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Friday, April 29, 2016

Joe Tacopina ex Super Lawyer Worked for Corrupt Charles Hynes lawyers NYPD crimes Fixing favors retaliation threats NYC corruption?

Does Joe Tacopina look just a little different....?

Is Joe Tacopina a criminal -- literally did he use a sock puppet account along with an associate -- there were two accounts and openly commit a series of crimes protected by the NYPD, Internal Affairs and Cy Flash Boys Vance?

Right now there is a Federal Probe in to top brass police corruption but Preet Bharara is being very select about what he is looking at so if Joe Tacopina did commit crimes and has received fixing and favors for the NYPD for right now I am guessing he doesn't have to worry but at some point it may be in his best interest to move to Italy if he doesn't burn even more bridges there?

911, Hynes too bad Preet FBI myopic select-0-vision NYPD Internal Affairs fixing favors my case and top NYPD took graft gifts cream off the top 911 tech corruption a billion dollars plus over budget  contractors were stealing and not want to arrest New York City government employees including NYPD tov brass graft.

Did Joe Tacopina commit serious crimes along with NYPD retaliation because they wanted to teach me a lesson?  Tacopina  has had his thug's contact me in the past to try and intimidate me and but now  involving my allegation that he committed crimes in my case he is silent!   my case NYPD committing crimes and Internal Affairs I  want to ask Joe Tacopina under oath  if he's familiar with NYPD, Internal Affairs and  dirty DAs doing fixing in favors along with my orher's my case and how many other cases?

I want to ask joe tacopina under oath if he has any knowledge of DA, NYPD, PBA, Internal Affairs Fixing and favors.   I want to know if Joe TACOPINA committed a series of crimes during an open investigation after I was assaulted.

I believe Joe Tacopina committed crimes after I was assaulted during an open investigation and it is on the cover page of a legal filing I will be handing in sometime next week.

Joe TACKY Tacopina belongs behind bars along with his old boss Charles Hynes and perhaps Joe learned he could commit crimes at the Brooklyn DA's off and get away with it.

My goal is to see Joe Tacopina disbarred and in jail but for now see the photos above -- karma pie --Joe is "unwanted" in NYC and the USA -- Mr Toxic, he looks horrifyingly ugly -- looks like he has some work done on his face and it backfired and he is no longer a super lawyer although he remains a a super liar.

Joe Tacopina "Mr Everywhere"?  Hilarious -- Joe Tacopina is Mr Toxic  -- Joey Saputo is the latest in a long list of wealthy people Joe Tacky Tacopina befriended, suckered and finally when the victim realizes what Tacopina is -- dumped him!!!!!!

Joey Saputo has to pay Tacopina to go away and if you ask Saputo it was worth every penny to pay Joe a crook to leave -- when Joe Tacopina isn't committed crimes like I am guessing he commited during an open investigation like he did with the help of a corrupt NYPD also committing crimes in my case involved in fabricating police reports, lying in police reports, acting on Joe Tacopina misogynist verbal violent threats to DESTROY ME BURY ME CUNT who else but Joe Tacopina a low class thug that thinks money is going to make in to human being -- what ever money he has spent to look like a human has failed...  he should ask Gerald Shargel on how to age gracefully -- when it comes to legal advice Joe is so busy hiring other lawyers to fight off how many lawsuits against him?

It is laughable anyone TV show or media outlet asking Joe Tacky Tacopina for advice -- instead they should ask the Media Whore celebrity ambulance chasing lawyer's lawyers for a comment... hardee har har 

Joe Tacky-0 0 because he is heading for ground zero in the friends and client's dept is a super liar, a con man and A-Rod learned the hard way...by the way how much money did A-Rod pay Joe Tacopina to almost destroy his career.

MLB can forgive steroid abuse but MLB and the Yankees could not forgive A-Rod hiring Joe Tacky Tacopina and you will notice Tacopina will not step foot in a USA baseball stadium -- he is not welcome.  Anyone who comes to know Tacopina get's it.

http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/02/httpwww.html  this link on 911 2nd command center...

http://sport.ilmessaggero.it/calcio/il_venezia_torna_in_lega_pro_con_tacopina_ex_presidente_del_bologna_e_vice_alla_roma_fu_allenato_da_ventura_prandelli_e_spalletti_esonerati_da_zamparini-1692383.html "Mister everywhere is Joe Tacopina , that American by brillantinati hair who had come to Rome with Thomas Dibenedetto, in 2011. He was released by the presidency of Bologna , the property but was Joey Saputo , Canada's Montelepre (Palermo), with Calabrian wife of Cervicati, and Treviso mom. Joe and Joey have gotten along rarely, indeed do not understand why Saputo (among the 300 richest men in the world) has leaned ubiquitous that lawyer, in football, to take on Bologna . Did not need it, it was enough that he only listened to the Genovese Salvatore Primicerius , that former Roma president Franco Sensi took to Nice as dg.Primo Salvi   is the man of the president Saputo, at Casteldebole you see almost weekly, is very Genoa while Tacopina from Manhattan ply Venice , climbed at least in the Pro League, with two matches to spare.  Joe had left bad, with Joey, forced to a severance payment of two million Euros for not doing more obliquely, in the choices. On the evening of the promotion in A of Bologna, in June, Tacopina gloated in the stands at the Renato Dall'Ara , while Saputo was more in the background, perhaps even at the stadium."

After joe tacopina put the nypd rape victim on trial the NYDN foolishly had Tacopina write an article on rape... I call Joe Rape-opina -- he acts like a rapist in court -- I want to ask Joe Tacopina under oath if he has any knowledge of NYPD PBA Internal Affairs fixing and dirty DA fixing as well from Brooklyn charles hynes to Cy Vance Manhattan DA.

Joe Tacopina sued the NYDN's twice and he did not win....  The NYDN walked away as winners..

Joe Tacopina gets by suckering people only because they don't know the truth....

I am waiting for the TRUTH behind the scenes my case to come out and there ia a lot my guess Joe Tacopina has done wrong beside my guess witness tampering threatening me during an open investigation and my guess ghost writing a letter for my attacker to her NYPD fixers that she signed a serious crime as well on her part signing that letter.  For now NYC is a corrupt cess pool but I am confident the truth will come out because also I AM THE MOST TENACIOUS CONSISTENT VOICE DEMANDING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OF 911 TECH CROOKS AND NYPD TOP BRASS TAKING GIFTS ON 911 AS CONTRACTORS OVER BILLED STOLE MONEY ON 911 TECH CORRUPTION.   THE 2ND COMMAND CENTER 911 IS STILL NOT UP AND I BELEIVE IT IS A 900 MILLION DOLLAR CAMPUS FOR A 911 TECH SYSTEM THAT IS OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS OVER BUDGET.

In Gangland below is reference to this legal document....that I include a couple of pages -- Joe's named spelled incorrectly the first page Tacopino instead of Tacopina so I include another couple of pages with his name spelled correctly....