2012 of coercion and weeks of them treating me like I was a terrible person even though I was a victim a violent crime. 

There's very little difference from the low-level cops the highest level they belong behind bars and right now just seems like you're focusing on just certain brass I'm just hoping and praying the top brass to the lowest level thugs in the NYPD and Internal Affairs exposed in my case. 

Ray Kelly, DI Ed Winski, head of Internal Affairs Charles Campisi, Lt Michael J Agnese of the integrity bureau he never called me refuse to return my phone calls in the subordinates told me he has no supervisors over and over the integrity bureau protected their own wrong doing but I have a letter from their lawyer in federal court there officially all in it together protecting coercion line and that letter is going in my motion I'm filing!

 The US attorney and the FBI are protecting serious corruption from the top on down in the oligarchs New York that protect the NYPD they're really very specific about who they take out and who they let get away with getting fixing favors and retaliation.

 In my case it was done in plain sight it's still going on it's on believable!

Someone  connected to the NYPD in the doctors office work wagging my videos trying to remove them the good news now as you try to do that Google Youtube  you notice that you need to do it directly and then it's gonna probably be a lawsuit so it  makes it harder to do with the sock puppet account.

 I believe from the doctors office to be NYPD anonymous accounts are being used to threaten me and harass me after I filed the New York State Supreme Court in October NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos  Who has been named my lawsuit from federal appellate to New York State supreme contacted me using a Gmail account asking me to be his linked in friend to add him to my network.

 I'm taking that email request and putting it in the motion I'm filing because if this is going to be the fifth judge to let corrupt cops off and not look at the evidence then perhaps the US attorney a new commission to police corruption documentary filmmakers police historians will take what happen and expose the wrong doing - look at the film Spotlight.  Cardinal Law got promoted the way Ray Kelly and Bratton promote top NYPD brass who fix crimes like Chief of Gifts Chuck Dowd.

How Preet Bharara and the FBI  have not made a rest of the cops top NYPD official sets of gifts from a lease one contractor that was over billing us a 911 and return $50 million to the city on 911 is my blowing to me but I have audio on YouTube of me calling Internal Affairs along dos Dowd take  compensation of any kind gifts related to FirstNet.

Internal Affairs is extremely corrupt and who is policing them.   I know Cy Vance and his dirty ADAs protected Internal Affairs and DA corruption.

All along I was harassed on line during an open investigation by those connected to Delita Hooks and Dr Fagelman as well as my guess Joe Tacopina which is witness tampering and there was lying  going on during investigation including the NYPD and police reports, serious crimes lying to the police during an open investigation, but what's really interesting is the NYPD harassing me online or people connected with them the first that I became aware of was from possibly the Mercer Hotel for someone very close to NYPD Det Tommy Moran and Eugene Schatz  The dirty corrupt detective John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer's FB friend  in the email with the fake email account give some motive for why they would course me then teach me a lesson the motive is in the emai!

So it's going into a motion I'm filing prepping with the girl that if the case gets tossed out that the feds can look at it police story and stocky Mentry filmmakers

Whatever wiretapping the US attorney has done in the FBI it's too little!

Tweet: Preet Bharara FBI More Wiretapping #NYPD add DAs ADAS Corrupt! Bratton, Kelly, Det Vergona PO Schatz Det Moran Dwyer

I have audios and police reports that should be enough to arrest NYPD and Internal Affairs and possible get 3 lawyers from the DAs disbarred and Cy Vance and his ADAs are subjects mega scandals involving false prosecution corruption including NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha now suing for false prosecution, Cy Vance painted  as a corrupt Manhattan district attorney doing the dirty work of Goldman Sachs because Cy has no integrity  and is for sale he's the dirtiest DA  in the shortest amount of time and look Charles Hynes no grand juries along with his ADAs.

If I am right about Tacopina and he broke the law in my case along with NYPD  The committed to series of crimes with Internal Affairs Drugs actions how many times did he do that at the Brooklyn DAs and as a lawyer in private practice?  Joe Tacopina took how many proffer agreements?  Sounds like a guilty lawyer.  Did Tacopina set a record for a lawyer testifying under oath in proffer agreement s?   

Preet Bharara clearly needs a lot more wiretapping of NYPD and gang  The NYPD Internal Affairs do fixing and favors I know it for fact I have lived it  come straight from the top the corruption!
My point is this is like a Shakespearean play on the lowest level was NYPD PO Eugene Schatz payback because I left a voicemail for his partner Det Tommy Moran first precinct Community affairs how terrible what a bad cop told me was next morning I got a gay bashing insulting email sock puppet three months before the NYPD would commit the crimes of threatening me, coercing me, lying in police reports October 2012 --weeks of them treating me like I was a terrible person even though I was a victim a violent crime and the email sums up the corrupt detectives motives. 

There's very little difference from the low-level cops the highest level they belong behind bars and right now just seems like you're focusing on just certain brass I'm just hoping and praying the top brass to the lowest level thugs in the NYPD and Internal Affairs exposed in my case. 

I posted audio of Internal Affairs Drugs I've posted audio of Bratton  office telling me they would look into it but they didn't did they?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NYPD PO Pantaleo Eric Garner Homicide case Punished in Prior Case Takes Bill Bratton a Year to Admit it!

NYPD PO Pantaleo Eric Garner Homicide case Punished in Prior Case Takes Bill Bratton a Year to Admit it!

FYI Media still not sharing Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit  SEE BELOW I POSTED IT from years ago an indictment on Ray Kelly's NYPD!

It Took NYPD a Year to Reveal it Punished Eric Garner Officer in Prior Case

By Murray Weiss — Monday, April 4th, 2016  ‘DNAinfo New York News’ / New York, NY

NEW YORK CITY — The officer at the center of the chokehold death of Eric Garner was given a slap on the wrist by the NYPD in a separate stop-and-frisk encounter — a move that's only becoming public nearly a year after the penalty was meted out, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo was found guilty of making an “unauthorized frisk without legal authority” during a stop that pre-dated the Garner tragedy and was ordered to forfeit two vacation days on March 11, 2015 — just as the city was reeling from anti-police demonstrations.

The penalty — less than the eight-day "minimum" recommended by the CCRB — was only made public recently on NYPD official “Personnel Orders” dated Feb. 26, 2016.

Historically, the NYPD publishes and circulates its personnel actions within weeks, if not days, of any disciplinary action.

Police officials insist the delay was not deliberate, and resulted from the department dealing with a voluminous personnel order backlog that goes back to before Commissioner Bill Bratton returned to the NYPD in January 2014.

"Officer Pantaleo's case was treated no differently than any other, and it moved along within all the rest that were caught in this backlog," a department spokesman said, explaining that the NYPD is in the midst of "trying to reconcile the various components that move the paperwork along and streamline the process."

Pantaleo's lawyer, Stuart London, expressed surprise at the delay in revealing his client's punishment, but declined to speculate what might have occurred at Police Headquarters.

A former top police official noted that "if their inefficiency was the problem, then it was very fortunate for the NYPD and city because, if that (decision) was thrown into the volatile mix last year, when the city was on edge about Garner and police misconduct, the department would have been further demonized and the city further divided than it already was.”

And even if the two-day punishment was exactly the right thing to do, "it was certain to ignite a lot of people," the ex-top official concluded.

According to NYPD and CCRB records and sources, Pantaleo, then 26, was working in the 120 Precincton Staten Island on June 26, 2012 in Park Hill. He and his partner “recognized someone they might have seen in the past” and stopped, questioned and then searched a pocket where they noticed a bulge.

Although they found nothing in his pants, Pantaleo then ran his hand around the man’s waistband, found nothing and let him go.

Following the encounter, the individual filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. On July 26, 2013Pantaleo was officially charged with conducting a stop-and-frisk without “lawful authority.”

On March 18, 2014, a CCRB Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Trials found Pantaleo not guilty for making the stop, but ruled that he was “guilty” of making an “unauthorized” search “without lawful authority” when he ran his hand around the man’s waist after finding nothing in his pocket.

The CCRB commissioner recommended the officer lose no fewer than eight vacation days.

While Pantaleo awaited his fate, however, he and a team of officers encountered Garner on July 24, 2014, in the now-notorious fatal incident captured on video that prompted widespread unrest in the Big Apple and in other cities around the country.

The atmosphere worsened in December 2014 when a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo in Garner’s death. Two NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramoswere executed in their squad car shortly after the decision.

Pantaleo’s previous stop-and-frisk conviction eventually wound its way to a conclusion on March 11, 2015, when Bratton signed off on the loss of two rather than eight vacation days.

MeanwhilePantaleo, 30, remains on desk duty awaiting a decision by the feds whether he should face federal civil rights violation charges in Garner's death.

His fate will separately be decided by the NYPD whether to allow him to remain a member of New York's Finest.

Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago 

Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago Dr Andrew Fagelman Assault Delita Hooks like a violent NYPD officer violent liar

  Eric Garner Lawsuit NYPD Violated Him in Eric's own hand writing 7 years ago! by Suzannah Troy

NYPD so corrupt so amoral they break laws Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit and mine and we can't get Justice so sick how corrupt the NYPD internal affairs and dirty DAs ADAS are...and Justice System the Injustice system.

Federal Judge Nathan could not be bothered to look at this YouTube and Delita Hooks false cross complaint.  I am pro se and just like Eric Garner pro se if the court had made just a little more effort to get to the truth maybe Eric Garner would be alive and instead I am in Appellate court and gearing up for a 2nd pro se lawsuit and there is more I am not able to share right now.
please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 4 second highlights Vine
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  Judge Alison Nathan either never bothered to watch the video read the false cross complaint referred to vid 24 times asked for subpoena power, the video or she is as corrupt and political as the dirty corrupt NYPD IAB she and the dirty DA protected? I don't know you tell me.  

I paid $15 dollars and filled out the form - Delita Hooks lies are there at the bottom and the NYPD, manhattan DA,  Internal Affairs all know for a fact I was the victim of assault and a false cross complaint by the way IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell read my Delita Hooks threatening letter agreeing to drop charges that I am guessing what written by Joe Tacopina and Delita Hooks signed it so that is at least 3 crimes she committed.   TIME TO QUESTION THE NYPD INTERNAL AFFAIRS AND DIRTY DAs Under oath!!!!

Please print out I need is for the timeline that three months before I was attacked someone close to the 1st Precinct privy to the voicemail I left for detective Tommy Moran uses an anonymous account to harass me and tell me what a terrible person I am and a bad artist because I left a voicemail at the 1st Precinct Community affairs that Det Tommy Moran is a bad guy and the way he treated me and involve the Mercer hotel and that happens to be a few blocks from Dr Andrew Fagelman's A few months before NYPD Det Tommy Moran Facebook friends Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer -- we're going to give me pay back and they were going to break the law and be protected every step of the way defendants plusinternal affairs who's names I don't have NYPD and I'm guessing retired cops I've blown the whistle on doing fixing and favors including for Bill Rudin as well as reporting detective Kevin Lynch of the NYPD intelligence division violating protocol he was bodyguard for mayor Bloomberg and CCRB ruled in my favor that he did file a protocol.  

 3 months before attack NYPD fixing for Dr Fagelman a series of emails from Det Tom Moran PO Eugene Schatz's "friend", John Vergona's facebook friends, telling me I am crazy terrible person in response to voice mail I left for Det Tommy Moran PO Eugene Schatz is bad.