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Sunday, June 17, 2018

de Blasio and NYPD O’Neill too busy covering up crimes West Village 3 People Shot City Going to Hell?

Was it a night of shootings  in the West Village a chase across the bridge with an app called Citizen with people reporting even the license plate…?   Shootings else where NYC not news as well?

News flash noon - after email press one news outlet reports news “Three men were shot early Sunday on a Greenwich Village street, police said. 
One of the victims was shot outside a hookah lounge on Bleecker Street near Sullivan Street, the NYPD said. The two others were found down the block”
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mayor de Blasio, NYPD O’Neill covering up crimes selling false NYPD crime stats #Citizen app West Village 3People Shot?NYPD lie crime down NYPD IA DA fix crimes cover up crimes including their crimes! My case “fixed” NYC violent Google Dr Fagelman assault
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla… pic.twitter.com/sCsMtN583A

 Look at tweet above has a photo 2 photos from Citizen App

 Someone shot would have to go to the trauma level one hospital but guess what in the West Village there isn’t one there’s rude and oops voice dictating....Rudin luxury condos and pay to play the dirty DA Cy Vance refused to prosecute St  Vincent‘s  hospital crooks  because it wouldn’t be good for the route and family acquisition pending on the dollars.   Ironic  when the first new stories of someone who died because there was no trauma level one hospital was Rudy deputy mayor.

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The City is for sale the cops Cy Vance and other DAs and media often killing news stories guess why...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Dad World Word 2 Veteran died knowing I was treated like a Jew early stages Nazi Germany savage assault google Dr Fagelman assault Dad was shocked to learn NYPD Ray Kelly his role protecting coercion threatening to false arrest me unless I dropped charges suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla…
 Last night and chronic nightly  — were there even more shootings not reported is this a chronic happening not news just cover ups killing news and pushing the lie crime is down.  Cy Vance and the NYPD Would rather spend money on false advertising than answering questions under oath in front of a grand jury.
 It’s time for some indictments of top cops and dirty DAs including Charles Hymes and Hynes didn’t act in a vacuum.    Everyone is Teflon until finally someone comes along I don’t know how many years it’s going to take but I know in my case there’s no statute of limitation for serious crimes committed from a doctors office to the police department so I’m just going to be patient.

 Surprised it’s not on websites picked up the shooting mg yet  but we know if the media doesn’t report it doesn’t exist right? And who controls press passes? NYPD control press passes.

Mayor de Blasio and Cy Vance have not been arrested for pay to play and Zachary Carter and NYPD  IA he protects obstruction justice because look who they take $ from and who is also on the take?  City for sale Teflon get out of jail free cards at least for now.    Bill de Blasio can't pay his legal bills  - Cy had to do a fund raiser when he went bust and may have even broken campaign laws with his special buddy Mark Guma first run for DA  --- are more legal problems the future for NYC gov officials and NYPD if radical steps are taken in the future to hold them accountable?  In my case no statue of limitations in certain crimes committed at the MD's office and by the NYPD and Internal Affairs.  Can Zachary Carter and the lawyers that lied in my case from Corp Counsel face future problems if victims of the City protecting NYPD IA crimes can unite and hold the City accountable for years of covering up crimes?

Back to the shooting....not news.

What happened to me not news....   It’s pretty amazing SHOCKING I am still shocked  what happen to me is not news and I know two news reporters at the post wanted to do the story and editors killed it just like they killed a story a reporter wrote on CityTime years ago for mayor Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani— it would have embarrassed them and SAIC.   The new story New York Post to Editor’s killed that the reporter Road based on my tip was that Gerard Denault sues SAIC and won.   I emailed that news tips to Graham Rayman then of the Village Voice.   Rudy  and his guys were piling raking in the dough post City Hall on anything SAIC as lobbyists.   What a coincidence that Michael Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn  protected criminals SAIC until they no longer could.    Is that what’s going to happen in my case all these criminals up and protected for all these years like SAIC.    Am I finally going to get justice when de Blasio, Cy Vance and top NYPD forced out  or like the Prospect Park Rape Victim it will take 23 years? John Miller should’ve been fired by Bill Bratton and now James O’Neill but he hasn’t been and you should be arrested for obstructing justice like how many cops my case?

 It’s amazing to me the New York Times it into a powerful piece on the prospect park rape victim case and John Miller’s Role and the fact he should  have to take responsibility and the consequences of obstructing justice and lying about a rape victim.  Bratton should have fired him 23 years ago instead they grew richer.    NYPD top brass are like Mafia milking every $ forgot the oath they took.

Grayham Rayman wrote at least one story that I gave him a tip on and he never credited me except when the whistleblowers lawyer called him then he said I was the source.
 He was openly horrified when I saw the video my attack but he never did the story.

http://nypdconfidential.com/columns/2016/160905.html   Larry  Bryne goal cover up as much NYPD and Internal Affairs crimes as he can along with Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton, John Miller, Jimmy O'Neill, Chief Pulaski, Chief Boyce, Banks, Esposito, Lt Gannon etc. ???????

NYPD PC O’Neill Actively obstructing justice in my case and I have video proof he knows about my case and I also confront Larry Byrne about perjury and judge Jack Weinstein the New York daily news article so it’s not like they don’t know me and clearly they are treating me like the prospect park rape victim but how many other cases are they obstructing justice covering up crimes from Ray Kelly to Bill Bratton current before after you tell me,

I want to question them under oath.....O'Neill can't hide his disdain -- he is not Sherlock holmes wanting to get to the bottom of this.  He and Byrne are misogynists protecting NYPD Internal Affairs acting on the cunt threat to turn the tables -- Byrne has obstructed Justice in how many cases?

It’s an incredible violent city including NYPD (NYPD kill people say oops an accident or self defense when most of the City does not agree) who under Ray Kelly NYPD participated in committing crimes at their desk my case and joined in violently threatening me...   under Ray Kelly, Eric garner clearly wrote in a hand written lawsuit from Rikers that NYPD broke laws sexually violated him and planted drugs on him.
 The lawsuit was thrown out only because he didn’t know update his address.  Google it!  You’ll find my blog New York City I love you big time but ass doctor Andrew Fagelman a corrupt evil creep and his NYPD fixers why I am not loving NY so much....

Joe Tacopina That’s never denied that he used a sock puppet account and broke laws in my case and he really should be arrested and disbarred there’s more to the story besides the fact the NYPD protected him and a false narrative but I thought about Joe’s for start of just like he went on I believe it was NBC and said that Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked. He’s an overly aggressive idiot and is false narrative’s are laughable and sick and offensive.    I don’t want the crimes I believe he committed along with Chad Seigel  threatening me during an open investigation warning me not to come forward and I believe Joe drafted my attackers response to Ron Kuby very serious crime -  she too wants me not to come back or else she’ll retaliate with the second pass cross complaint this time would be a fabricated mutual second-degree assault very serious crimes zero rest because cops broke laws and so did internal affairs just like in sex crime unit Lt  Lamboy’s case

The lawless First Precinct chronic  fxing and favors for the rich —  Drive by the Mercer hotel and look at their loading in unloading zone as one example ....   what are the NYPD and which retired cops are getting one from that hotel it’s just one example.

The NYPD are too busy breaking laws they’re doing it because they enjoy abusng  in their power and Larry Byrne  mr. obstructing justice in anyway possible enjoys protecting any and all crimes he and they have their rationalizations and often judges will protect cops crimes which is really shocking but not judge jack Weinstein he gave Larry Byrne hell for trying to cover up perjury.  That’s right NYPD kidnap people breaking laws and I agreed to be kidnapped twice for running punched my head by the dirty 1st Precinct I want to know what fixing in favors they’ve done for Harvey Weinstein and all the rich people in the neighborhood and what they get in return unless in my case  pleasure of retaliation but perhaps the Doctor Fagelman used to advertise Viagra has done his share to grease NYPD palms via barter?  Dr Fagelman  advertises he cures STDs let’s see I wonder if he’s ever helped any NYPD with STDs Viagra pain killers and human growth or any rapists and famous alleged rapists in the news  or anyone in nyc gov accused of sexual assault or rape?

Google DNA Cy Vance Intern.

First precinct corrupt for sale precinct if your rich call 1 PP or First Precinct  or retired cop on your payroll who will make the phone calls to do you’re fixing in favors follow through.

The same detectives squad to put on a fake show to rest Harvey Weinstein I want to find out how many favors they did for him. Have you noticed how dirty the city is? How can the city do any policing when you’re too busy breaking laws doing fixing in favors running or providing  all kinds of illegal scams as they skim their kick backs?

 Photos from this amazing app or below in the Twitter posts ...

 You get a very different story about how much crime there is but I get it every day when I discuss and tell everyone what the NYPD did to me  joining in breaking laws I’ve no doubt the doctor picked up the phone made a phone call or two and he got fixing in favors assurances that I would be threatened me to drop charges against my will...  The detective at the 1st Precinct detective  squad yelled at me over the phone you were going to drop charges or I’m going to arrest you. That’s a crime and he’s retired to Staten Island to a big house I want to know the story about that house how he got it I believe it’s in a trust so who put it in trust to him and why ?

Mayor de Blasio Bratton o’neill Ray Kelly 
And top key cops chiefs my cause involved in fixing covering up crimes I am guessing Larry Byrne guilty my case like Zachary Carter - They enjoy using Ron Kuby to pretend no crimes but my attackers response to his letter is a very serious crime the cops have no shame they don’t understand right from wrong they’re too busy either directly breaking laws or we’re talking top brass including inside internal fares protecting crimes including committed by cops in my case is just in one example their family members of love ones killed by the cops who feel they have no justice the city is out of control even of the problem started under Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly we voted for this mayor the tale of two cities and both cities spiraling downward too many levels 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mayor de Blasio, NYPD O’Neill covering up crimes selling false NYPD crime stats #Citizen app West Village 3People Shot?NYPD lie crime down NYPD IA DA fix crimes cover up crimes including their crimes! My case “fixed” NYC violent Google Dr Fagelman assault
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla… pic.twitter.com/sCsMtN583A

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@jdavidgoodman‬⁩ NYPD ex Chief of Dept Banks could be named as unindicted co-conspirator NYPD bribery trial Jeremy Reichberg former donor to Bill de Blasio, NYPost reports. My case Teflon NYPD IA broke the law, Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Teflon + bosses signed off stealing time w/CityTime pad pensions?
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Suzannah B. Troy artist: NYPD Internal Affairs Capt Aaron Wright protected for yrs his violence like my attacker protected by NYPD until he beat Domestic Abuse Sgt shocker cop same name horrifically MURDERED gf his violence ignored for yrs until can’t be ignored?