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Saturday, August 4, 2018

NYPD Sgt. Blake Almost Murdered a Rival, Delita Hooks Could Have killed me w/ Running punch in both cases NYPD Broke laws my case DI Ed Winski, Det Andrew Dwyer, Det Vergona, Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen w/ 3 PC, 2 Chiefs of Detectives party To falsifying police reports coercion threatening me to make me drop charges for a rich MD who didn’t want to fire his violent lying employee

Shocking video shows moment off-duty cop allegedly shoots romantic rival over woman

Google Dr Fagelman assault — see SHOCKING video proof of 1800 NYPD Fix it and more.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
FBI Agent suggested to son of Stephen King post online to solve murder? Post online solve crimes? 
nydailynews.com/arts/sns-a-tan… My case Google Dr Fagelman assault watch YouTube 0 arrests NYPD detectives w/ bosses falsified dd5s Cy Vance dirty DA protected all crimes y?Demand#Justice

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Google Dr Fagelman assault help YouTube break 1M views! VIOLENCE lies threats 1st I will slap out of your by Delita Hooks! Next allege Joe Tacopina online sock puppet  #Cunt turn tables on me NYPD acted on! Det Vergona threat over phone! Severe pain spine suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/08/nypd-b…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYDailyNews‬⁩ youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE Brow brawl can’t compare Dr Fagelman receptionist Delita punched hole in my retina lied to NYPD DA along w/women in YouTube! Delita Hooks anger management liar/manipulator exploded over Styrofoam v paper! She complained I moved my chair Dr Vine ‘s patient!

The women in the video all lied as a group.   There’s a whole lot of lying going on including NYPD lying in police reports (Det John Vergona, Det Andrew Dwyer and Lt Angelo Burgos)  and internal affairs protected all lies like they protected Lieutenant Lamboy of the sex crimes unit! Google NYDN NYPD Lt Lamboy.

Cy Vance protected Lt Lamboy Of the sex crimes unit lying about working on rape cases overtime at his office and he protected all the cops that broke was in my case including internal affairs officer’s and a cunt threat I alledge by Joe Tacopina The NYPD acted on because Cy Vances is pro violence  towards women it’s a woman who is a critic of his and I’m on YouTube confronting him about it and he smiles at me!    It’s sickening to me that he took money from Harvey Weinstein and now he thinks he and Joan Illuzzi think they can prosecute Harvey Weinstein  no one‘s going to notice they gave him a Teflon get out of jail free card for years like the people that broke was in my case?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Wayne Dwyer Let go and let good. I am the victim of violence lies from Dr Fagelman’s (google Dr Fagelman assault) to #NYPD First Precinct 1 police plaza! Cy Vance, ADA Joan Illuzzi protected all crimes like the DA refused to prosecute Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy. PTSD insomnia so upset

 I’m alleging that Joe Tacopina committed crimes along with his partner in crime both using sock puppet accounts  threatening me a victim during an open investigation online via YouTube in retaliation for my protest of their misogynist  behavior in court during the NYPD rape trial — 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩ ⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩ ⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩ ⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩ Sgt Blake shot a rival, mayor Bloomberg NYPD bodyguard did the same, my case NYPD broke laws a pattern lack of accountability violence falsifying DD5s NYPD IA lied fixed my case retaliation NYPD Eric Garner and I sued pro se under Mike Bloomberg/Ray Kelly suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/08/nypd-b…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCSpeakerCoJo‬⁩ Bloomberg/Ray Kelly era protected NYPD IA crimes my case, Eric Garner case pro se lawsuits proof but couldn’t hide NYPD Intell division Det McClean shooting perceived rival/lied! Top cops my case party to covering up lying in DD5s threats coercion my case!nydailynews.com/news/crime/blo…
NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from Rikers he says NYPD planted drugs on him after publicly sexually violating him. Read him his words his writing.   He and I sued under Ray Kelly but de Blasio betrayed our hopes for Justice 

NYPD do not screen their applicants properly I know I’m a victim of a whole bunch of them all the way up to the top but just a reminder mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s bodyguard (I detector (Siri voice typo) a detective  Leopold McLean from the intelligence division (or) (Siri typo) also so shot his perceived arrival in a love triangle but shot him in the butt  as he tried to escape!

 If use my research if you use my work will you please acknowledge me rather than steal my hard work my guts my bravery and not credit me?    See that video of the attack I had a hole in my retina from running punch to  my head I’ve been threatened violently threatened I had cervical damage I had to deal with multiple threats serious injuries and it’s been almost 6 years allies and zero accountability —  The NYPD Internal Affairs and the DA are so corrupt there for sale like cheap candy but in my case they did their retaliation for free!  If you don’t like me that’s your privilege but you don’t get to break laws protect  NYPD party to falsifying police reports downgrading crimes to zero crime and using Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend there were no crimes  when my attackers response is yet another crime she threatens me to sign letter to Detective Andrew Dwyer! Lt Burgos  signed off on that letter and the commander Ed Winski’s party to all crimes and like Det Dwyer got promoted.

 Before I was assaulted coerced etc., protected by top brass including Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton and now James O’Neill with his fellow crooked Chief Boyce his cesna flying buddy -  I got detective Kevin Lynch from the same division the intelligence division another detective from Michael Bloomberg in trouble for violating protocol for  his misttreatment of me at a press conference.  CCRB rules in my favor.   Yet another motivation and I wonder who Lynch is related to inside the NYPD?  P.O. Gene Schatz  a corrupt cop for the first precinct is Community affairs with his friend is another prime player party to the crimes in my case he’s Facebook friends with the detectives that broke laws falsify police reports I want to know how many police reports they falsified have they planted drugs or weapons on victims how many crimes have been committed at their desk how many in victims have a intimidated ?

Sgt Richards  tried to break laws in a vacuum but in my case it was a gang of cops including the police commander at Winski and he was protected all the way to the top or cops were in my case when cops break laws it’s often with knowledge of many other cops it’s not a lone cop!

NYPD Brass Internal Affairs (Campisi and Rat Calling Chief Reznick head of IA - the Reznick story a shocker and he’s still head of IA) Protecting Ed Winski, Lt Burgos, Detectives Vergona (and his partner)  and Det Andrew Dwyer  (and his partner) Sgt Chen party to for supplying police reports coercion but they can’t protect  Sgt. Ritchard Blake  from falsifying anything anymore because he shot someone and try to plant a weapon and there’s video...

Joo-Hyun Kang (@JooHyun_Kang)
See ⁦‪@AshAgony‬⁩ important thread on how #NYPDLies developed yesterday related to NYPD Sgt Ritchard Blake's lies of why he shot a man in the face. Those lies were promoted by NYPD, incl leaking alleged record of victim without releasing name of cop. twitter.com/AshAgony/statu…

I can testify anywhere with the evidence I have there’s a whole lot of lying  going on  including NYPD and internal affairs -   I have proof video audio police reports of force cross-complaint a signed letter to the detective Andrew Dwyer threatening me I just don’t have justice YET!

Federal hearing to probe if there is 'widespread lying' by NYPD on witness stand - NY Daily News

 No wonder Larry Byrne  wanted to obstruct Justice with a “creative” interpretation of  50 a  preventing us from getting disciplinary records but just holding mine cops are broke laws in my case there’s no discipline record for what they did and look at this Sergeant do you think there’s any record of him planting drugs are planting weapons on people?   Under Bloomberg/ Ray Kelly — Eric garner wrote in his pro se lawsuit NYPD drugs for plants it on him — do you think there’s a record of that on the cops disciplinary sheet?

(Dear FBI my civil rights violated  and certain crimes including violent threats took place posted on YouTube and over the phone....    my attacker signed a letter that’s a threat to me warning me to not come back and follow assault charges. Dear FBI, AG, NYS AG, US Attorney  trying to understand why you’re looking the other way with chronic corruption from top brass down —  do you look the other way when NYPD break laws because you’re doing the same thing and are you taking free rides on federal airplanes for your personal use is that why you look the other way?)



Check my twitter account -- pinned tweet is audio of Sgt Chen and PO Magori obstructing justice violating my civil rights preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint.

She was "instructed" to break the law --   who inside the NYPD orchestrated a pile up of crimes and protecting them...?

My case google Dr Fagelman assault.  Watch the youtube.   Before the video goes black from a running punched my head how many times do you see my attacker assault me? She see her striking me multiple times - do you see anything in her hands as she strikes me over and over caught on video with  what do you see her hitting me with...?  Delita Hooks is still sitting at her desk lying to anyone gullible enough -- she is a master manipulator, vicious liar and violent -- the attack on me was not her first time -- Detective Andrew Dwyer, Lt Burgos, Ed Winski,  Det Vergona, Sgt Chen I allege rushed to seal her crimes with their own -- so have other crimes been sealed as a courtesy to Dr Andrew Fagelman and or Delita Hooks courtesy of the NYPD or other agencies of NYS or NYC gov that are "grateful" to Dr Fagelman?

There is no reason to assault me if you don’t want to be filmed close the door instead crimes were committed and they piled on crime after crime falsfying police reports,  conspiring to threaten the victim to make the crime go away.... threatening a victim online it’s a crime threatening a victim over the phone is a crime .... harassing a victim during an open investigation falsifying police reports lying to the police that’s my case and there’s not one arrest YET!!!!!!!

I am alleging Sergeant Blake broke laws prior to the shooting of his rival - I allege he Falsified police reports broke laws like the cops in my case is part of the culture.    It’s time for permanent new commission into police corruption we have a police commissioner that doesn’t understand stealing federally funded airplanes to fight terrorism to use his personal taxi is not ethical -  he reminds me of a doctor in my case where I was violated the arrogance the lack of any remorse or decency.

 Do you think it’s the first time Sergeant Blake planted a weapon lied and police reports lied to the police it’s as common as cops committing perjury under oath — google NYDN Judge Jack Weinstein Larry Byrne.  The NYPD in my case they falsified police reports they broke laws at their desk as they’ve done how often?  It’s another big reason internal affairs  doesn’t want to open up the case because they know I’m not the only victim of these dirty cops   And that coercing victims to make crimes go away it’s a way to lower crime stats and if they do that they get promoted.

 Sergeant Blake probably broken so many laws that’s how he got promoted —  he probably recognized falsifing police look like an active cop and get more money.

NOTICE  the city of New York top officials aren’t calling for new psychological screening new higher standards for ethical screening.   In my case we have a doctor's office and we have police including very senior cops involved in crime’s party to coercion, falsifying police reports coordinated with Delita Hooks and her friends at the office lying to the police (BIG NEWS at least one woman maybe a 2nd that lied during an open investigation may no longer be eager to lie under oath to help Delita Hooks get away with her violence and threatening me).    After almost 6 years certain women I alleged lied to the police and the DA during an open investigation now are getting cold feet?  THE NYPD AND THE DA KNEW THEY LIED BUT THEY DON'T LIKE MY ACTIVISM AND MY CRITICISMS -- STILL CERTAIN PEOPLE MAY NO LONGER BE WILLING TO LIE ANYMORE....? More on that later -  I may not be able to tell you more for another year stay tuned.

 In my case I video audio police reports were the cops falsified reports and a signed letter by my attacker Delita Hooks  Family threatening me and I’m guessing only Joe Tacopina  could be stupid enough to draft a letter that open leg knowledge is she committed second-degree assault in the fact I could come back and file second-degree assault charges so she threatens me and wants me not to come back matching his contract during an open investigation which is also serious crime which I Allege Chad Seigel  was part of using sock puppets on YouTube during an open investigation threatening me .

 I had filed an ethical complaint for them comparing the NYPD  rape victims vagina to a Venus fly trap I protested outside their offices when I file the ethical complaint they threaten me what years later when I filed a complaint saying both of them broke the law during an open investigation threatening me they did not deny it     And I allege the NYPD Internal including top brass  protecting all crimes in my case like they are  and sex crime Lieutenant Lamboy’s case.  Internal affairs considers me a complainer  except 95 of my complaints are accurate and the cops covered up all crimes but they can’t cover it up in the case  of Sgt Blake Shooting his  rival  in the joy and trying to plant a weapon.

 October 1, 2012 I was savagely assaulted I had to get laser surgery to repair my I my neck damage cervical damage I was sexually violated they were defensive wounds on my left forearm fighting off a violent liar who is protected by very wealthy Doctor Dr Fagelman. Google Dr Fagelman assault.  When I was assaulted there was an ad for Viagra on his website and I asked I kept asking did you give the NYPD biography because they act like it so he remove that now he says secure sexually transmitted diseases -  meaning he recognizes there’s a market a big market in New York City G I wonder for what Viagra and curing STDs ?  How many NYPD and retired cops are his patients how grateful are they to him ????

 I am alleging Sgt Blake broke other  laws pre shooting his rival — party to falsified police reports possibly like NYPD IS committed crimes my case like DI Ed Winski and all the cops involved in my case they broke how many laws????

why would they do that because they’re misogynist because they don’t like me so therefore I don’t have civil rights I don’t have the rights of every American should have even report a crime they didn’t meet with me they lied about me being unavailable they lied and they lied and they lied and nypd so busy protecting crimes but in a case like this they can’t protect Sergeant Blake anymore and how many times did Sergeant Blake falsify police reports like the cops in my case threaten innocent people the way I was threatened ?

 Regarding Ed Winski how many times did he use coercion to lower police that so he could get RAISES AND promotionS?


 How many times did he do fixing in favors along with his bosses who excepted free rides on jet planes? Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton had to pay back their frees how about PC O’Neill, Boyce  promoted the dirty cop Detective Andrew Dwyer  counterterrorism because he’s broke and how many laws and I’ll be harder to get them in court -  when you have corrupt cops breaking laws you move them to terrorism or division where you get to say oh they’re on a mission that’s to private and busy we can’t have them come in court and the reason they do it is they know the cops broke laws and they don’t want them committing perjury not that the cops are afraid of committing perjury falsifying police reports are planting weapons on their victims !

John Miller is not arrested or fired for LYING ABOUT the Prospect Park RAPE VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!
Bratton protected him 23 years ago and he admitted than the victim was raped but protected obstruction of Justice and the rapist went on raping!

john miller obstructed justice lied about the Prospect Park Rape Victim and he is in NYPD counter terrorism -- he enabled a rapist to got out and rape even more women -- the rapist is in jail for life no thanks to John Miller a really sicko -- and where is the evil creep in my case Det Andrew Dwyer -- party to a cunt threat by Joe Tacopina -- he is in counter terrorism -- when "the wheel" gave me the office number -- I called -- it is a non working number -- a scam like the Federally funded Cesna to fight terrorism not being used to fight terrorism but to taxi corrupt top brass who feel entitled to abuse FEDERAL TAX PAYER dollars!

 I have overwhelming evidence posted on YouTube posted on these blogs a police reports with the cops  did a bait switch and downgrade and they use Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend they were no crimes when my attackers response is a sign threat it’s another crime openly THREATENING ME!

 So why are there no arrest for the same reason John Miller wasn’t fire 23 years ago when he lied about the prospect park rape victim !  Same reason please commissioner James O’Neill hasn’t fired him 23 years later for lying obstructing justice etc. same reason the police commissioner O’Neill flies Anna says not funded federally funded taxpayer-funded airplane for his personal use and is not apologized and paid back taxpayer‘s along with Chief Boyce  promoted Detective Andrew Dwyer for his misogyny breaking laws party to coercion pacifying police reports threatening me I was threatened over the phone by Detective John Vergona -  Verbalee violently threatened over the phone with false arrest if I didn’t drop charges I was gonna be arrested Saturday at 4 PM with a hole in my retina and cervical damage I’d also been sexually violated by my attacker - Eric Garner and  I started out as pro litigants under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly -/ His hand written lawsuit from Rikers describes an illegal stop and frisk then a full body cavity search in public as people are walking by he said he was sexually violated assaulted and they planted drugs on him so do you think I should’ve wrist walking into the precinct at 4 PM with cops that are Facebook friends with the first cop I reported for violating protocol abusing his power illegally using NYPD sirens for  Mercer hotel who among other things uses their loading and unloading as private parking with valet service


Terror L train Bedford people almost crushed fear of a gun man - how I survived practical stampede without a scratch when I went to see Dr Vine get a cyst removed on my elbow two injections in my arm holding bags I became a human pin yada for Dr Andrew Fagelman’s violent lying attack receptionist. What would follow next is she would leave me with serious injuries and then women in the video joined in line there’s no indication that after almost 6 years including lying to the NYPD doing an open investigation but the NYPD were also openly breaking was at their desk for supplying police reports to do a favor for the rich doctor and his employee (Apparently they have a lot of NYPD Patients and I’m sure retired cops and when I became an open critic of NYPD Gene Schatz - and 1st Precinct doing fixing in favors for the Mercer hotel in which people they decided that they were willing to break laws to teach me a lesson) 

It is time for a permanent commission  (and citizen's data base) in to NYPD IA DA Corp Counsel corruption and any government official  committing crimes, protecting crimes looking the other way in our cases.
Question -- did Dan Donovan ever read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit?

How many People know about my case AND DO NOTHING?

Ask the families of People killed by the NYPD if they feel they have been more than failed?

We need a citizen' data base of NYPD IA DA crimes complicity etc