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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Michael Rawson manager of The Mercer Hotel calls NYPD on Veterans & Artist vendors, NYPD leave water is thrown on Veterans from Mercer Hotel



FYI: A real Vet, a Korean War vet who is 79 and handicapped but after service not during was harassed by the NYPD today courtesy of the manager of The Mercer Hotel who thinks he is in charge of the NYPD. He doesn't want any cars illegally parked out front where it says loading and unloading and The Mercer Hotel uses the parking outside as private parking with valet service but the manager who in my opinion is an awful person who has zero respect for Veterans, handicap people and seniors demands the NYPD ticket them.  Today the NYPD did not ticket them but made life difficult.  After the NYPD left someone or several people from The Mercer Hotel threw water out on to the Veterans, one a Viet Nam Vet on both sides of the Hotel so on both Mercer and Prince Street.

Note:  Anyone following this blog knows that Michael Rawson and his parking valet guys do not want the visitors of the Mercer Hotel to get any tickets and the valet guys make money because the NYPD does not enforce the "loading and unloading".  I have photographed notes to the NYPD asking them not to ticket them and even a fake NYPD parking placard but Michael Rawson when not taunting the Veteran vendors directly calls the NYPD on them like he did today.

No tickets were issued but they gave regular vendors including a 79 year old senior citizen Korean War Vet who is handicap and has a Veteran's License but not handicapped Veteran's license because he developed handicap after he was discharged.  It is hard for Eric to walk and he also had a lot of pride.

In the mean time the loading and unloading sign outside The Mercer Hotel is violated chronically unless they are loading and unloading pixie dust.

The NYPD never ticket the front of the hotel where the area is used as exclusive parking with valet service.  The valets do not want to have these cars ticketed because they make money but it is okay to prevent artist and Veterans from earning a living and worse have them ticketed courtesy of Michael Rawson.

The Mercer Hotel recently changed the signs they placed in the windows although I saw none today.

This is the newest but in my opinion they are breaking the law and really using it as private parking with valet service.  No other hotel does this that I am aware of and the NYPD have blind-eye-itis except when Rawson calls them to action and the NYPD does his bidding two fold by not ticketing the illegally parked cars and ticketing the veterans and artists although no tickets were issued today.

After the NYPD left water was thrown on the Veterans out the windows of both sides of the hotel so that was both Mercer Street and Prince Street.

One of the parking valets approached me very aggressively and lied to me aboutt me and said I was harassing him when in fact I show on video he is  approaching me and harassing me.    I have left a message with the 1st Precinct regarding the valet and my video.

By the way, I have at least a broken toe and a lot of swelling and the last thing I needed was to be on my feet on this beautiful day in this condition.   That is Michael Rawson's dirty evil work in my opinion because truly no vendor was doing any harm, only Rawson causing harm.  I have come to  loathe the hotel and I don't see how anyone would want to stay there or party there based on their treatment and my 1st hand experience today with one of their valets as well as harassing rude hateful emails I received until I called Capt. Winski and told him to explain to Michael Rawson harassing someone on the computer is aggravated harassment.

 Water was thrown out the windows and I want to film anything else that may be thrown out the windows along with the valet parking services that are above the law and it is a public street.

NYPD Sargent Valero ....I could not get the spelling of his name and I asked for his badge number because like the valet I was made to feel very uncomfortable.

As I said the NYPD did not issue tickets but it was tense.  I believe the press showed up and I am praying next time there will be photos to truly expose Michael Rawson and the harassment of the Veteran Vendors that run in major newspapers....that is what I am hoping for.

I am looking to organize a protest against Michael Rawson's treatment of Veteran and artist vendors demanding the NYPD be enforcers and turn a blind eye to their private parking and valet service where it says loading and unloading.

I have so many postings on Michael Rawson and The Mercer Hotel -- the on going harassment of Veteran Vendors, how Rawson calls the NYPD on them all the time but look at this and how I could not get the NYPD to even look at this....