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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Joe Tacopina's Whole Career Was to Intimidate People, MLB Pulled the Curtain Away

Joe Tacopina's Entire Career built on Intimidating People,  MLB Pulled the Curtain Away!!!!!

MLB took a high powered fan to Joe's Tacopina's Smoke and Mirrors --- the curtain has been pulled away but at least Joe Tacopina has A-Rod's money and A-Fraud's press on the front page of Tacopina's website under his crowning glory getting one of Mr. Abner Louimer's tormentors off who allegedly helped NYPD Volpe as look out as Volpe violated Mr. Louimer anally and orally -- I guess no one in the Precinct could hear Mr. Louimer's screams? (In my opinion Joe!)

I was asked how long do you think Joe will keep it up?    I said forever.   I was referring to his A-Rod press on his lawyer website -- not his intimidation tactics.

Joe has pictures of him and Foxy Brown holding hands on his press section of his Tacopina Website.
Foxy Brown allegedly fired Joe Tacopina for opening up his big venus fly trap == oops big mouth -- you would have to know about Tacopina Seigel comparing the NYPD Rape Cop's VICTIM's  genital to a Fly Trap to understand my remark.  Joe's strategy -- a loud mouth strategy failed with MLB and suing Bernie Kerik and the NYDN a desperate act by a desperate man.   Joe Tacopina was way out of his league going after MLB. (In my opinion Joe!)


Joe has pictures of him hugging Bernie Kerik like he is Mrs. Bernie Kerik on their honeymoon and Kerik gave him a some big present -- ha ha maybe an NYPD PBA present -- hardee har just joking...

Joe has not learned and now he has aligned Bernie Kerik with his ex best pals the NYDN, the NYDN editors even let Joe Tacopina rape oops write a shamefully phony IN MY OPINION (bummer for Joe my blog is my opinion) piece on Rape when Joe emboldened even more NYPD Rape cops because he sent a message 1-800-Rape Away in my opinion.  A-Rod hired Joe to rape MLB but it backfired.

The link to Tacky-0's  lawsuit against the NYDN reporters down at the bottom -- Joe says the reporters not opinion reporters but that is a desperate attempt by a desperate man because they are human and entitled to a certain amount of leverage when it comes to reporting news.  The NYDN will most likely have the same success as MLB!

Joe Tacopina does not want to allow People to have an opinion and Joe thought he could silence  reporters with his lawsuit against the NYDN reporters (send a message) but he failed.  Below a link to a YouTube where his ex lawyer associate Brian King tries to disallow me my opinion as I stand there outside Joe's offices protesting!    Maybe Joe didn't allow Brian an opinion and he was told to hit the road?
I don't know but Brian King doesn't work there anymore....

MLB v J-Fraud -- J-Fraud lost!

A-Fraud paid J-Fraud a fortune for nothing?

What does A-Rod care. MLB made A-Rod obscenely rich for playing a kids game.   Did Joe throw an lubrication?

"His lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who made a fortune off him with six months of legal sound and fury meaning nothing, confirmed he would not be showing up at Steinbrenner Field."  Bill Madden

Seems like the sports writers agree you paid a fortune for paid advice....A-rod is your lawyer going to sue all of the sports writers --- oh yeah they are allowed opinions except 2 news reporters at the NYDN.

Dear A-Rod: Did Joe Tacopina hand you Vaseline and ask you to touch your toes after you paid him for "... six months of" a lot of fury and nothing... Oh, except A-Fraud you are now almost as hated as J-Fraud who you hired to do what to MLB?  Did Joe get the results you wanted.

A-Rod are you going to be suing Joe anytime soon?  Are you still shoveling money in to his bank account? 

Is Joe Tacky-0 going to sue Bill Madden or The NY Post  sports writers next?

Joe Tacopina A-Rod Lawyer Joke!

 Is there rehab for what ever problem Joe Tacky 0 has? Rehab for over litigious meglomaniacial liars oops lawyers? Just joking!!

Joe Tacopina Hated or People Green With Jealousy According to Joe!: Joe Tacopina Sues Bernie Kerik for Defamation Read The Joe Tacopina Jokes!!!

(Can you sue for defamation of character if you have no character? Hardee har har.) (Nice to know Joe's character worth 5 million, what are the other imaginary parts of him worth? Hardee har) 

http://joetacopinatacky0.blogspot.com/2014/01/joe-tacopina-sues-bernie-kerik-for.html?m=1 you have to scroll thru this post - tacky-0 jokes scattered thru post like Joe's casualties.  

ps I hope Joe loses his lawsuit against NYDN and Kerik. Like MLB he is outa his league

How many clients on the press page now feel betrayed?

http://youtu.be/XXTm6TaI10Y Is this Joe's extremely loyal secretary Tara bragging to me that Joe is going to get an acquittal for the NYPD Rape Cops before the trial is over like it is a done deal...listen carefully and you hear her say acquittal?

Where is Brian King? I don't think he works for Joe any more? Listen to how King talks to me like I am not allowed to have an opinion in the misogynist Tacopina Seigel world as he tries to defend the indefensible?

I called the press and told them seems Joe's employee bragging the acquittal is a done deal before the trial is over? No one ran the story...ho hum.

Joe's lawsuit in my opinion harde har har --- is the act of a desperate man with the goal as usual to silence the victim --- in this case Bernie Kerik.  Kerik is no Saint but either is Joe Tacopina.  Joe Tacopina was his best friend, his lawyer and business partner and after Joe talked to the Feds Bernie Kerik went to jail.   Joe Tacopina still has a photo of him hugging Bernie Kerik on the press section of his Tacopina law website.

The NYDN reporters in my opinion told the truth and Joe is trying to silence the press who usually treat him with deference in my opinion hoping for perks from him like inside scoops and exclusives.

Ask one NY Times reporter if they confronted Joe on him and his partner's treatment of the NYPD Rape Cop's victim and comparing her genitals to a Venus Fly Trap.  Not one reporter will ask Joe why he has a drawing of Abner Louimer at the head of his website like his crowning achievement?   Not one reporter dared to address that and

Joe thought by suing NYDN reporters he would

scare and silence all reporters? 


MLB taught Joe a lesson or rather Joe did not learn his lesson yet.