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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SEC Examiner Lied & Held Stocks in Banks plus SEC To DPA A joke? CityTime to 911 to NYPD IAB US attorney blind deaf dumb?

SEC Examiner Lied & Held Stocks in Banks plus SEC To DPA A joke? CityTime to 911 to NYPD IAB US attorney blind deaf dumb?

15 year SEC  examiner  Gilchrist  gets a cushy  DPA for violating ethics rules? 
A slice of NYC  corruption pie please? 

Remember NY Post page 666 reported SEC employees handed Bernie Maddoff resumes!!!   Rolling Stone did huge piece on SEC corruption more than a piece of pie.    

From Albany to City Hall is NY the most corrupt cesspool of any state in the USA that's simply is so out-of-control that it cannot be policed including NYPd and Internal Affairs?  NYPD IAB fixing me being assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's with the YouTube about to break 20,000 more than the Twighlight Zone 155 Spring St Soho -- read my opposition to City dismissing my case -- just read the first page. 

"The U.S. attorney's office in New York and an attorney for Gilchrist were not immediately available for comment on Monday evening.

SEC ethics rules prohibit employees from buying or holding stocks in entities that it regulates. Employees  are also required to get approval from the SEC's ethics office before buying stocks".

The UK reports via reuters;


Suzannah B. Troy artist: SAIC Mark Sopp Receives Email From SEC (Mike Sez Pickle w/Whopper)


CityTime Crime Trial News The Latest in NYC Gov 2nd Biggest Tech Scandal

Go to link in this link on CityTime tri0!!!!
Read the comment at bottom NY Times!!!!

janice amato

   nyc 1 June 2011

People, did you just wake up from a cryogenic sleep? Even the mayor himself said he was literally the most wasteful person with money in history, when, in 2001, he spent $75 million against Mark Green's $16 million. (Green would've only spent $10 mil but he got greater matching funds due to Bloomberg's outrageous spending.)

We knew he was going to blow all our money BEFORE he was elected. And that's precisely what he did.

CITYTIME isn't the exception. it's the RULE, in all agencies, from DHS (the Mayor spent $6 billion to create more homelessness!) to housing (the mayor spent over $20 billion to evict us from our homes) to education (the mayor increased the bloated budget from $12 billion a year for 1 million kids to $24 million per year!) and on and on and on.

Didn't the 25% pay raise he gave the do-nothing City Council (on top of the 75% pay raise Giuliani bribed them with) tip you off?

Go back to sleep."

NYPD Internal Affairs Fixing Corruption involving Dr Fagelman Office Violence My Case Waiting for Justice

NYPD Internal Affairs Fixing Savage Assault of me @ Dr Fagelman's by Delita Hooks 92 views from 20,000 via

The NYPD now say they can't do anything because I am suing but lawyers say this is not true and I gather it is yet another excuse for NYPD and IAB to fix what really happened.  IAB wants to cover this up and IAB along with the NYPD wish they could frame me but they can't thanks to the video and more damning evidence I got from the City of NY Corp Counsel NYPD IAB lawyer --but in
stead of the NYPD IAB and City owning up to corruption they continue to put me off - won't allow me to upgrade assault charges to 2nd degree and report Det Vergona 's alleged hate crime and Delita Hooks false cross complaint still - 1 year 4 months.  NYPD says I am suing them so won't do anything because of lawsuit but lawyers say NYPD using that as excuse.