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Saturday, October 24, 2015

NYPD Det John Vergona Andy Dwyer facebook friends corrupt guilty coercion lying in police reports not arrested because internal affairs protects corrupt cops

This link has Delita Hooks attacking me in the NYPD in the doctors office  repeatedly threatened me in fact there's a signed letter to her NYPD fixers openly threatening me and I believe Joe Tacopina drafted it and he's guilty along with the cops and the doctors office of witness tampering aggravated harassment and I want him disbarred I want everyone arrested starting with JohnVergona.   Tacopina  I want to rested and Abner Louima  his favorite photo of Mr. Louima  crown's's website with tattooed on his back and Vergona and Delita Hooks are both bullies and liars, violent and dr jekhyls and my hydes and they need to be held accountable and I also want to karma up to get everyone involved in some special way.

Could you imagine how all these through dirty corrupt cops would act if a violent lia  how all these through dirty corrupt cops would act if a violent liar like Delita Hooks  made a hole in their retina of their wives or their daughters at the doctors office ?   They really are truly evil people and I hope Karma punishes them.  I believe in G-d and that somehow someway even if it's late in life they will be punished and karma will ally get them but right now I'm in court and let's see what happens there.

 I want everyone involved including Internal Affairs,  everyone involved but had knowledge of this and went along with it punished even was just karmically may come back to them every single person involved in the lies and the violence any of them all of them from the doctors office to the police station to Internal Affairs  to Bratton

 I once was a supporter of the NYPD    -  and NYPD hero was murdered the other day and his sister wants the murder were to burn in hell.   I agree with her but so should every evil cop everyone involved in evil me they burn in hell as well and sooner the better.

 My acupuncturist says let the anger just drain out of my feet in some other earth and no up from mother Earth comes justice justice will take care of me nurture me sustained me justice is there and supporting me.

 I just found the Facebook page I found evidence that they all were involved that now there's another piece of the retaliation which is his friend Eugene Schatz  that was doing fixing in favor for the hotel he tried threatening and intimidating me he abused his position and Power even a squad car using sirens to get over there to do a favor and who's his Facebook friend but another cop that took retaliation to a new level so already being given that evidence was like a gift from G-D  I can bring this to the next police commissioner of the new head up internal affairs what should be happening soon.

 Internal Affairs  is a big mess a big large complicated mess karups the cost the taxpayers money so the new commissioner would need a lot of time to overhaul it but I sure can't wait to bring the new commissioner and a new head of internal affairs  my case which will start with FedEx is so if one police Plaza.

 I also have to write the Attorney General and tell her about this Facebook page and how the NYPD Inspector general,  CCRB and the commission to combat police corruption all forward my case to Internal Affairs.

  I tried reporting the fact that Tommy Moran  won't answer me via Facebook was he party to the police threatening me coercing me lying in police reports and CCRB  won't even happen in and question him under oath they're going to forward it to Internal Affairs which I call dead on arrival case closed fixed.  CCRB  did that with every defendant from the 1st Precinct !!!!

In this case the supervisors were in on it it is unbelievable top brass want to retaliate against me because I want to new commission into Nypd Criminal records is not good for Ray Kelly's legacy and book and I wanted and I still want the prosecution of everyone involved in 911 tech corruption but on the most base level of retaliation all you have to do is look at John Vergona's Facebook friends something internal affairs was never going to do it one can look at the evidence except to try and make it go away for all I know they may be in destroying evidence except that I want to question them under oath and I think I have one internal affairs officer that will not lie under oath but I do think most of the defendants would lie destroy evidence.

I have copies of some of the police report so they cannot be destroyed in there on the Internet.

I think incredibly corrupt in capable of almost anything.

Getting back to his Facebook page his Facebook friend Eugene Schatz is the first police officer I ever reported to Internal Affairs so clearly this was retaliation and who's another Facebook friend but Det Tommy Moran I thought was a good cop and a good guy he even talk to me about his wife and kids but it turns out he may be in on this and they all had a good laugh but he has full knowledge of them lying in police reports coursing me threatening me committing serious crimes and then all having a good laugh maybe even at the bar where they all hang out after they commit crimes like coercion The bar where Ed Winski would join the guys rather than go home to his wife and kids none of them go right home to their wife they go decompress at a bar?

I want to ask them questions like have been verbally violent with their wives starting with Vergona do you use the word cunt are you anti-Semitic. Have you ever use the N-word.

Clearly everyone involved was confident they could walk and still are if they're celebrating on Facebook their friendship.

Internal Affairs so corrupt I'm sure they haven't even bothered to take a look

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