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Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nosey aka Tiny 1 of the USA’s Abused Elephants Free Thanks To Moulton, Alabama Where One Honorable Judge Said No More!

Nosey aka Tiny 1 of the USA’s Abused Elephants Free Thanks To Moulton, Alabama Where One Honorable Judge Said No More!

Update: Nosey #Elephant chief abuser excoriated new article! Hugo Tomi Liebel (aka Tommy Liebel, Hugh Blum, or Hugo Bloom). 
#Nosey please do NOT donate to this .@gofundme this is fraudulent, Nosey was not taken illegally, she was seized by Court order. #GoFundMe please take this campaign down, it is fraudulent, TY

Looks like creepy abuser Hugo Liebel and or pal started fraudulent go fund me page.

Update 1:30am.  I cannot fall sleep so I saw update that Nosey  the poor abused elephant now has a police escort and here’s a photo of her on the way to the Tennessee elephant sanctuary!

The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary does not use violence like Liebel or deprivation of food.

Tj (@CosmicBrace)
Nosey the elephant@amazing Nosey. Well more lies by the Liebel's rescued NO sold into circus slavery see documents pic.twitter.com/Pogno04t1G
Amazing Nosey is the abuser moniker... Truth Amazing she did not lose her mind like Tyke.

Update Tennessee Elephant sanctuary has posted a press release - Nosey is calm and safe.
Nosey Arrives Safely at The Elephant Sanctuary - Press Releases - The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
Nosey’s family mass murdered aka culling in 1984 in Zimbabwe and her life at age 2 became hell on Earth. 
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)

The link to this tweet is a photo from activist showing horrific abuse of Nosey being forced to pull a truck. There  for many more boyfriend line brave activists including horrific abuse is involving painful bull hooks. 

Last Chain On Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant Escaped the Big Top
I cried  when I read about Billie  if you go to the link you can see a video of the last chain on her leg being removed but it took five years for that to happen...There  is a powerful book written about her and the horrific abuse of circus elephants. 
Here’s an excerpt from a piece on Billie: 

"Information about USDA's role came largely from government records kept on file by PETA," Bradley said. "USDA claimed to have destroyed them."
Today, roughly 800 elephants are still being hauled from city to city to entertain Americans. Their plight is gut-wrenching and, like the author, readers will come to understand elephants in a whole new light.

"I'm astonished at elephants' intelligence and exquisite sensitivity -- how fragile their psyches are, how easily traumatized," Bradley said. "They experience so many of the same emotions as humans. And the saying is true: they never forget."

And what was the saddest thing she learned? "It was an affidavit by the late Ringling Bros. trainer Sammy Haddock, who described in anguishing detail how trainers to this day go about separating baby elephants from their mothers and teaching them stunts -- and how upset this made the grown elephants who could hear their cries. That gave me nightmares."

Equally depressing is that conditions for circus animals have not improved over the years, "except for the fact that fewer elephants are beaten to death these days -- it's now illegal to import elephants to the U.S., so circuses can't afford to fatally punish what they have," she said.
Excerpt From link below a must read. 

voice dictated ptsd insomnia
please excuse terrible typos sent 
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(Please Note I’m overcome by the news of Nosey’s sudden liberation After years of activists some frontline amazing all amazing loyal activists doing so much work, surprisingly, miraculous, that it Nosey’s liberation happened through some kind of strange miracle and the Alabama judge wasn’t going to look away (like to many New York judges do)...I am exhausted I have post traumatic stress I was a victim of horrific violence at the doctors office in SoHo and then NYPD joined in breaking laws it’s been over five years and I’m on my way to see my Mom first thing in the morning Mom is in very very bad shape.  I’m meeting a friend of Mom’s at the train station and I am so traumatized it’s hard to write to spell to do anything right now. I am hoping the Judges in my case take action like this Judge in Nosey's case.)

Nosey - I can’t tell you how much I hate that name of this beautiful elephant that looks 100 years old from an Entire life of trauma, grief seeing her family mass murdered, stolen away and tortured her entire life is on her way now to the Tennessee elephant sanctuary where she will finally get the first medical care of her life by people educated on how to treat Elephants including being acutely aware besides all her physical ailments that she has to have severe PTSD from years of torture.  Despite Nosey’s ill health she has been tortured in to giving rides and physical painful “entertainment”.

Note:  India Wildlife SOS  are doing studies on how captured abused elephants are traumatized Post Traumatic Stress symptoms they have and how to begin addressimg healing them.


 There several Facebook pages and Twitter accounts devoted to freeing this precious beautiful elephant who suffering can be seen in her face and her body.  For years there have been amazing frontline activists showing up for her speaking up for her videotaping photographing abuse reporting abuse so this is amazing news.   Elephants can die of the grief or become violent like Tyke who tried to escape the abuse and was shot 84 times died on street in Honolulu.

In Africa the heroic Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the largest most successful Elephant orphanage is the only one That actually helps Elephants to return to the wild if they can survive the grief of losing their families.

Nosey is an African Elephant who has been tortured and abused Her entire life from the moment she was stolen away from her loving family — her family part of mass murder aka “culling”  and yes Elephants are extremely loving tightknit social loving sentient beings deeply loving families — It’s just shocking the abuse Elephants from babies on endure hell on earth once  they are captured by humans and that is if they aren’t slaughtered for their ivory.  Horrific abuses of Elephants go on in too many countries even in countries where Elephants are even consider deities.

Nosey the elephant headed to sanctuary in TN as custody battle
I can’t get over the photos and news coverage but most of all the judge,  G-d Bless the judge and everyone that took action and all the frontline angels all these years take hugs blessings I had fallen asleep and woke up and I saw the news I am just overwhelmed, big love big hugs and love to everyone so emotional

Thanks to PETA for email with the news! 

 I love this country so much but we are not leaders when it comes the treatment of animals and just look at Nosey’s face and her lame aching body — her face is one of the saddest and she has been forced to give rides and do horrible animal performances that had to hurt her body so much....

In the documentary film “An Apology to Elephants” Lily Tomlin makes mention of an elephant named Nosey. These are her words.

Thank G-d she didn’t d not lose her sanity All these years of violence around the world abusers used tools including Bull Hooks - sharp painful tools in their most vulnerable  body parts they are tortured, torture the animals from babyhood when they are stolen from their parents it is horrific and in my book Criminal!!!!

To make a wild animal submissive you can be sure, day one of the baby elephant’s capture (or tiger, etc.) is the first day of torture that goes on every day of their life it’s unacceptable and horrific.  Zoos are just another form of torture and isolation.  My Mom remembers  going for an elephant ride at the Bronx zoo when she was little and just so you know the Bronx have an isolated elephant called Happy in the Bronx zoo who’s not happy right now and should be retired to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.  Male Elephants of a certain age may like to be alone but they want to hear other Elephants, Elephants are extremely social and loving even if they’re off doing their solo male activities they need to hear other Elephants so Happy is not happy he is traumatized.

Praying the Elephant Sanctuary will be her future home. We know that Elephants has been tortured  have terrible post Trumatic stress but tend to be overjoyed to be able to touch and socialize with other Elephants and/or to hear them to know that they’re close by...
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee
https://www.elephants.com/    Go to their website and read their mission statement and priority to give these tortured elephants the care they need.

From one of the Facebook groups devoted to freeing Nosey all these years...Activist Jennifer Hurlburt has  pointed out That the Tennessee sanctuary will be the first time Nosey  probably be assessed by Qualified experts on Elephants...

Local Circus comes to town: more ‘whys’ than ‘wows’ | CullmanSense.  Reports of ELECTRIC Prods used on Nosey 

Elephants Brains are bigger than ours and so is their capacity to love and to mourn they have an incredible GPS system in ancient maps that involve incredible journey’s that they would make year after year until the development of the human population prevented that along with the slaughter and or torture.

Nosey was forced to give rides and do painfully work including lifts performers year and year while front line activist followed her wherever she went And they are my Facebook friends and I recently made some donations for Nosey’s legal bills.

I’ve been asked to call the USDA which I did It was suggested that we could buy her from her abuser but we talked and experience activist said no because the abuser would just buy more animals and harm them!

In the seizure/rescue of this poor elephant for horses were also taken away and rescued!

All these years the USDA and State after State did very little until 1 Judge in Alabama said no more.

We pray Nosey is on her way to the Sanctuary in Tennessee.  I am a member — for a small yearly fee You can get an update on these elephants and human beings that visit don’t get to pet them and touch them.

She has not been able to touch another elephant And elephants are very social and they also are verbal they make sounds and communicate in ways that we don’t understand but they do.

 She hasn’t been able to walk on grass or do anything and Elephants should be able to do it’s stunning but I fell asleep and woke up to this news tonight


Thank you G-d!

In my case I was a victim of violence in every person that should’ve done the right thing shows evil violence and lies it’s a devastating if I had been a dog at a veterinarians the ASPCA would’ve arrested my attacker but it was the NYPD who are notorious. I have been warned about the NYPD for years but chose to believe the best in them but now I know you’re after year too many top NYPD and top internal affairs on down have protected very serious crimes because they don’t like my activism because I don’t like outspoken women so it’s OK to break laws there is no Honorable Judge yet it is spoken up for me and taking action but I’m so happy Nosey Will not endure the monstrous behavior she has endured ever since she was taken from her loving family!

Thank you always front line wonderful wonderful people that I have the honor of calling Facebook friends for all they’ve done for Nosey.

Legal Brief Appeal Zachary Carter Lying for NYPD Internal Affairs Crimes See Something Do Something