NYPD PC O'Neill Blocks me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
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"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Oprah Speech Powerful My Case Dr Fagelman, Delita Hooks a violent liar, I allege Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina Cunt Threat Top NYPD Brass 3 PC Internal Affairs Party to


Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Oprah Speech Powerful My Case Dr Fagelman, Delita Hooks a violent liar, I allege Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina Cunt Threat bury me destroy me turn the tables on me Top NYPD Brass 3 PC Internal Affairs Party to! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/01/oprah-…

Oprah talked about hope how important is HOPE that is where I waver...
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Judge Lynn Kotler excoriated by NY Post her ruling on a Ferry Engineer! Judge Kotler lost the ability to spell my name when I asked her to see something say something NYPD Internal Affairs Crimes she misspelled by name said not her purview dismissed case nypost.com/2018/01/05/fer…

I was stunned this morning to watch Oprah speech it was so powerful when she spoke about an African-American woman who is gang raped and threatened and told not to speak up reminded me of Joe Tacopina of Abner Louima NYPD infamy —  how many times have he and Kurupt NYPD horrible violent and why PD officers threaten their victims like I was threatened ? I’m alleging it was him as Bob Dobalina  Who threaten me with a hole in my retina and cervical damage Sunday night at dinner time six days after I was attacked he said he would bury me, he would destroy me he would see the tables turned on me if I took any legal action and two weeks later Detective John Vergona who was allowed to retire  acted out threatening me he acted out that cunt thread and he told me to keep my head down I was a victim of a violent crime and rather than getting the truth out and Justice he threatened me and told me to keep my head down and that he represented the New York Police Department.

After I sent in my legal filing which ends with if I don’t guess justice there will be a thought like #Spotlight -  I wrote about me and Eric Garner , Erica Garner -  I believe the stress of the NYPD the city of New York covering up for the NYPD involved in her case killed her I wrote and I rode and I submitted my legal filing to be prepped at 2:50am this morning.
NYPD refuse to share NYPD personnel files on Eric Garner homicide obfuscation plus obstruction now they a teenagers online history

“Christopher Dunn, a top lawyer with the New York Civil Liberties Union, said his group was “very concerned about the NYPD using administrative subpoenas, which are not court orders, to collect large amounts of private information about New Yorkers.”

vs my case NYPD harassed me on line joined in cunt threat I allege as Joe Tacopina on line to bury me destroy me. NYPD don’t want their activities on line subpoenaed and I don’t even want to share theirwork history!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
#NYPD refuse to share NYPD personnel files on Eric Garner homicide but want teenagers online history nypost.com/2018/01/08/nyp…
Oprah Speech My Case Savage Attack Delita Hooks forcible touching vagina NYPD IA 3PC acted on Cunt threat I allege Joe Tacopina
 I did not watch the Golden Globes I don’t believe these rich people that have so many luxuries that most of us cannot imagine represent a global population who can threatened violated including sexually and have yet to date been given justice of any kind.

 I barely slept it’s been over five years I’ve aged 100 years my body is so damaged and I wasn’t able to get the sleep I needed to heal I sent in my legal filing to be prepped before 3 AM this morning my head hurts how can I get Justice when I have post Trumatic stress so bad it just comes out way too wordy to be heard how sad and  disturbing but when I hand out cards and talk to people I am heard them often tell me their own stories it’s such an abuse of power from the doctors office to please department they lied and lied what they did wrong they would put on me and I wasn’t guilty they were they lied they lied and police reports they lied to me and audio daylight they obstructed justice many of the laws they broke do not have statute of limitations and for the city workers I want them to lose their pensions any city worker that covered up protected I want them to lose their pensions .

The video of the attack will prevent my attacker from ever doing it away and getting away with it
NYPD Sex Crimes and Internal Affairs Lieutenant Indicted On Over 80 Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse | Law News
https://lawandcrime.com/police/nypd-sex-crimes-lieutenant-indicted-on-over-80-counts-of-child-sexual-abuse/ not arrested by NYPD and Manhattan DA of course not.  Google Cy Vance Intern.  Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein 

I didn’t know what any of these men look like that we’re breaking the law at the 1st Precinct from the detective squad because they hid behind their desks as they broke laws and coordinated with my attacker and her boss breaking even more laws as a group it was a pileup of crimes in my doctors office to please department and they’ve been protected but what I learned from one honest cop a month ago is there’s no statute of limitation on the crimes they committed you see lying to the police doing an open investigation is a crime so was the false cross-complaint, So is the signed letter threatening me to Detective Andrew Dwyer warning me not to come back and file assault charges because my attacker and I’m guessing Joe Tacopina drafted that stupid letter recognizes she was guilty of second-degree assault that was what she was really guilty of that there had been a bait switch and downgrade to zero crime but I fear on Joe’s part that I could come back and report second-degree other way of audio of me NYPD not letting me report crime and everyone involved got promoted or allowed to retire because the misogyny anti-Semitism and corruption is rampant inside the NYPD along with of course racism  so is the signed letter threatening me to detective and she Dwyer warning me not to come back and file assault charges because my attacker and I’m guessing Joe Tacopina drafted that stupid letter recognizes she was guilty of second-degree assault that was what she was really guilty of that there had been a bait switch and downgrade to zero crime but Joe Tacopina feared I could come back AND REPORT THE TRUTH yet again.   I have audio the NYPD won’t even let me report her false cross complaint they lie to me it’s on audio every crime  after the violence at Dr Fagelman’s every violation of due process, obstruction of Justice   took place in the 1st Precinct, the offices of internal affairs and One Police Plaza including three police commissioners offices

The corruption in my case and so many others the cities negligence I compare to a very very large sinkhole in front of Court House is in City Hall that the City refuses to repair. Well how could they repair it one better screening how about lie detector test and better psychological screening evaluations before hiring NYPD officers and giving them guns and badges to abuse their power like they did in my case how many times?

 NYC supposed Liberal City to Zimbabwe Women Critics Threatened Misogyny NYC My Case the threats NYPD Misogyny Crimes Latest NYPD Rape Detectives discusses allegedly taking turns raping Teenager, Decorated NYPD Lt Sex Crimes Unit/Internal Affaits Indicted over 80 counts child sex predator including in his NYPD vehicle under age victims family members over 10 year period? 

Evidence Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, Boyce, Police Commissioner O’Neill Cook Books on Crime Listen Audio Sex Crime Unit Detective

NYPD Sex Crimes and Internal Affairs Lieutenant Indicted On Over 80 Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse | Law News
https://lawandcrime.com/police/nypd-sex-crimes-lieutenant-indicted-on-over-80-counts-of-child-sexual-abuse/ not arrested by NYPD and Manhattan DA of course not.  Google Cy Vance Intern.  Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein 

How about a permanent new commission into NYPD, internal affairs , DA’s, corporate counsel corruption,

  how about apology walls outside pre-sings City Hall and DAs office is for every victim whether they were murdered coerced threatened wide about them police reports how about apology walls because the casualties there are so many

In NYPD app tracker along with many other government data bases for citizens to report crimes and gather statistical data  as well as have easy access to government data which is public and should be easily available not top-secret

 There should be no hiding of NYPD‘s records if they have higher numbers of lawsuits that should be easily found in public applications databases websites not top-secret sorry folks but the city should not be employing people who are chronically violating protocols with high levels of civilian complaints .

Judge Jack Weinstein was so insensed by  NYPD Deputy Commissioner Larry Bryne Trying to justify NYPD lying committing perjury pretending he didn’t understand the ramifications of a police officer committing perjury could mean someone’s loss of freedom civil liberties and Judge Weinstein his call for a federal investigation

I worked on my pro se lawsuit appeal in the first division the same first division that protected the NYPD in Eric Garner,  The same first division the New York Post exposed by someone accidentally calling the New York Post but dialing exposing how people get jobs in the courthouse and my guess the same goes for judges.

 3:30 AM I added one last line a tweet to me that I defend B people poetic justice I was assaulted by a Black  person #dumbcuntlivesmatter

Oprah’s speech made me cry not the celebrity parts but the real People parts including speaking your truth which  I was clearly retaliated against by the Bloomberg administration someone from team Bloomberg flag on my YouTube and on my YouTube‘s were removed, only google YouTube today has been the only company to apologize, most recently Barry dealer his company Vimeo told me they were moving 23 of 26 videos that they had violated term so I said please explain how all these years those videos violated terms but we’re allowed to stay up there so they were turned everyone but two and I just Support at this time I needed I couldn’t focus because I’m suing the city because I was a victim of a violent attack a running punched him I had a hole in my retina sexual salt even the note I wrote to my doctor was stolen by my attacker who told me she was going to slap the crap out of my ass and the detective that was supposed to investigate it on my end omitted the threat of bodily harm repeated assaults forcible touching up my genitals that my attack or my attacker Hit me with objects that she signed a letter to her detective who stayed hidden from me like the detective that was assigned to my case they had like clue clocks clan members and they acted on a misogynist Hate Crimes threat I’m alleging by Joe Tacopina a racist coward who brags that he got in Abner Louima cop off —  can you imagine bragging that you got a cop off that it’s hard to believe he did not hear the screams and yells of Mr Louima And like my case an entire precinct knew what was happening and they did nothing or they participated starting with community affairs police officers Eugene SchaRA and Tommy Moran — DI Ed Winski such a Corrupt little coward he won’t accept sexual vice And he was served properly I spent about $2000 to serve these cops in New York State Supreme Court yet they’re all trying to duck service except for Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi who keep protecting NYPD detective Vergona threatening me over the phone - He yelled at me Verbally violently he yelled at  you were going to drop those charges or I’m going to arrest you!

My attacker first threatened to slap the crap out of my ass then she signed a letter warning me to not come back and file assault charges again or she would it would have to be 2nd° because the cops did a bait and switch and downgrade to a mutual third when I’ve never assaulted anyone in my life and I stood there like a human pin yada after having a cyst removed

Joe Tacopina know as Bob Dobalina and Chad Seigel Both threatening using sock puppet accounts I should say I a ledge but they’ve never contacted me to deny it but when I filed an ethical complaint for their treatment of women comparing women’s genitals to be honest fly traps in the NYPD rape trial they threaten me with a lawsuit and I said go ahead sue me I’ll counter sue you and I listed the names of who I would call  and they did not sue me.

 They threaten to turn the tables on me and Joe using the Bob account threatened me calling me a fight picking Cunt you know I’m not a fight picking cunt I speak up I fight for justice against injustice.  I don’t harass people I speak up but people have turned around and harassed me and threatened me they have tried censoring me removing my work from YouTube, a Wikipedia page on censorship  about me and the YouTube channel and Bloomberg and also about Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel DSK about NYPD rape cop  was first cyber vandalized with a misogynist attack on me and then delete it Wikipedia said you’re not famous enough there’s not an op Knouff articles about you but every time there is an article with me it seems most of them have been deleted and removed from the World Wide Web isn’t that an interesting coincidence?

Bill Bratton and James O’Neill and Larry Bryne  taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD they taught me how they opt to skate and protect crimes whether it’s my case or Eric Garner who  wrote that he was sexually assaulted and then drugs for planted he and I started out as pro se lawsuits under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly and then he was killed under Bill Deblasio‘s choice for mayor Bratton.

Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton Chose not to share Eric garner’s hand written lawsuit but I have they chose not to demand that the NYPD release the cops Records instead they embrace de Blasio picks Bratton and O’Neill - James O’Neill and Larry Byrne who  decided that the NYPD must block sharing the history of NYPD officers he is essential he is the reason we have no information on the cops that junk  decided that the NYPD must block sharing the history of NYPD officers he is essential he is the reason we have no information on the cops that jumped on Eric Garner anf Bill De blasio could’ve said to James O’Neill release the records of NYPD but he is silent.

My vision is damaged a hole in my retina from a running punch my vision is messed up in both eyes from a ton of floaters my neck which was in bad shape is severely damaged I have tingling in my fingers numbness in my left shoulder is torn it is excruciating the pain in my shoulder and my neck the bad dreams the insomnia over five years if the doctors office had done the right thing and fired my attacker and reported her to the police instead of lying for her and the police didn’t join in breaking laws and threatening me I want of had five years of insomnia 30 pounds of weight gain neurological problems of numbness I can’t even open lids twisty lids on bottles — Oh because someone didn’t understand right from wrong, patient rights ethics telling the truth instead of lying using a false narrative that I’m guessing Joe Tacopina made up which was first posted with his threats to bury me destroy me and see the tables turned on me and when I forwarded to the NYPD detective squad 1st Precinct they acted on it, so did the internal affairs division so did NYPD Ray Kelly, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon, Bratton, Chief Boyce, Chief Campisi and Reznick and  how are current police  commissioner James O’Neill

The corrupt and evil cowards from the 1st Precinct detective squad some whose names I still don’t know they had like Ku Klux Klan members and it was only when I filed the New York State Supreme Court in the city and the NYPD refused to except service that I found their faces on Facebook thanks to them being  Facebook friendsGene Schatz
I was threatened over and over and I’m Twitter I’m bleeding and NYPD officer there Friend using an account told me I defend black people so it’s  poetic justice that I was assaulted by a black person #dumbcuntlivesmatter?