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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Maya Wiley Who I Liked Exits CCRB a Toothless Tiger but NYPD Inspector General High Priced Fraud, CCPC a Joke CCRB Sadly our only hope?

Maya Wiley Exits Toothless Tiger CCRB but NYPD Inspector General Biggest Fraud Like CCPC NYC's Dept of investigation's fake Commission  to combat police corruption part of Dept Of investigation can we ask Philip Eure for a refund?  No surprise Tom Mahoney jumped ship. My case  refused to follow up on Internal Affairs he sent 2 letters involving my case and the other nypd corruption 911 aka ECTP to IA and he and Phillip Eure didn't want to follow up on letters when Internal Affairs when Internal Affairs refused to give me a progress reports on their investigation because like CCRB, NYPD IG and CCPC forwarding our cases to be investigated ---dead on arrival case closed.  Chief of Dept and Internal Affairs cannot investigate NYPD crimes.  Internal Affairs cannot investigate Internal Affairs wrong doing and in my case IA participated in crimes covering up wrong doing.   Ditto for NYPD wrong doing on ECTP aka 911.

 Listen to audio I have of Internal Affairs Sergeant Mary O'Donnell refuse evidence say case closed.  Lt Fikru  from the Internal Affairs said her actions are find and he was from the IA Division  investigates internal affairs. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mVZC1W-aqgs He also agreed I was savagely so that he said the video speaks for itself but it was not his job to see something say something.  Clearly his job and everyone in internal affairs job  just to cover up NYPD crimes fixing favors lying and police reports threatening me and how many other cases?    In the audio you here she mentions Ron Kuby refuses evidence is Letters not what I agreed to and says case closed!

Zachary Carter as well as his predecessor, Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton, James O'Neill, Charles Campisi, Chief Boyce and Chief Reznick use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD Internal Affairs did not commit crimes I don't think it gets more sadistic than that unless it becomes physical like NYPD Justin Volpe. Sgt Chen  laughed at me over the phone and said you were the one assaulted at the doctors!  To date I do not have his badge number his first name or even an initial because the police are covering up his crimes long with his supervisors and everyone involved in the violence lie and threats
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Photo bottom of article b4 Dr Fagelman assault youtube mobile.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/nyr… v bad shape blood test couldn't find vein used needle 4 child  (used to donate white blood cells now they can't even find my vein without hurting me because I'm in such bad shape from savage violence lies at an md office Soho than NYPD broke laws with 3 PC's protection 2 IA chief, Chief Boyce and Internal Affairs full out scrum because they don't like me so it's OK to break the law how sick is that the NYPD play judge and jury they don't like your skin color your religion your gender your politics whatever they're willing to break laws IA included! 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Photo NYT few months before attack now bad shape PTSD from Dr Fagelman office to corrupt NYPD IAfixing joinin crimes mobile.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/nyr…
They're all also guilty of protecting an online misogynist hate crime I allege by Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina lawyer and a Charles Ward I allege was Chad Seigel joined in the threats to see the tables turned on me if I took any action so I want to know if they contacted my attacker her employer and detective Andy Dwyer? I do know the Det Squad and DI Ed Winski acting on the hate crime and they should arrested along w/ Tacopina and Seigel if I am right because harassing a victim threatening them during an open investigation is a crime. I asked Det Vergona The email about intimidating a victim threatening them because he wouldn't meet with me or talk to me about it but he acted on their threats!   The cunt calling hate crime threat included imagery of burying me and destroying me see the tables turned on me sure sounds like Joe Tacopina who crowns his website with Abner Louima like a card carrying member of the KKK. The detective squad and supervisors or hid from me never met me why can police reports about me and acted like KKK members hiding their faces.  I found some of them later on Facebook the Facebook friends with each other in the first cop  ever reported to Internal Affairs NYPD Gene Schatz for fixing in favors and intimidation using his Squad car like a weapon for Michael Rawson and The Mercer Hotel. Rawson has harassed me and threatened on going  harassment of me and people he thought would be that have separate channels the knee they carried the protest outside the  hotel and NYPD protected him and all online harassment of me during an open investigation which by the way is a crime and it started with "Ajohn" for "Delite" aka Delita Hooks.  

If CCRB takes my case back like I've asked over and over in writing and  when publicly testified under the most corrupt CCRB under Bloomberg/Kelly and  I have a testimony of anyone wants to read it...you would be a way to finally get Justice because the cops will have to answer questions under oath by a non NYPD IA corrupt fixer investigator with top Internal Affairs brass in and Fixing favors covering of crimes in my case and how many others which is why we need a permanent new commission into police corruption that includes  internal Affairs  crimes as well as dirty DAs like Charles Hynes, Cy Vance and other DAs and ADAs.

(Tried  get this email to CCRB board:Hi this is really not the route I would choose I would like to send emails directly to the board but they're not forthcoming with her emails is there way you can forward this to any and all staff and I know in the staff there are some good folks that work hard I've just never gotten a chance to meet one that stayed.   The best one I knew was an investigator in my case and he left and he had good reason to leave.  

Please please please can you forward this and again I don't mean to offend but it's been years and years and years of asking that CCRB take back my case because Internal Affairs covering up crimes and my only chance CCRB calls them in and questions the cops that have not retired under oath they can question them about violating CPR courtesy professional respect because they violated that we can start there because CCRB can take broken windows and turn it back on the NYPD... cops are broke laws in my case started with small violations of protocol violating CPR and then they actually committed crimes and they been protected now for years three police commissioners!)

IA NYPD Detectives Supervisors Broke Laws Delita Hooks Signed Letter to Det Dwyer More Proof I'm Waiting for Arrests


Ms Wiley was by far the best, the kindest and nicest member of the civilian complaint review board in the five years I dealt with people that in my opinion were either unethical or simply didn't care except for the investigator but had my case he left because the  investigator was tired of the cases going nowhere -- the Bloomberg years...

Civilian complaint review board has failed me every single time except once when mayor Michael Bloomberg's NYPD detective from the intelligence division violated protocol refusing to identify himself refused to show me ID  and give me his badge number.  Shocking but that's how it goes from the top on down there much more willing to protect violations of all kinds which inspires this turn broken windows back on the NYPD.

I have asked CCRB year after year to take my case back as I will again I've done it in writing recently yet again I have and I'll testify at a meeting yet again because if the civilian complaint review board doesn't question corrupt  cops that break the law and question them under the oath about violations  starting with violations of CPR which is the civilian complaint boards jurisdiction CPR stands for courtesy professionalism and respect ---  then Internal Affairs protects them every step of the way and as we see so do NYPD  police commissioner 3 in my case.  

In Eric Garner's case 2  police commissioners.
 Michael Blake Donated money to help improve CCRB but no offense to Mr. Blake it is money wasted as my case has proved over and over year after year.
CCRB has never done right by me except once and then went to Ray Kelly where again there secrecy like a Klu klux  clan meeting.

CCRB is the police victims only chance to get corrupt cops questioned under oath Who will otherwise be protected every step of the way by their supervisors commanders and top brass as well as  internal affairs top brass! The NYPD have a multibillion dollar budget and will do anything to protect the brand anything and any of their wheeling and dealing so it's all secretive and behind closed doors including on tech deals tied to the pensions!  As reported by NYDN 911 top cops lavish gifts. 

We need a permanent new commission that monitors the police every agency that supposed to please them and DAs and ADAs.  

The system is broken and the agency that is the worst is the NYPD Inspector general -- A high priced fraud and one senior investigator a woman recently just said sue me go ahead and sue ---  ‏they refused to follow up on what happened to my cases once they were forwarded to Internal Affairs by the NYPD Inspector general!!!!  

NYPD IG forwarded to Internal Affairs! Philip Eure, Tom Mahoney refuse to follow up on the progress of my cases they forwarded to Internal Affairs! 
CCRB often forwarded my cases to the chief of department and at times that was James O'Neill it's all about passing the corruption bucket and setting our case is up to die death by Internal Affairs - IA murders are cases and any chance of justice even sometimes just like a bad joke forwarding our case to the integrity bureau which was ridiculous because the NYPD detective in the supervisors committed crimes wasn't an issue of integrity it was way beyond that!

The NYPD IA protects cops that commit crimes and then catches a few that take $20 justify their paycheck but they are fraudulent fake agency like IA.  The integrity unit told me that Lieutenant Michael J Agnese (they let me believe his name spelled Agnes) had no supervisors!  In every way possible internal affairs and the integrity Division  taught me they have no integrity!

CCPC The Commission To Combat Police Corruption part  of Dept of investigationsis a total fraud that simply forwards our emails to Internal Affairs which they been doing for almost  years now.

Recently a woman answered the phone at CCPC and she said that the Commission To Combat Police Corruption is like McDonald's so I asked if McDonald's employee sees a crime do they pick up pick up the phone and report a crime?

Jona Rechnitz  wanted to position on the CCPC board of the commission to combat police corruption after he did pay to play which goes, hookers for senior nypd etc. 

The FBI shut down any investigation along with internal fares of fixing in favors after the ramose case in the Bronx didn't want to hear anything they didn't want to know anything.

The NYPD and PBA protested outside the courthouse signs that said since Egypt and the pyramids. 

 Everyone in power pretending systemically Fixing and favors rampant around the city not just in Williamsburg.    

In my case the NYPD cops that broke laws didn't want dollars they wanted revenge for my activism and were willing to break laws to do fixing in favors and I have police reports were they lied audio where they turned me away audio where Internal Affairs refuse  evidence Proof I was repeatedly threatened during an open investigation and that NYPD threatened me which is the only reason I drop charges since I had a hole in my retina and cervical damage and other medical issues but the terrible damage of my eye and my neck was from the attack and the detective wouldn't meet me Martin police reports and threatened me he told me he only arrest me on Saturday at 4 PM if I didn't drop charges then he would use my attackers. Cross complaint filed two days after me which the video evidence proves is another crime protected by cops and the commander of the 01 Ed Winski. 

 I did not want to end up like Eric garner a pro se litigant like me under Ray Kelly graphically describes what happens when the police illegally put their hands on you.
We need a permanent new commission into the police corruption which I believe Judge Mollen which  originally  recommended!  
PC O'Neill continues to say that community relations are better but his newest ruling on a chokehold overturning CCRB I believe is proof otherwise as well as my case and how many others where is Zachary Carter lied like NBA star Thabo Sefolosha and mycase.  I believe the NBA star and I and many others would like an apology from the city but I can't because there's too much wrong doing and too many government agencies passing the corruption book or ineffectual or simply don't care or complicit. 

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