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Monday, March 4, 2013

NYPD Lied Under Oath False Arrest Prosecution OWS Premo

The Village Voice article exposes blatant corruption and lies Manhattan DA and NYPD -- read it!!!

NYPD Lied Under Oath False Arrest Prosecution OWS Premo

Like our sitting mayor Bloomberg committing perjury during Haggerty trial do not 
expect Cy Vance to do his job. No prosecution for perjury. 

Wow Cy Vance illegally helped the NYPD to break OWS movement with the most false arrests violating American's rights and breaking the law to do so.  Congrats.  All the major banks will hire all the nyod white shirts involved.  

Cy Vance was given a 20 page audit May 2012 by John Liu our nyc gov comptroller HP no experience 911 tech system under Bloomberg mystically lead contractor like SAIC on CityTime stealing mega millions tax payer money  -- 2 tech Titanics ectp 911 and CityTime = 3 billion tax payer dollars abused. 

To date Cy Vance has not prosecuted St Vincent's Hospital crooks and ECTP 911 tech theft or Cy if you Cy are too busy breaking the law dealing cases like drugs, telling innocent protestors to stay out of trouble aka u can't protest any more or risk further false prosecution than turn 911 and St V hospital crooks over to US attorney. 

Why hasn't us attorney come in and taken these cases 

911 and a hospital life or death.

NYPD corruption abuse of power perjury approved aided and abetted by Cy Vance Manhattan DA.

Our lives in jeopardy - 911, St V Crooks and corruption empowered by those who should shut it down.

ps det John Vergona first precinct lied about me -- he made me feel like Jane Eyre and he was mr Brocklehurst he and his posse of corrupt cops.  I am either getting a financial settlement from the city or they face me in court for the first time.  I was almost blinded by my attacker who first repeatedly violated my patient rights but corrupt cops protect her and why.

I won't get a huge settlement.  I didn't ask for one but Michael Premo should get a big pay day.
He and his lawyers exposed how corrupt the NYPD are in concert with corrupt DA.

ps regarding me being abused by corrupt cops 01

To date Det John Vergona and Sgt Chen refuse to give me badge numbers requested by Comptroller's office and I do not have names of NYPD detectives that never investigated Delita Hooks false complaint and I know because they never called me or met me and Vergona has never met me. Vergona refused to see wounds to my eye and arm in person to clarify his confusion.