NYPD PC O'Neill Blocks me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
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"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

NYPD shoots Bystanders 12 yr old, woman grave condition; NYPD out of control so many ways my case First Precinct NYPD broke laws at their desk 2012 same yr as NYPD shot Bystanders Empire State Building , My Case MD office SHOCKING even more evidence/info NYPD party to crimes!

NYPD officer fired 27 times in wild Bronx shootout, striking suspect and two innocent bystanders: sources - NY Daily News

From NYPost:
"NYPD cop fired the shots that injured a 12-year-old girl and left a 46-year-old woman in severe condition during a wild shootout in the Bronx, police sources said Thursday."

NYPD sergeant faces DWI charges after crashing into cyclist in Manhattan: cops


2012 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Empire_State_Building_shooting
 NYPD officers also in a shoot out shot pedestrians in how many different ways see NYPD or not screen properly they're not supervise probably they're not trained properly and they're way too many casualties 
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⁦‪@amNewYork‬⁩ Tall tale deBlasio 2 Cities:NYPD O'Neill stole Fed funded cesna chief boyce's mom's funeral w/group of nypd! If Eric Garner's mom or I did that we'ld be arrested for Fed crime! Google NYPD Chief Esposito #chokehold Chief bologna chokehold google Eric Garner handwritten lawsuit!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYDailyNews‬⁩ ⁦‪@CoreyinNYC‬⁩ SILENT my case how many cases? NYPD, IA, Zachary Carter, Scott Stringer guilty our cases. How many will it take for you to do something? NYPD top cops, corp counsel, nyc comptroller, mayors face PERMANENT commission NYPS IA DA wrong doing, new screening, training, ACCOUNTABILITY

Mayor de Blasio complicit w/ NYCHA, also NYPD wrong doing, lower east side, de Blasio and his top  commissioners involved including the NYPD must resign! NYCHA commissioner resigned, O'Neull must resign along w/ his top cops involved in obstruct justive in our cases along with Zachary Carter!!

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s lawyers are fighting to keep the recently fired city watchdog Mark Peters from testifying about NYCHA’s lead paint scandal and City Hall’s involvement in trying to cover it up, the Daily News reports.

There are so many victims of NYPD I didn't know until I became one and because the police continue to protect crimes it has inspired so many ideas like a Citizen database first I came up with a Citizen database idea to go after NYPD and Internal Affairs and Data  but now I realize you can use these kind of databases city state and federal...tracking wrong going, complicity, passing the corruption buck...see patterns of abuse or worse criminal activity or complicity...have citizens are more than failed...

 The NYPD continue to protect crimes they continue to so now I've come up with the idea of clawback which of course lawmakers won't clawback their pensions right now because they're afraid that they're breaking laws and they could lose their pension so won't get past now but as the City  continues to protect corruption in so many cases including mine it appears the city will go bankrupt eventually and clawback of pensions will happen.   I was a victim of crimes from a doctors office to the police department so for city employees involved any and all City Officials involved in my case other  cases that broke laws/obstructed Justice I  really want to see them lose their pensions 
Bribe NYPD do fixing and favors or barter ---

"De Blasio donor on trial for corruption mocked TSA agents for believing he was a cop

de Blasio donor on trial for cop corruption was heard on tape Friday blasting airport security for believing he was an actual member of law enforcement after he flashed a police badge that the feds say he got via bribes.
The shocking call reveals self-described Brooklyn police liaison Jeremy Reichberg gloating over his success at tricking TSA agents into letting him skip the dreaded security line at an unspecified airport by showing off his police bling."

  The NYPD violated their oath if the doctor took the Hippocratic oath he clearly violated that oath my attacker broke laws before she became an American citizen so she was protected the crime she committed were protected enabling her to become a Citizen now I'm pro immigrants my dad served in World War II so clearly we are pro immigrants it just is a shocking for me to learn that it's just shocking to learn how many crimes were committed and I was treated like someone who does not have any rights of an American citizen it's OK to punch me hit me life threatened me from a doctors office to the police department yet I am an American citizen.  It's just amazing to me I'm just in shock it just hit me tonight for some reason extra bad it's already 3:30am.

It's amazing that my dad was a kid and a teenager when he went to fight in World War II and he fought for the rights that people take for granted in this country --  dad Fort for rights rights that I was denied and I'm still denied I also remember how Chief Banks assistant Lieutenant Gannon told me that it's against NYPD policy to allow me to upgrade to second-degree assault and if that's the truth the policy also violated my rights my civil rights my rates report crimes. Lt Gannon Went on to work for Esposito's who just got fired but wants to stay on for four more years so he can earn between 800,000 and $1 million salary plus double that if you add in his pension is my guess.

 Chief Banks caught taking gifts yet again Ray Kelly knew that he was taking gifts Ray Kelly was taking lavish gifts ....

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Bad dream mausoleum office small building all NYPD cop shows me guilty parties the crimes Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks etc w/NYPD criminals + Joe Tacopina file empty because NYPD broke even more laws w/ Tacopina! Than Tacopina peverse shows me files w/crimes suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/12/nypd-a…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩ ⁦‪@NewYorkFBI‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDTips‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDDCPI‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDCommAffairs‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩ When NYPD DI Ed Winski mr favors erased all crimes my case for a rich MD, Ed Winski did a favor for a Playmate who went on to kill herself and her small child. Ray Kelly, Esposito, Banks, Boyce, Bratton, O'Neill , PO Schatz, etc any gifts, parties w/ strippers? I have lots of ?s

Rechnitz  his arrogance his relationship with his NYPD remind me of someone guess who ?
Hint he has a Jewish last name too 1800 NYPD fix it w/ IA protecting as IA chronically does!!!!!

New York City officials withheld more emails between Mayor Bill de Blasio and disgraced donor Jona Rechnitz from reporters who sought them through Freedom of Information Law requests, new court filings suggest, Politico New York reports.

 It's amazing who blatantly commits crimes and their Teflon often they're wealthy or they're connected to rich people were there NYPD officers protected by Internal Affairs amd dirty DA

I'm one of so many victims of violence of crimes in my case the NYPD joined in committing crimes I did not even know the name of my attacker.

I did not know her name --  I called from the precinct and ask the medical receptionist that sits next to the one who viilated me -- what's the name of the woman that punched me and she said her name is Delite.  I asked if she had a last name and she said no.

 Dr. Andrew Fagelman a creep - did not fire her - he did not demand her arrest.   Her name I found out later is Delita Hooks.  

Delita Hooks  could've killed me if I had fallen backwards after the running punched my head I could've died!

 How many cases of New Yorkers killed by NYPD and what do the NYPD say it was an accident or was the victims fault...?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
My case many crimes committed no statue of limitation; goal #criminal court against guilty parties broke laws in my case. If my life cut short there's still enough evidence to take them to court and prosecute them! Reminder arrogant Bill Cosby laughed he isn't laughing now

 I intend to be on this planet for quite a while I believe even being vegan making choices every day via food and spending is a way to help the planet to try and make choices that help mother earth rather than harm it.

 Before I was assaulted I tried to be raw (uncooked) vegan for two weeks and I couldn't even do it but now after the assault - a response to the violence - I did switch to vegan. 

 It's very overwhelming all the violence in lies my case and the morn more information I get it's just really numbing when you get a piece of information it's like a jigsaw puzzle piece and you see a bigger picture and it's devastating 
my Dad died knowing, my Mom barely hanging in...

In 2012 I became a victim of a pile up of crimes Google Dr Fagelmam assault -- SHOCKING!!!!! 

 I have so much evidence the NYPD have more including of their own crimes crimes and as years past even more high ranking nypd protecting crimes for years there shocking shocking things about my case and the crimes committed and by whom --  I wonder how many other victims there are...?  

 It's now almost 2 AM and I can calm down I'm trying to do some stretches and visualization in bed --

 I'm just stunned at the violence lies and really it feels like evil deceitfulness manipulations, break laws laws and then they try and put out false narratives which have changed over the years

The video of the assault (Google Dr Fagelman assault --  it is way worse than what you see in that video and she was not fired or arrested --  lying to the police during an open investigation is a crime with no statute of fast cross complaint no statute threatening a victim during an open investigation no statute conspiring to force someone to drop charges against their well no statute of limitations)

and the police reports her false cross complaint and letter she signed in response to Kuby proof she threatens me w/ 2nd false cross complaint -- all protected by NYPD Det Andy Dwyer and John Vergona  who are  Facebook friends w/ PO Gene Schatz the first cop I reported to Intrrnal Affairs and everyone involved in lying from tjr MD's officd and NYPD are still lying that they've change the narrative over and over but still lies.

 The NYPD falsified police reports every crime that the detectives committed their supervisors were party too there's audio there's a signature of Lieutenant  Burgos -- audio of me calling DI ed Winski. 

After Delita Hooks broke laws -- it was just organized--  I was to be treated like a Jew in the early stages in Nazi Germany -- they were going to break more laws they were all confident they were going to get away with it and we've had three police commissioners and Zachary Carter to date protecting  all crimes.  I want the more questioned under oath including the medical receptionists that Delita Hooks now says were not there...  Delita Hooks stole my note I wrote my MD.  That is how she got my name!!

 Before she attacked me and gave me the finger in front of the water cooler by the Styrofoam cups she told me I had no rights and she believe that so much so she could take a note I wrote my doctor -- get my name and throw it away.  

 There's more about the lying but I'm not gonna put it on my blog I'd rather wait for court CRIMINAL COURT  hope to testify against everybody involved in the crimes in criminal court!   Certain crimes do not have a statute of limitations....

Now I'm waiting to see if the new NYPD detective Chief Shea  will be the next top brass chief of detectives to protect crimes in my case...  

chief campisi and reznick corrupt heads of IA chronically protected crimes -- it is amazing reznick  that's not being forced to resign and that he even got the job because he was sued for calling NYPD whistleblower a rat! 

 Let's ask top cops that broke laws about fixing favors and taking gifts have any of them taking gifts over $50 and the answer is yes including air plane rides. For O'Neill, Boyce etc  stealing a federally funded says no that's supposed to be for fighting terrorism that wasn't a gift that's theft and it's a federal offense --  let's ask them about strippers and sex workers if they've attended any parties where there any strippers or sex workers...?  I also have questions about pharmaceuticals....

Note:  there may be one person from the doctors office who fly to the NYPD and the DA who may no longer lie I'll have more on that but probably next year --  there are also people that were never questioned and again next year I'll have more information about them coming forward to tell the truth about what happened. 

I'm also hoping there are a few NYPD better so sick and tired of the lies NYPD breaking laws and the chronic wrongdoing that they are fully aware of that they may come forward in the future even if it is after they retire but the cops broke laws  and there's no justification rationalizing breaking laws because you don't like me it's OK to break laws and violate my civil rights? 

I know there are people writing books on the NYPD ans about corruption and I hope my case will be in books and taught at the Police Academy and name every police commissioner/ Chief IA/ Chief of Detectives that protected crimes and how many years it took for me to finally get justice because we've passed a six year mark but I know victims that have waited far longer than I...

 I also want hospitals and everybody involved in the medical community to show this video and go over my attackers false cross complaint and the letter she wrote to Detective Andrew Dwyer threatening me again I want the medical community to address this -  how she got my name how she repeatedly violated my patient rights how she was protected over and over because they didn't like me this started with her telling me that I had no rights and apparently everybody who should've done something with this agreed that I have no rights and protected someone who was breaking laws lying at a doctors office which is suppose to be sacred. 

Google Dr Fagelman assault
Delita Hooks blamed being poor in Jamacia 
that is were she learned street fighting 
but  i'm running punched my head that sure seems like a Brooklyn move to me --  in Brooklyn it's called knock out the Jew in Manhattan it's called fixing in favors and we have a US attorney in Manhattan thanks to  Preet Bharara)  prosecuting Brooklyn fixing favors when it goes on at the 1st Precinct and One Police Plaza in Manhattan and it's Teflon! 
 I guess they didn't have anyone ever teach them to take responsibility and tell the truth but look one is a medical office and the others the police department anyone surprised but for me?
 When I talk to people about the NYPD committing crimes they say it happens every day the NYPD you're in the newspaper every day breaking laws so they're not surprised... 

There are people that also don't trust the medical community and also look at the 
pharmaceutical aspect it's big business. I do want to know about the doctor and the pharmaceuticals --  Woman from LinkedIn from the pharmaceutical either came and harassed me on the YouTube of the attack or someone stole her identity stay tuned...

 Doctors office that's just so disturbing too.  

 One interesting note Delita Hooks blames her violence on being poor in Jamacia as a kid -- I do not know  if her employer who is born in Scarsdale I'm guessing grew up in Scarsdale wealthy his father a doctor I don't know if they both learn lying from their parents if it's something they encourage their children to do but she was not an American citizen when she broke laws and with her employers Help and NYPD that joined and breaking laws she got her citizenship and I just find that kind of extra sickening considering my dad fought in World War II for the United States and obviously were pro immigrants butterfly break laws threaten your victim and it was arranged with the 1st Precinct to break even more lies the NY Preb broke laws  --  was a coordinated effort to threaten me to force me to drop charges so that's what being an American is for Delita Hooks.  I can only guess she's taught her daughter to lie and blame victims I find it all just very startling the NYPD's role internal affairs roll Zachary Carter lying for NYPD  and he sent lawyer since ally before G-d because in court it says In God We Trust. 

 Everyone tells me what goes around comes around and there is the highest court I just don't understand I guess NYPD were also raised to be liars and break laws and they pass the test and took an oath and they go home to their family hey I lied today broke laws I got paid and pension are not great ?

 That what they will do it's just shocking from a doctors office where I should've been safe to police department that chronically breaks laws and chronically protects it and Zachary Carter and Scott Stringer chose to protect all crimes rather than take responsibility --

 It's all mind blowing it's almost 2 AM and I just can't calm down I just can't believe that this goes on and on the lies there's more and I'm dying to tell you but I'm going to try and wait a startling startling lies but I guess that's how they were raised to be liars and that's what they're teaching their children to be liars?