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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

NYPD Detectives Vergona and Andrew Dwyer w/ Partners, Supervisors Broke Laws My Case so Glad Brooklyn US Attorney charged Det Foder!

Det. Michael Foder, 41, was charged with two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of an official proceeding for his testimony at a pretrial hearing in the Oct. 16, 2015, armed robbery of a livery cab driver.

Is very sad and tragic that Larry Byrne’s brother was murdered but  his grief and anger has harmed  community relations with his harmful acts trying to cover up NYPD crimes chronically he is part of the huge problem and anyone that empowers that kind of wrong doing obstruction of justice covering up NYPD’s bad resumes using a civil rights clause really should not be working in the Police Department you should be representing mafia or corrupt cop separate the law but not be paid by taxpayer.

Larry Byrne is  The reason we don’t have the information on the Eric garner cop who instead got promotions 24 hour security like he’s mayor instead of being held accountable.

Federal hearing to probe if cops lie often on witness stand 

Larry Bryne didn’t seem to understand how and why PD committing perjury is far more serious than the average person because they can take away someone’s liberty, their freedom kidnap them. 

Fed Exed Judge Jack Weinstein Please Include My Case in Federal Probe NYPD Internal Affairs Lied

I wrote  judge Jack Weinstein and included my last legal filing in first division and on the back of that I wrote I believe Joe Tacopina broke laws in my case.  Joe Tacopina brags he  got the NYPD rape cops off and an Abner Louima cop. 

Larry Bryne  perverted everything that had to do with transparency and accountability with his interpretation of civil rights using it obstruct justice and he really needs to resign he is so greatly home and community relations started with Eric Garner.


 What we have here in New York City and also New York State is zero accountability too much corruption the laws are not being enforced or taken manipulated to obstruct justice or they’re just literally breaking the laws obstructing justice like in my case, and so many other cases!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy artist: IRS Caught Joe Tacopina Money Laundering? Joe Brags he got NYPD Rape Cops off, Abner Louima Cop off and he broke the law in my case but protected by Internal Affairs?

In my case Zachary Carter and a group of Corp Counsel lawyers continue to protect NYPD and Internal Affairs  that broke laws  and obstructed justice so Corp Counsel is participating in obstructing justice and violating my due process on top of that I have this memory I spoke to internal fares officer who told me my case was forwarded to the department of health and I called and they didn’t forward it and a lawyer for department of health said that I was assaulted — assault is their  jurisdiction and they did not forward the case the department of health.

What they did to me is evil is just on believable and still shocking I woke up at 2 AM my job was clenching actually her in the back of my teeth I just pray to G-d the woman who assaulted me who made it worse by engaging as many people possible and her lies and false narrative which I believe the Joe Tacopina help to construct  and I can’t wait to tell you another piece of that but I can’t tell it’s you right now.

 I pray to G-d that everyone involved in the violence in lies from Dr Andrew Fagelman’s office to the First Precinct, IA, 1 Police Plaza gets their karma and I have been visualizing that any money that comes their way they lose, I imagine holes in their pockets, visualize their  bank accounts emptying that they just lose all that money is part of their BAD karma so I couldn’t believe this when I saw this about Tacopina I allege  hiding money not claiming it and Uncle Sam caught him or what -take a look...
I went to the doctor’s office to get a cyst removed and left w/ a hole in my retina - far worse pain - my neck —  and then I had to waste so much of my life and money I’m going to fight for justice so I pray what they’ve done to me is done to them karma get some but I really just visualize that they lose money because it seems that’s with the care most about abuse of power they get off on abusing their power so I hope it comes back to haunt them in ways I can imagine and money and they don’t have any respect for patient rights human rights ethics the truth they broke laws from a doctors office to the police department and they still are and it wasn’t a few bad cops this is from top - Like the prospect park Rape  victim case - Bratton knew John Miller  did wrong what he did is possible very serious crime and he was allowed to grow rich and James O’Neill is protecting him keeping him employed which means he needs to resign along with top brass my case so many others he says guilty is Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton!


 I had such bad insomnia I’m praying I can get back to sleep soon. 

I was walking in Union Square and it was amazing that too tall young guys from Queens — one recognized me —  we talked about what it is like to be an activist and how you have to weigh certain things and for him he was not willing to risk the retaliation that I’ve endured and I totally understand it he was very bright really intelligent have a lot of insights and thoughts and I respected him.  I really enjoyed meeting him and his friend it’s kind of mind blowing that he was able to recognize me because I feel I’ve changed so much and gained so much weight I’m losing weight I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’m still heavier than I was and I’ve aged so much.

 I am so exhausted I’m praying I can get back to sleep thanks for checking my blog.