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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Exclusive Disgraced NYPD Chuck Dowd Did Not Attend FirstNet's June Meeting

Exclusive Disgraced NYPD Chuck Dowd Did Not Attend FirstNet's June Meeting
It would appear that he did not attend the FirstNet meeting but it is not 100 percent clear to me.
I emailed Sue Swenson -- see below...  Last Board Meeting he is hosting FirstNet board meeting with NYPD Commissioner Bratton at One Police Plaza a virtual fortress and not quite sure ethically an appropriate place to host a FirstNet board meeting and now Sam Ginn the now ex head of the board is given a kind kiss off by his replacement Sue Swenson.  I am sure Bratton wished he could be there but I guess he wasn't in attendance either.

Is FirstNet doomed to fail because like NYC Gov's 911 Tax Payer Titanic thanks to Mike Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Page, Ray Kelly, Chief git taker Chuck Dowd, most of City Council -- it is an open door for failure too many people want a slice of greed pie -- too many people making money off of making money...?  Look at 911 and to date Preet Bharara won't open a criminal investigation in to 911 even though we are over a billion dollars over budget.  Is isn't just that FirstNet still has Chuck Dowd's resume up like a dead albatross around their neck....Dowd now a poster boy of fraud like Mike Bloomberg a supposed tech whiz who allowed a sea of tax payer titanics with 911 the biggest tech mess of them all.

Sue Swenson won't win awards for transparency because the fraudster gift taking tech ignorant NYPD Chief Dowd's resume is still up on FirstNet's website  stating he heads 911 Tech for the NYPD but I think he did not attend but it is hard to tell!!!!!!  Did he or didn't he?


This link above link would suggest he and Bratton are no shows but Sue Swenson posted this link...

Why does this have June 2014 and Sue Swenson's name on this link....which is listed as part of June 2014 board meeting....   "FIRST RESPONDER NETWORK AUTHORITY
June 3, 2014 "   Confusing and bizarre --- like our 911 tech mess?  Hardee har har...

Did disgraced NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd attend June's board meeting and why haven't you updated or removed his resume since he is no longer head of tech for NYPD?

FirstNet's website tech illiterate unsavvy not transparent like our 911 Tech Titanic and fallen Chief Dowd appointed by Ray Kelly now both have fallen from grace -- Kelly failed to land Homeland Security but the disgraced police commissioner did get some bones one from ABC and one from Gov Cuomo.


Exclusive Disgraced Tech Ignoramus Chief Dowd Attends New FirstNet Board Meeting w/ Bill Bratton?  Bratton in the Flesh or Just there in $pirit?

Sue Swenson new head of FirstNet makes it hard to tell.  She has done little to be transparent and forth right starting with her handling of disgraced Chief Chuck Dowd in my opinion.  My guess is Dowd did appear and FirstNet so desperately wants NYPD Brass look at the link from their website board meeting with Sue Swenson's name and there is Bratton but in the flesh or just FirstNet 's last board meeting because NYPD have a massive budget and is their ultimate feather in their cap so who will the place in Dowd's stead....?  Not KKK Ray Kelly that is for sure.  If there are indictments for 911 Tech corruption and Dowd get's indicted Teflon Ray's powerful friends will do everything to make sure he isn't indicted although he appointed a tech illerate chief in my opinion..

Exclusive FirstNet's new head of the Board Sue Swenson just fine with Chuck Dowd 's old resume still up and posted despite it being misleading and dishonest.  Unless Dowd is indicted he should be retiring soon from the Board of FirstNet and leave the NYPD with a big fat pension like Chief See No Evil Esposito.  

Wow - I will call FirstNet later today to try find answers but with the possibility of terrorist attacks heating up you think NYC media and Preet Bharara would be investigating 911 tech corruption and Mr Bratton and Chief Dowd hosting March 's FirstNet board meeting as well as FirstNet keeping Dowd on their board...  Hmmmmm.  NY media not interested.  Hmmmm. 

NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd Chief of gift taking attends FirstNet June board meeting in a hotel far far away from 1 Police Plaza where Chuckie and his boss Bill Bratyon hosted FirstNets last board meeting !!!

Was Bill Bratton at this FirstNet meeting in the flesh or in spirit  (Sue Swendon makes it hard to tell for some reason ) either way hoping after his job as commissioner to land on one or more boards related to FirstNet contractors or FirstNet replacing Dowd down the road????  Hardee har har. 

As Preet Bharara blankets City Hall and the NYPD with one huge Teflon get out of Jail Free Card breaking news is NYPD Chief Dowd has not been kicked off the FirstNet Board!!!!!!  FirstNet updated there who's who with damage control new head Sue but have left Chief Chuck Dowd up with an incorrect resume stating he is still head of 911 which he isn't It gets better....

For some reason the new head Sue Swenson hasn't posted the minutes in a clear open honesty way for this meeting in Colorado -- not eager to have video or full transcript up?  

Bill Bratton Chuck Dowd hosting FirstNet Board Meeting up thankfully.  Sue Swenson new head of a FirstNet board isn't impressing  us with her transparency and honesty including leaving Chuck and his outdated resume up!  His FirstNet resume misleads us to believe he still heads 911 for the NYPD and is really a tech wise guy.  Hardee har har. Why oh why would FirstNet be so misleading and dishonest embracing Chuckie ??????

Bill Bratton who demoted him to Transit couldn't attended the First Net Board Meeting or was he there in the flesh or just in spirit???? You figure it out. I gave you the link but it is a little confusing for some reason.  Bratton is the only police brass to host a FirstNet Board Meeting with fraud Chuck Dowd at One Police Plaza the only Police Headquarters.

  Do the $ math.  

(You can read more about this 911 Ray Kelly , Bloomberg and now Bratton and Reznick to be be named in my  lawsuit number  #2 re retaliation alleged fixing and favors for Dr Andrew Fagelman and his violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks who unsuccessfully played knock out to my left as I held bags my phone and my arm numb from 2 injections to remove a cyst. 
Delita Hooks did make a hole in my retina not fired or arrested. 

The moment I get my letter from Internal Affairs -- mysteriously almost 2 years IAB has yet to arrest my attacker, interview me re: coercion, alleged anti-Semitism and misogyny re: detective that coerced me so a notice of claim will be filed the moment I get Internal Affairs letter I will be filing a notice of claim expect top NYPD Brass and retaliation to be part of the lawsuit. )

See this link !!!!   Bizarre. Look
at the top.   Why does it have  June 3, 2014 Sue Swenson's name at the top and their is Chuck Dowd and Bill Bratton -- Bratton a FirstNet Trophy boy -- March's board meeting ?????  Very strange. 

There is almost nothing reported in "the minutes" FirstNet release vs FirstNet meeting at I police plaza --which Sue Swenson has proudly listed in link above -strange huh?

FirstNet not so forth coming these days ?

A far cry from One Police Plaza -- the board meeting held at a hotel far far away but there is Chief of fixing crime to make stats lower Chief if Gift taking Dowd and Bill Bratton - he is mentioned -- he who got close to a 1/4 of a million $ for being on Motorola's board.  One who guess he is networking for more $ board positions when he loses his job here which may be sooner than he thinks?

FirstNet had their head of the board resign but it was too embarrassing to ask Chief Dowd to step down considering Bratton demoted Dowd to transit and Kelly assigned a know nothing Chief to be head of tech?

Wow did Bill Bratton  not attend or share air planes with disgraced NYPD Chief of taking gifts Dowd but Sue Swenson and FirstNet wanted to mention his name for good luck $$$$$$$$$$$$$$?  Bratton and Dowd did not share hotel rooms.   Did Bratton even attend thus meeting?  Let's hope not.  

Reminder Ray Kelly appointed Chief Gift Taker Dowd head of tech knowing he was a fixer not a tech guy. 

Did Dowd receive anything as board member of FirstNet. Did he enjoy an gifts on his FirstNet junkets? 

 I can't find the actual minutes, the webinar.....  Isn't anyone interested?

Preet Bharara not interested in 911 tech scandal or Dowd but look...!!!!!

Lucky Preet Bharara does not consider 911 Tech corruption a serious crime despite NYC Gov allowing the Tax Payer Titanic to run over budget over 1 Billion DOLLARS (yet FirstNet thrilled with Dowd and our $$$$$911 system!!) and a group of NYPD brass took gifts from Verizon a contractor on 911 and Verizon is vying for a piece of the FirstNet pie along with Motorola Bill Bratton's good friends who have concerns about not getting their fair share/piece of FirstNet pie. 

Would Dowd taking gifts from Verizon put him in lobbyist mode on behalf of Verizon for FirstNet?   Hardee har har.  Let me ask Preet?  I called Preet Bharara yesterday asking when are we getting our criminal investigation in to 911. 

When I meet Dowd at City Hall to testify on 911 he violated protocol at first prefering at first to not admit he was chief  of tech for 911.  Why so reticent?  Truth? A corrupt gift taking fraud?
"Chairman Ginn introduced NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, who provided a status of the NYPD’s technology division. Commissioner Bratton was vocal in his support for FirstNet and pledged to support the organization with the “full resources” of the NYPD. Commissioner Bratton was thanked by several board members."

Try not to laugh --- with Dowd sitting right there demoted to Transit.... Looks like FirstNet is too embarrassed.

Bratton heads the most dysfunction over priced 911 Tech system inherited from Ray Kelly and even Bratton can't tolerate NYPD Chief Dowd who it turns out knows nothing about technology as head of Tech for the NYPD but there they both are at a FirstNet board meeting following the last one they hosted at One Police Plaza!!!!!!!!!

Reading FirstNet 's bio of Dowd you would be falsely lead to believe we have a terrific 911 system. We don't but we have a 2 billion $ plus system and the size of NYC gov spending has caught FirstNets attention. 

Are my exclusive going to be in newspaper, tv and other websites uncredited? Hardee har har. 

(I reported Denault sued SAIC and won SAIC has to pay his legal bills CityTime crime still not news like 911 Tech Crime alleged thief guess which contractor came back to DOITT got new contract nyc gov with new company!  Ssshhh!)


Before the NYDN exclusives I reported FirstNet SAIC did a deal CA and my theory SAIC wanted to piggy back on FirstNet back to NYC and NYState since SAIC has been been banned from all NYC NY State Contracts.


SBT Exclusives Past CityTime SAIC FirstNet 911 Connected Dots March 18th Now Add NYPD Chief Dowd + Homeland Security?

March 18  I exposed the SAIC connection to 911 on the west coast called FirstNet and believe SAIC wanted the  NYC Gov 911 Tech contract here as badly as SAIC wanted the MTA deal.  Reminder the uber corrupt SAIC MTA deal that almost was.  Rudy's deputy mayor's lobbyists...  

KKK Ray Kelly NYPD way demoted than quickly promote...read below....


Back in 2010, Dowd and several other high-ranking officers were reprimanded by the NYPD for accepting “valuable gifts” from Verizon, when the telecommunications giant was vying for a lucrative city contract to modernize the 911 service.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/removed-head-911-system-article-1.1792698#ixzz34r0hF5P6

In 2000, when Dowd was in charge of Brooklyn’s 88th Precinct, he was accused of fudging statistics to make it look like crime was lower than it was.
For that, Dowd was demoted. But he quickly found a new spot in the NYPD’s communications division.


"...but the inspector general’s office of the U.S. Department of Commerce has been conducting a probe of FirstNet, a federal authority within the Commerce Department that is building a $7 billion nationwide public safety broadband network for cops and firefighters. Dowd sits on the board.
The IG’s office launched a review of FirstNet’s “procurement and ethics” at the request of its chairman last year.
The chairman made the move after another board member, Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald from Iowa, complained some of his colleagues were more interested in helping phone companies with the multi-billion communications project for first responders than safety.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ex-911-boss-chuck-dowd-underlings-retire-probe-article-1.1794477#ixzz34r1CyRnU

A source said Dowd’s board dealings were one of the things investigators were looking into. Dowd has faced conflict of interest charges involving phone companies in the past. He was reprimanded by the NYPD in 2010 for accepting “valuable gifts” from Verizon when it was vying for a big-bucks contract to modernize the 911 system.
A report by the city Department of Investigation obtained by The News found Dowd was one of five past and present NYPD and FDNY higher-ups who’d been wooed by Verizon employees during the bidding process in 2004.
Department of Investigation probers concluded that the Verizon employees, hoping to snag a contract that was then valued at up to $1 billion, had wined and dined Dowd and the others at “expensive restaurants,” and treated some of them to “golf outings” and at least one baseball game.
They dropped $1,300 on two dinners and coughed up nearly $1,900 on tickets and unspecified “refreshments” at a Yankees season opener, according to a 2010 memo by then-Department of Investigation Deputy Commissioner Marjorie Landa.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ex-911-boss-chuck-dowd-underlings-retire-probe-article-1.1794477#ixzz34r1ND22S