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Sunday, July 8, 2018

NYPD ICE NYPD murder break laws separate families sometimes for life

 I voted for mayor de Blasio (once only) —  Eric Garner And I sued pro se under mayor Michael Bloomberg  and Ray Kelly I’ve voted for Bill de Blasio Believing they would be changed but it was all ally a tale of two cities or one one that’s completely corrupt that does fixing in favors for those who are connected the goal to silence any critics or whistleblowers the goal to force people out to make them afraid to even walk out of their homes to walk down the street why read Eric’s hand written lawsuit understand what it stops today means and why hasn’t Bill and his pal Al Sharpton shared it because they decided it’s not in their best interest so one day I believe it will be in a museum and we pointed out I risk my life to share Eric Garner’s handwritten lawsuit.

 People in New York City see that NYPD is terrorists  and as bad as ice when NYPD separate families it can be forever Eric Garner and his children - Erica Garner dead  and many people including me blame the NYPD for her death —-

 It’s crazy ironic that John Miller is the head of terrorism when he obstructed justice 23 years ago because he didn’t like the color of the skin of the prospect rape Victim  her sexual orientation that she’s gay -  that she was and is an activist with the anti-violence project so he lied and said she wasn’t raped and Bill Bratton said she was raped but he took no action against John Miller for obstructing justice and lying about a victim during an open investigation just like my case when he inherited after Ray Kelly he chose to protect all crimes just like NYPD PC O’Neill.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Prayers for children trapped in a cave #Thailand Prayers for Children failed killed die here #NYC #USA failed by NYCgov, prayers for all victims children adults! I was suppose to be safe at an MD ‘s Soho I wasn’t! Harvey Weinstein land how many victims threatened by corrupt NYPD?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@bostonpolice‬⁩ ⁦‪@katyperry‬⁩ ⁦‪@CarpoolKaraoke‬⁩ ⁦‪@JKCorden‬⁩ NYPD worse than ICE murders separate loved ones forever Dirty DAs NYPD kidnap innocent people life sentences ask Hynes! NYPD Schatz his FB pals abuse of power expensive suits what’s all about how do bad cops pass psych eval NYPD Retaliation=breaking laws
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/07/nypd-i… pic.twitter.com/qKaKM6HgCI

 The fact that the media won’t share his hand written lawsuit and only I will referencing it isn’t sharing Eric in his own handwriting telling his story and he’s one of how many people that were killed by the NYPD whose families will never see their children or their love ones are kids won’t grow up knowing them it was not  ICE.

 It’s amazing to me NYPD PO Eugene aka Gene Schatz Is a key figure party to the fact the first precinct detective squad detectives and supervisors as well as the commander at Winski we’re going to break laws he was party to this let’s threaten her she’s a ball buster let’s teach her a lesson because his sick idea of respect is using his NYPD squad car as a weapon.

 Internal affairs protected him and all the cops are broke laws in my case just like they protected Lieutenant Lamboy of the sex crimes uni

 I was a victim of violence lies threat of bodily harm at a rich doctors office so I want to be part of class action lawsuits including FOIL,  this city law firm corporate counsel obstructing justice see something say something applies to city officials at One Police Plaza, internal affairs, corporate counsel and I guess they haven’t been trained properly even and just ethics?

 I did not vote for  Donald Trump but there was no way I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton who is going to give us Bill Bratton who has Eric Garner’s Blood on his hand and didn’t fire John Miller for his role obstructing justice lying about the prospect park Rape victim  Black Gay and Yale grad And now  NYPD police commissioner Jimmy O’Neill refuses to fire John Miller because this year grad isn’t the mayors son or daughter!!!   Resign all of you -  kid yourself you’re different than Donald Trump ?  Bloomberg and ray Kelly and De Blasio Bratton o’neill  have a lot of explaining to do under oath and while we’re at it let’s include Rudy Giuliani and his deputy mayor turn lobbyists and CityTime SAIC  no NYPD like sex crimes unit Detective Lamboy used  citytime to steal overtime pad pensions and they’re not arrested.  Cy Vance refused to prosecute ECTP 911 FYI Chief Dowd  and his top guys were caught taking lavish gifts from one of the contractors that had a return $50 million of taxpayer money and 911 overbilling they were no arrests the US attorney Preet Bharara refused to prosecute even one government official CityTime!
Thanks to Cy Vance and Preet Bharara  look the other way including NYPD breaking laws that they’re practically at their offices cops are stealing overtime breaking laws at their desk or worse.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ ⁦‪@VP‬⁩ Mayor Bill de Blasio Why haven’t you and Al Sharpton sharing ed Eric Garner his hand written lawsuit under Bloomberg and Ray Kelly? Eric separated from his children Erica dead too your broken window Bratton Hillary’s pick for Homeland Security! nyciloveyoubigtime.blogspot.com/2015/05/eric-g… pic.twitter.com/UbmgKp4N2L


 Ironic but the lawyer for the city at the 50 H hearing under Michael Bloomberg after the 50 8 hearing she said to me and I quote you may have money coming to you.

 Instead corporate counsel under Michael Bloomberg and mayor de Blasio  Scott Stringer’s knowledge protected all crimes pretending see something say something doesn’t apply to them it’s not their kids it’ll never happen to them...
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYC government false advertising on the #MTA #subways #NYPD sex crimes aka Special Victims ad big lie! New ad Dept of investigation like Internal Affairs protecting fat more crimes complicity they’ve never reward it was a blower they’ve left them open to be retaliated against pic.twitter.com/O8PDN954t1
 Scott Stringer is owned by the oligarchs New York and one of them Teflon George Arzt yelled  at a Blogger not me I’ll make sure you never work in the city.   I’m alleging Scott stringer and others including top brass NYPD have taken it to a different extreme protecting very serious crimes in my case and my question is how many other cases?

 Love ones who were killed by the NYPD I’m sure see that NYPD is terrorist and as bad or worse than ice that NYPD have a license to kill.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@bostonpolice‬⁩ ⁦‪@katyperry‬⁩ ⁦‪@CarpoolKaraoke‬⁩ ⁦‪@JKCorden‬⁩ ⁦‪@MayorDeblasio‬⁩ ⁦‪@MayorNYC2‬⁩ John Miller #Hulu Looming Osama bin Laden played him! de Blasio, PC O’Neill have not fired Miller for obstructing justice lying about Prospect Park #Rape victim 23 yrs ago Bratton should have fired him Victim Black LGBT #Yale not Bill’s son! NYPD my case

Ask PO Schatz has a warped concept of respecting the NYPD he doesn’t know what self respect is or what respect is he thinks he can buy an expensive suit and that makes him a man it doesn’t either does using his car like a weapon and he’s been protected and allowed to make a lot of money even though he was party to breaking laws in my case and I question how many other cases? Like John Miller allowed to make $ instead of fired.

George Arzt’s good friend Charles Hynes  sent innocent people to jail for life so you could see how their love ones see that NYPD has worse than ICE— Cy Vance sent  how many innocent people to Rikers where they never got to even see a judge ?

Cy Vance  is a pay to play dirty DA.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYCMayor‬⁩ ⁦‪@VP‬⁩ NYPD O’Neill 3rd pc party to obstruction of justice my case Protect NYPD IA falsifying police reports threats to me coercion top brass protect all cops in my case like they protect Lt Lamboy, John Miller Prospect Park Rape case v my case no apology my case I demand arrests pic.twitter.com/LoJV435zYa

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPD1Pct‬⁩ ⁦‪@geneschatz‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ PO Schatz irty cop above the law? 1800 NYPD fix it party to retaliate against me The red glove his facebook page + image he had just illegally used NYPD sirens to harass me protestors Handicap Korean War Vet he was abusive to died hospice prostate cancer. youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE pic.twitter.com/oB4AL5JivW

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senior lawyer for city is facing a year in jail after allegedly barging onto a lower Manhattan street that was blocked then tussling with the cop who tried to stop him.

“I work for Corporation Counsel, and I have to get down the block!” Karl Ashanti, 44, nypost.com/2018/03/09/cit…

 That would be amazing to see more Corporation counsel lawyers arrested they been protecting police corruption they been lying for NYPD so be fantastic to see them arrested by NYPD
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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
6/29/18, 8:39 AM
NYC government false advertising on the #MTA #subways #NYPD sex crimes aka Special Victims ad big lie! New ad Dept of investigation like Internal Affairs protecting fat more crimes complicity they’ve never reward it was a blower they’ve left them open to be retaliated against pic.twitter.com/O8PDN954t1