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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

NYPD Bratton, My case Zachary Carter lies for dirty cops, Ray Kelly, O’Neill and Larry Bryne Destroyed Community Relations

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD Detectives Vergona and Andrew Dwyer w/ Partners, Supervisors Broke Laws My Case so Glad Brooklyn US Attorney charged Det Foder suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/02/nypd-d…

Ask Zachary Carter  why he chronically lies and protects NYPD Internal Affairs crimes in my case, how about NBA star Thabo Sefolosha’s case and  how many others?

From the Prospect Park Rape Victim 23 years ago To my case to so many others whether it’s Ray Kelly and you can read Eric Gardner’s hand written lawsuit written under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly that explains what it stop and FRISKs (or worse read Eric in his own words)  what we have here is Ray Kelly with all those illegal stop and frisk’s to Bill Bratton, James O’Neill Literally protecting cops breaking laws they are fixing crime like a Las Vegas casino and then you have Larry Byrne protecting everything because he’s got all this grief and anger -  his feelings are understandable but it disqualifies him from his job because he is so greatly harming community relations obstructing justice and covering up crimes exploiting the civil rights clause to deny us the right to know NYPD‘s records they’re bad resumes why can’t we know that  Government employees their record should not be secret!

I wrote Judge Weinstein sent him my legal brief my last filing and I also made it clear I believe Joe Tacopina also blatantly broke  was in my case using a fake account on YouTube violently threaten me with retaliation if I took any legal action and called me a cunt.   My attacker sign letter in response to Ron Kuby‘s carries similar tone threatens retaliation so I’m sure he wrote that too.

Read this on Larry Byrne.   He is the reason we are not being able to learn about NYPD‘s bad resumes he is obstructing justice and transparency.   You so lost he doesn’t even seem to understand what he’s doing.

Det Hohn Verona represents misogyny anti Semitic NYPD
* Anti-Semitic incidents in New York City increased 92 percent last year, according to a new Anti-Defamation League report, which also found that more than half of all anti-Semitic assaults in the country occurred in New York state, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Federal hearing to probe if cops lie often on witness stand 

Larry Bryne didn’t seem to understand how and why PD committing perjury is far more serious than the average person because they can take away someone’s liberty, their freedom kidnap them. 

I will judge Jack Weinstein and included my last legal filing in first division and on the back of that I wrote I believe Joe Tacopina broke laws in my case.  Joe Tacopina brags he  got the NYPD rape cops off and an Abner Louima cop. 

City Council  is it rushing to put forth what we voted for last election that anyone breaking laws that is employed by the city lose their pensions.   When is low passes it will save the city millions of dollars a year I need to get passed ASAP. Ditto State level.

Zachary Carter  obstructed justice in the lower Eastside nursing home you notice there’s not one arrest just like 911 tech corruption and Citytime no arrests of NYC gov employees breaking laws,  protecting crimes complicity they sit at their desk and they get paid for the wrongdoing and they get these big pensions but I believe the cities going to go bust and then prosecutors are special prosecution team will be set up and these people will lose their pensions as a way for the city to try and save millions of dollars a year that they can afford ...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD Detectives Vergona and Andrew Dwyer w/ Partners, Supervisors Broke Laws My Case so Glad Brooklyn US Attorney charged Det Foder suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/02/nypd-d…

I think about Kalief Browder and I feel so badly for him I can’t get over the 50 H hearing in the Netflix TV series it’s so powerful it shows how evil and corrupt the city of New York is and this is under mayor the Blasio but none of us are his Black son not Eric or Khalif...  there so many black people male and female that of been killed by NYPD under Bill and he remains mostly silent or he just says the right thing but look at his actions he won’t even share Eric‘s hand written lawsuit from Rikers under Bloomberg and Ray Kelly  that explains it stops today!

Kalief Browder’s Mom died like Jose La Salles’s and my Mom is dying  what hangs in maybe she’s waiting for an apology from Zachary Carter ???

 For me it’s 244 I’m hoping I can get back to bed by 330 or 4 AM and again I pray everyone for instance if Larry Bryne Is involved in the misogyny and the decision to cover up the climbs in my case then I pray it comes back to him and that’s so sad because he suffered so much you could look at him and you can see what bad shape he is in it’s startling and I don’t want to wish anyone else but if you’re going to cover up crimes and protect retaliation then I pray you get your  is involved in the misogyny, violence lies,
 False arrest did you on the Sabbath which I agree to agree to false arrest twice for savage attack the YouTube has over 700,000 views —  I pray you all get your karma in ways that we can imagine that what you did to us is brought back to in ways that you have to face what you’ve done from the doctors office to the police department and Joe Tacopina who I believe broke was in my case very serious crimes may come back to you you’ve been given Teflon status and protect wrongdoing or participate directly and crimes may come back to you in ways I could never imagine that teach you you’re evil make you face up to it .

 If you don’t like me that’s fine I don’t care I have a lot of people that do you like me and love me but you don’t get to break laws and I I think that what you’ve done is so evil in my case and how many others were from the doctors office I was supposed to be safe at a doctors what they did was evil and defending evil is evil it’s just so creepy and gross and wrong these are crimes that were committed and I have to pray for karma instead of having justice there should’ve been resolved and done with 5 1/2 years ago instead of just bigger and bigger crimes bigger cover ups but the crimes they committed don’t have statute of limitations lying to the police during an open investigation, the police lying in police reports fabricating a mutual assault downgrading crimes to zero crime -  threatening me multiple threats to me during an open investigation warning need to not come back even my Tucker signed letter in response to Ron Kuby as a serious crime and he say this love using Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend there were no crimes when they downgraded crimes threaten me course
And police reports there is no statute of limitation including for threatening victims these crimes don’t go away but I don’t know how you live with yourself?   Do use drugs and alcohol to make those evil things you do your crimes the laws your break or help protect using taxpayer money is that how you get through the day?

 It’s over 5 1/2 years and I’m still stunned that I was savagely assaulted holding all these bags and the NYPD treated me like a rape victim but got what they deserved and that’s their bad karma I didn’t even know what they look like and I found two of them on Facebook years later and I saw them with their kids I mean how do you go home and face your kids hi I broke laws today I did terrible evil actions today ...Internal fares Sergeant Mary O’Donnell now she’s just NYPD Sgt Mary O’Donnell she considers herself a good Christian and what she did is evil so I guess it’s just her human nature to lie to yourself invite other people and rationalize?

 The new audio I got of the woman detective in the sex crime scene at lying to me filing protocol using Ron Kuby‘s letter how does she live with her self and how does she get a job and a sex crimes unit but she is doing this in concert with her mail boss and top rest one police  Plaza I mean really it’s evil but look at the prospect park rape victim case it just underscores my case and John Miller still employed

I am told we need to do evil it does come back to you eventually you get yours and I should just focus on everything good in my life focus on love and being grateful for everything I have do good be a good person and evil takes care of evil Karma  goes around comes around.

 It’s almost 3 AM my head hurts I’m so tired I just can’t believe that I was savagely assaulted at a doctors holding bags how beautiful I looked before I was hit how good I felt about myself and then I was violated and corrupt cops got off on it house sick.

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