NYPD PC O'Neill Blocks me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
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"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

mayor de Blasio uses NYPD Intelligence Division Detectives to Silence Critics Steps of City Hall and his Gym

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCFirstLady‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ de Blasio uses NYPD intell detectives to attempt silence activists gym, me steps of City Hall women #survivors forced mayor his wife's aide to stop! I'm not buying his lies I wouldn't buy his exercise video! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/10/mayor-… pic.twitter.com/1WJqH2BRsQ

3:50am Tuesday oct 9 -  I woke up hours ago PTSD involving the savage assault and then I saw the New York Post article it's ridiculous about the mayor of justification for blowing off vocal New York housing activist . Mayor de Blasio can't stop lying  he/his wife/aides do not  seem to understand civil liberties along with his aides in the NYPD intelligence division detectives in their supervisors the bodyguards that entire division doesn't understand civil liberties?  His treatment of the 71-year-old housing act of this woman inside his gym is unacceptable  callous cruel  and his pathetic attempt to blame it on the gyms video policy is just ridiculous.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is blaming his Brooklyn gym’s rules for why he abruptly ended a workout session after being confronted by a homeless activist, saying filming at the gym is not allowed and he otherwise would have engaged with her, the Post writes
 You have to look at the patch article with the videos of the mayor ignoring an African-American woman talking about homelessness the need for housing watch the video and this is the supposedly liberal progressive mayor?  Watch/see NYPD bodyguards from the intelligence division the mayor/his wife their bodyguards in my youtube and photos from steps of City Hall and they're supposed to obey protocol and respect civil liberties along with the mayor and his wife and their aides!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCFirstLady‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ Mayor deBlasio No1 "buying" your work-out video lies videos filmed in/outside your gym re: #housing activists! Explain your aides setting nypd Intell bodyguards on me you your wife aides #civilliberties steps City Hall my video NYPD det VIOLATES PROTOCOL suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/10/mayor-…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCFirstLady‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE sexually assaulted after running punch to my head hole my retina hair grabbed yanked as I held all my bags arm numb cyst biospy! …pdstatcreativestatfixing.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-d… #survivor Cosby victims I demand Justice! your aides #NYPD tried to silence me! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/10/mayor-… pic.twitter.com/R5cjmCVpPL

FYI ms McCray (first lady nyc) used to follow me on twitter.  I followed her back. She followed me because I stood up for her it doesn't matter if she's bisexual so what but when it became clear she and her husband were full of it and I became a critic then she unfollowed me let's see if she tries to silence me on twitter...?   I showed my DAD before he died  knowing I was treated like a Jew in the early stages a Nazi Germany at the doctors office and Ray Kelly protected it he died knowing Ray Kelly protected that and I said by the way the mayor's wife follows me on Twitter.   Two more police commissioners came in 2 more chief of detectives a new head of internal affairs he so corrupt and shocking and I don't have justice along with how many other victims and a mayor that doesn't care because we're not his son.

I have severe PTSD chronic insomnia google Dr. Fagelman assault --  Want fixing and  favors and you live in a wealthy area you call the precinct like you're calling a deli instead of ordering a pastrami sandwich u order coercion  threatening the victim falsifying police reports sealing  all the crimes including NYPD crimes --  sometimes NYPD want money they want gifts they want special treatment,  party invites ----sometimes they just do it for free because they don't like the victim....

 Bribery greasing palms didn't just take place in Williamsburg and like I said sometimes it's not about cash https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/feds-ex-nypd-officers-took-cash-parties-prostitutes-in-gun-license-bribe-scandal/

Below you can see videos and twitter links photos also above mayor's aide in red shirt the bad guy that set nypd intell detectives the mayor's bodyguard- grey hair in photo can be see in Patch article outside gym.  Liberal progressive and wife has nypd to silence obstruct New Yorkers demanding accountability?????

google Dr Fagelman assault oct 1 2012 savage assault Soho MD office my eyes neck shoulder damaged than nypd IA jouned in breaking laws obstructing justice -- Eric Garner and I started pro se under Bloomberg and than de Blasuo came in....what a fraud!!!!
In my case I may be getting my hands on phone records stay tuned to underscore the obvious.
Mayor de blasio does not care we are not his son but worse and his wife and aides trying to silence The People!!!!!   He doesn't have time to hear about housing concerns because his stretching at the gym is more important.  Not a progressive or liberal.

 I can't proof this blog post or any I cannot edit it I'm mortified when I look back sometimes I've seen typos that say the opposite of what I mean I can't see right now I'm exhausted my eyes are so tired it's been over six years but I keep saying bill Cosby bill Cosby however long it takes I will get Justice I have so much evidence I just need a special prosecutor like how many victims?

https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/s/giyb8/homeless-woman-asks-de-blasio-housing-help-ymca-york/ If you scroll down in the patch article to the video outside the gym there's a big gray haired guy he's the same man nypd detectives assigned to intimidate me follow me steps of city hall when I moved to escape his large intimidating presence he stalked me the goal to silence me if I dare raise my voice on the steps of City Hall we're talking major intimidation the gold to censor me like the Manhattan DA did in Central Park abusing his power violating my civil liberyies using state troopers

The video below of the NYPD Detective on the steps of City Hall he violates protocol not showing me his badge and ID he is in a suit and he's obligated to show me any lies and tells me he doesn't have to and he's not being punished I reported him to CCRB and Internal Affairs and they're protecting him. I had something similar happened under Mayor Bloomberg and the detective was held accountable by CCRB But not de Blasio's "stacked" ccrb!! The gray hair detective from the photo on the steps of City Hall that they put nect to me to grab me if I dare speak up was worse but the powers that be saw the women on the steps of City Hall weren't going to tolerate this kind of abuse by the mayor and his wife their aides and nypd!

 I have video documentation posted on YouTube with photographs that were tweet it right to the mayor and his wife believe me there are no feminist how many videos do we have to see to see them silencing activists and I happened to be women in this case from focal New York and me a victim of violence horrific violence so bad I had to get surgery on my eye and my attacker still sitting at her desk at Dr Fagelman's thanks to corrupt nypd detectives their bosses including CO DI Ed Winski joining in breaking laws and or protecting including One Police Plaza top cops including top cops internal affairs just like they did along with Manhattan DA protecting Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy. Top cops corrupt misogynist cops and Manhattan DA have a history of protecting misogynist corrupt cops because there as bad as them - my case, Prospect Park Rape case John Miller, Creep Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy etc. my case bloombetg and de Bladio. De Blasio is no progressive liberal - looks more like a gym rat and for all his hours working out he sure doesn't look like he's getting any results whether it's his personal workouts or the city... both look bad!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCFirstLady‬⁩ O'Neill should be fired w/ John Miller Prospect Park RAPE Case! Bratton should have fired Miller 23 yrs ago! Not your daughter although she is a #Yale grad! I voted for you once I believed you were not Bloomberg but u, ur aide in photo WORSE BloomdeBlasio youtu.be/RKKOwshy9vk pic.twitter.com/c6omxt9FNN

see the
Twitter link for the photo that's the gray haired NYPD detective intelligence division steps of City Hall goal intimidate silence me he's the same guy in the video from the patch article of the cop standing outside !!!! He's part of the mayors detail silence voters the mayor has failed to silence critics to violate civil liberties ???

My case --- ( i'm posting from my iPhone it makes it so hard so hang in there with me please read this and now I make terrible typos because of exhaustion severe chronic in

somnia a hole punched in my retina my head was jerked over and over I've tons of floaters in both eyes haven't slept much in six years -- was repeated be violently threatened the first time you'll see in the YouTube but it continued on including NYPD acting out of violent cunt threat to turn the tables on me I allege by Joe Tacopina using a youtube sock puppet account with his partner Chad Seigel both threatening me after the attack to see the tables turned on me if I took action and that's a crime threatening a victim during an open investigation - I alleged they did that in retaliation for protesting their behavior in the NYPD rape case I felt ethical complaint protested them including in front of their office!).

Google Dr Fagelman assault -- Watch the YouTube then go to this link for even more evidence of how the NYPD detective squad and bosses at the 1st Precinct broke laws and continued to be protected six years now and I have two words bill Cosby ! However long it takes I'm going to get my Justice I'm going to see these people arrested they try to steal their crimes with her crimes and the women in the video that lied to the police during an open investigation and DA I'm getting Intel that one of them doesn't wanna lie anymore!



 Interesting the mayor his wife talked about their black sun but they're not sharing Eric's hand written lawsuit from Rikers Island under Michael Bloomberg and either is Al Sharpton asked them why and no major newspaper has shared it only I have!  I thought it was mysteriously New York Times in Staten Island newspaper referenced it  typed  up a couple sentences but didn't share!!!!  If you don't read it you don't know what it stops today means he and I started out under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly and I voted for de Blasio  One time only because of the commercial with him and his son but it was up a betrayal a lie!   And he and his wife underscored it with their age sending NYPD on me and there's the same cop from the gym outside they put him on top of me 20 him and ate me to silence me if I dare said something that they didn't approve of !!!!!   That's the behavior of a fascist mayor not a progressive liberal!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCFirstLady‬⁩ NYPD John Miller faux "apology" nnot for Police Commissioner PC O'Neill, John Miller RESIGN 0 accountability teflon get out of jail cards like Bill Cosby time running out how ever many yrs it takes so many victims NYPD IA DA obstructed JUSTICE. No statute
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/09/nypd-j… pic.twitter.com/kDs2iSJv9O

 Bill de Blasio is not sharing Eric garner's hand written lawsuit filed under mayor Michael Bloomberg like I filed a pro se lawsuit under Michael Bloomberg again see NYPD top cops on down protecting coercion threatening me falsifying police reports bait switch downgrade 0 crimes erasimg the fact I was savagely assaulted first menaced stalked hit w/ objects my attacker threw her shoes and sexually assaulted all omitted and police falsified police reports instead to make a mutual third-degree assault which wasn't so how does mayor De Blasio deal with this heinous eight set the mayor's bodyguard on me to pull me out to silence me to false arrest me if I deer a raise my voice but they were 400 women standing there with me so the bodyguards back down because the women standing around me were in tolerating the NYPD bullying me at the request of the mayor and his wife and their aide!

 It was a small white guy in a red shirt he was wearing out that put all the censorship and threatening behavior intimidation in motion and then this woman Aide became spokes person and you don't see but eventually she backed down because the rest of the women 400 women were couldn't tolerate this abuse in violation of civil liberties by Mayor de Blasio and his wife and their NYPD bodyguards who were set on me by their aides!!!!

The woman a told the cop to back down because clearly all the women standing with me we're backing me and weren't tolerating threatening a victim of violence trying to censor me trying to silence me!

 But that didn't stop the NYPD intelligence division putting the tall gray-haired overweight cop next to me to intimidate me it was like stocking and menacing so if I dare to open my mouth he was going to pull me out this is not how a democracy works this is not how progressive mayor and his staff are supposed to conduct themselves and he can use the excuse of a gym for not being available but I was on the steps of City Hall for rally for survivors for believing victims which I am!

Google Dr Fagelman assault!!!!
Watch of this voice dictating having a hard time watch the end of this YouTube with the Manhattan DA years before the Harvey Weinstein scandal at the end of the YouTube you'll see I talk about being sexually assaulted violent horrific attack at a doctors that ends with their pressing her barefoot against my vagina After I specifically made it clear do not touch my body she's not arrested because the NYPD and the DA don't like me and Internal Affairs and every agency that supposed to police the police are protecting crimes including their own complicity obstruction of justice and what is the mayor do he has his bodyguards intimidate me try to remove me that's the mayor and his wife they are aids and bodyguards

I have YouTube of me confronting Sheldon silver two years before he was arrested and below is the YouTube of me confronting the misogynist dirty DA Cy Vance re: my case including sexual assault years before the Harvey Weinstein scandal and you hear me say violence towards women if it's a critic of yours is OK? Cy smiles!