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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mayor Bloomberg/ Rudy Giuliani CityTime Scandal SAIC Shareholder Lawsuit US Supreme Court

CityTime update;

Note anybody who researches SAIC and Rudy Giuliani the CityTime scandal and how he profited with his deputy mayor's turn lobbyist has to be stunned or not that Donald Trump would put a crook who profited a crook who didn't move the emergency command center out of the World Trade Center after the first terrorist attack a powerful technology job for the US government it's insane  Rudy is about one thing and one thing only fattening his bank account and his friends bank accounts the CityTime  scandal on going has Rudy roots and he profited greatly as SAIC crooks and pals stole money.

SAIC Trailblazer NSA scandal, SAIC Trilogy FBI, SAIC NYCGov CityTime the scandals or huger than you know you'd have to Google and SAIC so many leaves you wondering why they haven't gone out of business kind of like the United States Postal Service their propped up when I should have been forced to shut down  but there Teflon and maybe a clue about why this country is heading towards Third World status it's not just our infrastructures I many infrastructures collapsing but protecting criminals corruption and making sure they don't go out of business and or the top brass I never arrested like Wall Street and agencies that should be making arrests turned a blind eye but protecting criminals corruption and making sure they don't go out of business and/or the top brass I never arrested like Wall Street and agencies that should be making a rest turned a blind eye... 911  biggest example and Hewlett-Packard open the door to massive looting and if you Google their company in Homeland security and the Pentagon whatever look what you find -- what happened here was outrageous under Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg but when you research taxpayer abuse staff corruption it's even a larger scale with the Pentagon and homelands security and no arrests!

 new disclosure duty that would spur hindsight-driven litigation. "

Pulling snippets from SAIC now Leidos (means to leer in Spanish) filed documents. Whining foul ball  by SAIC aka Leidos brief is quoted: 

Sounds to me like SAIC aka Leidos selling a pack of lies and the SEC  should come down hard on these crooks but  they're just treating them like Bernie Madoff....????

SAIC wasn't forthcoming with the security exchange commission and they weren't forthcoming with their shareholders but they did manage to give their top employees golden parachutes and some of them sold their stocks at future profits before the company stock dropped when I came out there was a whole lot of stealing  wasn't forthcoming with the security exchange commission and they weren't forthcoming with their shareholders but they did manage to give their top employees golden power sheets and some of them sold their stocks at Euge profits before the company stop drop when I came out there was a whole lot of stealing CityTime.   That's still didn't stop woody Giuliani's lobbyists they were former deputy mayor's for trying to push through every SAIC  deal possible and they weren't punished or forced to ask questions under oath and look at  Rudy's  new job is a crime!!!


Law360, New York (June 21, 2017, 8:42 PM EDT) -- Government contractor Leidos told the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday that the Second Circuit threatened basic tenets of securities litigation when it said certain U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations create a duty to disclose "known trends and uncertainties.”

Leidos Inc. fought to fend off an investor suit alleging it withheld information concerning its involvement in New York City's scandal-plagued payroll project known as CityTime, saying the Second Circuit’s revival of the case invented a new disclosure duty that would spur hindsight-driven litigation. 

“Handed a powerful....."

"An avalanch of trivial information"

Boo hoo 

The SEC ( security exchange commission) requires public companies to tell its shareholders about know trends and uncertainties. (Therefore in this blog's humble  opinion you can't be too detailed when your complying with the security exchange commission unless you a crook like SAIC.) 

CityTime payroll system scandal knowledge is not trivial? Arrogant stance by SAIC aka Leidos. 

SAIC  openly stole money and note even the lobbyist haven't had to pay back their money as a profit it  and what money SAIC  I did pay back was not enough and they're just so arrogant!  re-Giuliani and his deputy mayor's turn lobbyist profited big time from these crooks !

SAIC  so many scandals including the famous or infamous -- 

Over a half billion dollars was returned to the City of New York. The big $0 to the shareholders and no executives or city workers were prosecuted to date despite promises by Preet Bharara. 

Preet Bharara upon arresting  Sheldon silver said we've got a hold Government officials accountable but he was going to protect his pals including Mayor Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearns who got 2 kick back jobs from Michael Bloomberg for protecting us see if taxpayer Titanic's the biggest being 911 tech aka  ECTP bigger crime than city time

Dr Redacto this blogs fictional villain is fast at work. Dr Redacto whites out and redacts the truth sometimes  with his sharpie penn.  

Wonder Woman lasso of truth and this blog. 

mayor bloomberg king of new york: NJ 911 Tech has Text vs Mayor Bloomberg 911 Corruption Boondoogle No Text just Stealing Delivering late Delivering Crap

The biggest crime is 911 tech corruption only $60.5  million back
 Which is another climb and the dirtiest DA the shortest amount of time Cy Vance  refused to prosecute the crooks mostly contractors but also top NYPD brass taking lavish gifts as contractors over built and delivered late and deliver crap.

Preet Bharara  refused to do the Manhattan Dease job also protecting Rose Gill Hearn  and Bloomberg  who Cy Vance and Bharara  are caught on YouTube kissing her tush  but over 8 million people rely on working 911 system and if there's a large scale terrorist attack or series of tears attacks throughout the city the system would collapse because it's a house of cards and anyway the city is owed  I believe at least $1 billion in damages at least...

Bloomberg's tech titanics were massive many these are only a few 
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