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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Calls for Bloomberg to dump Goldsmith but folks it won't happen == let me tell you about Steve Rattner, SAIC and CityTime, Bloomberg Quinn on why we needed Mike for a 3rd term and the fact we pay 2 mill in tax payer $ for Mike's campaign staff to do what?

I have been asked will Mike Bloomberg make his newly recruited deputy mayor step down?  The answer is no.  Goldsmith is just doing what Mike would do but FYI, Mike has stood by Steve Rattner through thick and thin.  Mike Bloomberg and the owners of The NY Daily News and The New York Times all have the same best friend and money manager who is also a big time fund raiser for the democratic party and his name is Steve Rattner, no relations to developer Bruce Ratner with one T.

Steve Rattner was caught in the big time "pay to play" NY pension fund scandals and he was made to also pay to not go to jail - millions in fines which is nothing to a very rich man that earns millions handling Mike Bloomberg's fortune and Rattner was banned by the SEC and AG from trading, etc. but Mike still has him in place as his financial advisor.   By the way, why does Rattner take some of Mike's money for charity and go off shore to the Cayman Islands?  Isn't that a tax shelter and also is like the 62 emails that Mike doesn't want to turn over to The NY Post he sent to John Haggerty (google Haggerty Bloomberg broken campaign laws) -- and FYI for some strange reason Cy Vance does not want to see the emails either.

Cayman Islands and Mikes emails =  subpoena proof meaning we will be getting no transparency.

Cayman Islands -- emails sent to John Haggerty that would perhaps further prove Mike Bloomberg and gang -- including deputy mayors behaved less than ethically to win, buy a third term aka broke campaign laws and also spent 109 million "on the books"...because there was off the books spending as in Mike's charity not to mention back room dealing aka promises that would fatten fat cats perhaps with real estate deals that the communities through NYC fight?

Gettiing back to Rattner, based on Mike Bloomberg standing by Rattner my guess is the only way to get Goldmsith out is with public outcry and if only we could kick Bloomberg, his 2 million dollars in tax payer money campaign staff he hired after they helped him barely win a 3rd term and Christine Quinn who helped Mike sell the great lie Mike must have a third term to help us with the economy when it was only about Bloomberg and Quinn helping their pals.   Look at Christine Quinn's campaign donations for more info on that and slush money awards by Quinn this term and last.

Do not forget CityTime the 80 million stolen is only the tip of the iceberg -- this  was suppose to be a tech time clock to prevent workers from stealing but so far consultants and friends were caught stealing and when there is a full forensic audit we will learn a lot more about SAIC and Spherion.  Again Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn were protecting CityTime and Mike still is protecting CityTime and SAIC who Mike wanted to get their fully contract Sept. 30 but we fought hard and John Liu did the job that Bill Thompson should have done way back which was severely limited SAIC's need to suck 100 of millions of dollars of tax payer money for a program CityTime that does not work.

Google SAIC Vanity Fair to learn more.  Hmmm, who pushed through the MTA SAIC deal which luckily got killed and the Sanitation SAIC deal as well?  Who is pimping for SAIC and why?

NYC gov has AutoTime.  The City owned it and it worked.  Rudy brought it Maxiums and it cost half a billion and failed.  Than he brought in CityTime and SAIC and ditto but he gave it to Mike like it was cocaine and Mike was a drug dealer.   Maximus signaled taking mega buck tax payer money and handing it over to consultants -- non- NYC gov workers and it was in my opinion for poltical hand washing and goals both Rudy and Mike had after their service as mayor as in eyes on The White House.

This year major scandals should be exposed re: CityTime SAIC and Spherion.  I have done many posts and YouTubes on this....

The CNN iReport -- a place for regular people to go to report the news -- the link below is from 2 years ago and fingers the crooks who got busted by one guy -- an SAIC consultant I have not heard anything in the news about -- why is that.  He is fingered as blatantly stealing as well.   Go to the iReport link.

I am glad New Yorkers are angry but there is a hell of lot more they should be angry about and calling for the removal of Bloomberg, his campaign staff, Goldsmith and Christine Quinn.

Also reminder:  the slush fund investigation at City Hall is still on -- just moving slower than a turtle in molasses.

I am truly too exhausted to check typos but you get the heart and soul of what I am communicating to you,

Suzannah B. Troy
p.s. Remember I fought Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of community crushing development that displaced record numbers of NYers, too many died as well and all on an old infrastructure that is shot to hell and dangerous as well including the corrupt MTA another disaster waiting to happen -- like Con Ed no one could keep up with this reckless expansion but none of the powers that be spoke up because it was all about greed and stupidity.  Thanks to socialite city planner Amanda the people's Burden another Bloomberg puppet that should be fired and tarred and feathered along with the rest.

Old post below:

Mayor Bloomberg shielded from blame by media: True News for Change

Go to True News and read the numerous postings on this which he contrasts
with the treatment of Mayor Lindsay.   I want to add the press has been shielding Bloomberg-SAIC.
http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164   This Ireport by a whistle blower fingers than SAIC guy for stealing $ CityTime and we have yet to hear his name and SAIC implicated in the mega-millions stolen.
There appears to me to be a cover-up for the mayor and SAIC in my opinion.
Who is SAIC?  http://m.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2007/03/spyagency200703

Check back with True News later today -- he will have more news you need to read...