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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Stephen Colbert Crushes Oliver Stone for Loving Dictator Murderer Putin and Blaming Israel

Oliver Stone’s ‘Late Show’ interview went completely off the rails | Page Six

Oliver Stone  gives a new meaning to cutting-edge here he is as Russia has massive protest protesting corruption and Oliver Stone is fawning on a dictator who doesn't think twice about killing people and stealing their fortunes. Putin has killed critics and he has prevented Jewish people from studying Jews in Russia they're not allowed to study at colleges they would like to study at...

Overall Putin a murder homophobic anti-Semitic misogynist thug?

Russian Police Detain Hundreds at Corruption Protest on National Day

Hey Oliver were you behind the Putin banner on the Manhattan bridge?
No Showtime logo...

Suzannah B. Troy artist: Putin Banner Manhattan Bridge Putin 3rd Party Candidate?

Oliver Stone is 1/2 Jewish his Dad was Jewish but Oliver Stone is a 100 percent blame the Israel?  And Ollie embraces the kind of rhetoric that led to the mass murder of millions of Jewish people and what's ironic is the Nazis would consider him Jewish because of his fathers religion but an Orthodox Judaism Jewish lineage is  determined by the mother.

In this Jewish Bible  after the Jews are free from Egypt G-d  has them walk around the desert or an excruciatingly long time to get rid of the bad apples...

New York it is really disheartening when you see really arrogant rich Jewish people behaving badly like Bill Rudin who owns the cops like cheap candy and gets fixing in favors  like way too many people here in New York that are connected to the police department they literally get fixing in favors called in by retired cops are cops on the payroll two payrolls,Bloomberg, Barry Diller --  it's sickening how these guys will do anything to censor people there disgraceful but yet they don't reflect our Jewish people  in fact they can make things far worse for us raising anti-Semitism along with the owner of the New York Times we think is part Jewish and again he is such a censorship fiend.

Bloomberg's thugs where behind removing my entire YouTube channel  and I'm one of the few activist to get my work back with an apology from google YouTube.

Wikipedia page on me being censored has been deleted 1st it was cyber vandalized it was a misogynist attack with the goal to censor me and then when reported to misogynist run Wikipedia at the time their response was I'm not famous enough and they deleted my page the point was it's pure censorship and I said I was using my page as a soap box which also makes me think Joe Tacopina thankfully not Jewish but  he is an idiot and overly aggressive stupid idiot and his thugs may of had a role because the page also talked about the NYPD rape cops and the Getty images of me protesting Dominic Strauss Kahn  and Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel and NYPD rape cops.

Only six years later was wikipedia willing to actually just give me a copy of what was up there before it was deleted.

 I don't know how I can be more famous if every article about me for instance in the New York Daily News's deleted the article so we're up at the Getty image that ran around the world including in a Brazilian economic magazine which ran the photo and color are deleted including my artwork mayor been working a New York poster that was run by the Chinese newspaper world Journal I think that's the name and the Hispanic paper El Diaro  delete the work

 I was the darling of the New York Times with Letters being published off until I became a critic up Michael Bloomberg's.

I have yelled  down Bill Rudin  in for raising the level of anti Semitism his grandparents would never take a hospital a trauma level one hospital rape crisis center AIDS  care and turned into luxury condos.

I witnessed Rudin's retired nypd cops get a New York one news reporter fired for reporting our protest and I saw his cop retired and NYPD commander try and fix a  ticket and also try and get me arrested for protesting which in response I called the commander of the 6th Precinct and alerted him that these retired cops on the route and pay while were trying to get me arrested for protesting we need a hospital I need this to say that NYPD from the 6th Precinct refused to arrest me.

 At Dr Andrew Fagelman's I got a running punched my eye a hole in my retina without laser surgery I could've lost vision in my left eye and the woman who hit me I think it's black Jamaican and Dr. Fagelman a rich doctor got fixing and favors from the NYPD misogynist anti-Semiticevil corrupt liars who laughed apparently their Facebook friends with the first copy of report it to Internal Affairs Drugs it was united nations of hatred.

Please google dr Fagelman assault. Watch the Youtube Delita Hooks A manipulative a violent liar not fired or arrested she and her boss got fixing in favors from corrupt cowardly cops at the 1st Precinct headed by Ed Winski Who is fixing crime like a Las Vegas casino.  The NYPD fix crime  like a Las Vegas casino so they can lie and say crime is down,  Carry out accept retaliation and break laws protected by Internal Affairs Drugs who's overwhelmingly trying to protect the NYPD brand which is in the garbage pail

misogynistnyc: 3 nypd PC protecting misogynist Hate Crimes can't cover up Det child sex predator arrested by other police force

 My Dad I decorated World War II veteran and scholar died knowing I was treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany by Ray Kelly and the cowardly lying NYPD in my case. 

Oliver Stone  could find himself in the same boat one day find himself being treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany right here in NYC.   

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