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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bernie Kerik KOed Joe Tacopina A-Rod Lawyer NYPD Rape Cop Lawyer?

Yesterday's post.   As A-Rod case comes to a head and one wonders is 1,000 an hour lawyer and braggart Joe Tacopina -- yes from his website he brags about getting racists off NYPD rapists with anal rape victim Abner Louimer crowning his website --- well what deals has Tacopina made behind the scenes with A-Rod?  Are they lucrative enough to deal with the Bernie Kerik fall-out? Possible. 

Besides the Mafia dumping Joe as a client Joe as one lawyer once said walks between rain drops.  

Joe is hated.   Seriously hated by the most diverse group of NYers and plenty have shared their insights.  

Sounds like Bernie Kerik who still has powerful connections rumored to be Rudy Guiliani, Grasso, and a man that went to jail for perjury involving a gift sort of like Mike Bloomberg's gift to Ray Kelly and his wife of free rides on Air Bloomberg that Kelly was later made to reimburse so what's the difference?

19 hours ago
Tacopina also vigorously denies coloring his hair.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bernie-kerik-rips-attorney-joe-tacopina-bar-complaint-article-1.1560478#ixzz2oxJTdmTk

Charles Tadduni
Joe Tacopina is a fraud like many of his Poly Prep colleagues who graduated that prestigious institution of deception. He was a bully in high school and has gone on to become a defense attorney for the scum of society. He should be disbarred.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bernie-kerik-rips-attorney-joe-tacopina-bar-complaint-article-1.1560478#ixzz2oxJrPSPq

NYDN Wrong A-Rod Rape Lawyer Joe Tacopina Had a Complaint Filed by previously word on the street……rumor has it…..so Bernie Kerik not the first???

 Well if the NYDN got it wrong and I am not sure they did it was because they trusted Joe who is a liar oops a lawyer - remember the Jim Carrey movie?

Major League Baseball top brass along with how many victims Joe Tacopina blamed for horror that was not their fault must be celebrating.  Great job Bernie. 

I filed a complaint against Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel for comparing women's genitals to a fly trap -- a hate crime in court and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel on Tacopina Seigel letter head threatened to sue me.  I said go ahead and I will sue you and Joe.   I listed some ex-clients I would call like Bernie Kerik (and the Federal agents) as well as Mr Decandia.  I never heard from Tacopina Seigel again. 

A-Rod NYPD Rape Lawyer Joe Tacopina KOed by Bernie Kerik?

Bernie Kerik Files A Complaint Against Joe Tacopina Why didn't Client That Joe Allegedly Slept with His Wife file also????

A-Roid hired Joe Tacky-0 to rape MLB and it may have backfired for both Joe and A/Roid -- too arrogant greedy guys???? Liars and cheats???? 

They would say not true.  

I want to subpoena Google to find out name of the witness tampering lawyer that threatened me if I take any legal action against Delita Hooks he would turn the tables on me and called me a confrontative cunt.  Det John Vergona as well as Delita Hooks threatened me as well.  Her threat is in a letter to her NYPD fixers. Was it Joe or his pal vomit?  They would say no of course. 

NYPD IAB caught by me fixing for Dr Andrew Fagelman's office and NYPD coercing me and sealing Delita Hooks false cross complaint. Some how IAB missed the corrupt cops rushing to seal her false cross complaint so the fixing came from high up?????

The cowardly cunt calling lawyer that threatened me told me the tables would be turned on me and than the NYPD took over and did as the sock puppet witness tampering lawyer instructed if I took action.  Joe any comment on that?  

I was in shock even when filing opposition suing NYPD IAB it was only after I filed motion that it all came together about me being threatened. I was in too much shock to really read the threat - thought it said if I sued her but now I realize it said if I take any legal action. 

How often do NYPD PBA IAB fixing and favors for MDs, athletes go on????

There is Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks who tries a running punch to my left eye to make a hole in my retina but failed to knock me out -- her goal than to drag me by my hair to the elevator but she was not fired and the corrupt NYPD and this goes right to the top to Ray Kelly and IAB Charles Campisi involved in this cover up for the NYPD coercion threatening me and sealing Delita Hooks false cross complaint.


It took me almost 1 year and 1 honest cop who was too afraid of retaliation to be acknowledged and with good reason considering how many top NYPD officers involved in covering this up….