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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

911 Chief Dowd A Ray Kelly Puppet May Be Indicted?

If anyone should be indicted it's Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg for 911.  

Ask Ray Kelly why he appointed Chief Chuck Dowd for over a decade as head of Technology we wasn't qualified?

No wonder Chief Dowd used to tell me which department he works for when I questioned him at City Hall before I testified about 911 technology corruption and the need for criminal investigation!

Ray Kelly Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn another Mike fixer and a group of top officials at City Hall in my opinion are guilty starting with 911 city time and possibly 311, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, Board of Election etc. even the majority of city Council who also voted for Rudin luxury condos and said of a trauma level one hospital.  Due the math. Is sold out all the way to the bank and innocent people get arrested every day I was threatened twice with false arrest but the real crooks in my opinion are Teflon protected by Goldman Sach's Manhattan DA Cy Vance and the US attorney.   If I'm wrong where are the rest of top New York City government officials sponsorable for overseeing the largest amount of tax pair money abused ever in New York City governments history and it's mostly all technology contracts. The question whether consultants like Gartner bilked us and companies that overbilled us whether they have connections to the New York pensions and don't forget the lobbyist many who collect New York pensions. 


Hint:  after hurricane Sandy Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg defended the indefensible they defended 911.  911 also failed during Bloomberg's blizzard.  

Remember city Island death I believe HP's 911 from the 911 tech  system sending responders to the wrong location ? Thar was over 6 years ago. 

Just a few months ago I asked a group of fire trucks wire you hear the street was empty no smoke....????  The FDNY reported to me yet again they were sent to the wrong location all these years later.


Thank Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.  It's taken way too many years to get a criminal investigation oh we still do not have a criminal investigation and the media is covering up for Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg who they have an incestuous relationship with.    

Why does ABC have Ray Kelly on their payroll for real why?

You want answers look at chief doubt oops Dowd and Verizon in my opinion.  Let me guess this is the first time he took gifts from Verizon or anybody. Yeah like my attacker a Dr. Fagelman 's that was a first and was a first time that the NYPD co-worst of victim of crime and sealed the attackers false cross-complaint rather than go to the DA.  

Ray Kelly appointed NYPD Chief Dowd and Ray Kelly knew that Dowd had no information technology experience but Ray knew that Chief Dowd woukd fix anything Ray wanted just like Dowd was caught  crime.  Yes the NYPD tends to promote officers that fix crime even after their court.

The NYPD like a top military army crash occupy Wall Street because occupy Wall Street made their battle ultimately about a small piece of geography.  The NYPD success crushing a movement was staggering but they violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and they did it for major banks and Megabucks real estate owners who are more than generous in their gratitude to the New York Police Department as our media outlets that depends on the police department for their press passes.    The media for similar reasons per text Mike Bloomberg but the New York daily news didn't hit yesterday because Bloomberg is considering running against Hillary and the owner of the New York daily news prefers Hillary is my guess. Otherwise more women have bothered because he and Bloomberg did a huge real estate deal that Cathie Black brokered and she like Rose Gill Hearn got a kickback job actually 2 appointments from Mike Bloomberg for protecting him for a see if taxpayer Titanic's 911, 311 and CityTime. 

Ray Kelly like Chief Dowd are both frauds but they know how to get things fixed and done and keep very rich people, media owners, banks ,  real estate people very happy and they show their gratitude by funneling money to Kelly in my opinion hiring him putting him on this and that that's how big do creative kickbacks in my opinion.

I used to think Ray Kelly was heading shoulders a better guy than Kerik. Now I believe Ray Kelly belongs in jail although he will never go to jail or even be asked questions under oath because he would incriminate himself in my opinion including answering  the question why did Ray Kelly appoint Chuck Dowd !

Ask Ray Kelly that under oath!  

Dowd was not qualified to be in charge of technology get Ray put them there for over a decade!!!

ABC News ask Ray Kelly about that!! 

ABC News won't ask Ray Kelly any tough questions.  

No one has asked by Bloomberg if you agree that the audit from May 31, 2012 had merit why didn't you call for criminal investigation?

The answer is Mike Bloomberg would have to come to court and testify under oath and he would incriminate himself and/or commit perjury like he did during the Haggerty Trial.  

New York Police Department has a habit a history of punishing cops promoting them up the ladder.  Thank Ray Kelly more than anyone for that.  

Chief Dowd still an active member of the board of FirstNet?  If so not for long and scissoring doubt the son of an NYPD Chief took gifts from Verizon and it leaves one asking how many other gifts did he take.   Ray Kelly took free rides from Mayor Bloomberg on a private jet and took them for his wife as well.  

Ray Kelly has a special relationship with the media and his son and he are employed by powerful media outlets who appear to want to protect him in return for what?

Ray Kelly and chief Dowd needs BS questions under oath.  Was chief Dowd compensated by first met in any way from luxuries afforded him like Verizon?

Ditto Ray Kelly?  Why should we suppose that rides on mayor Bloomberg's private jet were the only gifts that rate felt entitled to?

It should be noted I'm Suing Ray Kelly in federal court right now and he is truly in my opinion and evil man who suckered way too many New Yorkers mean included.  

From last week:

Suzannah B. Troy Artist Exclusive Mr. Bratton Chief Dowd Hosted FirstNet Board Meeting 1 Police Plaza

In case I read about this a few weeks later in the NYDN....

Before the NYND announced he had been demoted from Tech  Chief I reported he was demoted kicked down to Transit.   http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-nydn-exclusive-reported-while-back.html

My first and only meeting with Chief Dowd who did not want to tell me which division he worked for was when I testified at City Hall and he refused to take my testimony but the FDNY Chiefs took my testimony .

I had handed him a Jusitce Card what said NYPD Fix Crime Like A Las Vegas Casino.  I don't have the NYPD contacts the NYDN has so bravo to them for reporting NYPD Chief Dowd took gifts from Verizon and that Dowd got in trouble for "fixing crime" (reminder so did Adrian Schoolcraft's NYPD kidnappers but trouble means shuffled out of one precinct assigned elsewhere.)

Suzannah B. Troy Artist Exclusive Mr. Bratton Chief Dowd Hosted FirstNet Board Meeting 1 Police Plaza