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Saturday, January 9, 2016

NYPD's most-sued cop also among top overtime earners for NYPD App Tracker + Exposing Corp Counsel Tax Payer Funded Defending NYPD Crimes like my case allowing NYPD IA DA victims to find each other

NYPD stats a lie. The NYPD internal affairs dirty DAs don't let us report crime including their's ---- goal an NYPD App tracker documents crimes and more a powerful database needs to happen with an App we can access from the streets to report crimes including the NYPD who's very own crimes mostly aren't in NYPD's fudged statistical reports.

Start in NY go national...?

Tweet: If Bloomberg Ray Kelly, Bratton de Blasio like my #NYPD App tracker idea thank all Involved lies threats coercing me (after a running punch to my head a hole in my retina 155 Spring St not far from the First Precinct.)
 This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em of Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying attack receptionist and  NYPD police reports secretly recorded audio inspired this app along with Det John Vergona lying threatening and coercing me and Ray Kelly on down protecting coercion threats lies and Det Vergona refusing to answer is he anti-Senitic false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Let's say in theroy Dr Andrew Fagelman called 1-800-NYPD fix it did he and Ray Kelly get the results they wanted? Delita Hooks is still sitting at the desk lying to anyone stupid or anoral enough to go along with it.  The NYPD and top brass were confident they taught me a lesson.  This is the result of their criminal corrupt actions.

 I want all the crimes involved in the attack of me at the doctors a hole in my retina to being repeatedly threatened and my allegation my belief that  Joe Tacopina involve he I allege  called me a cunt threatened to bury me destroy me using a sock puppet account all that would go in the database along with the NYPD  coercion lying in police reports w/ reports I have some already posted on scrubs.com.

Nicholas Heyward  could upload murder allegations crime photos evidence he has it would be mapped and accounted for...NYPD  don't have to agree but they can't stop us from reporting a crime and therefore erasing it often with Internal Affairs and DA help.

The City stats don't include his son being shot murdered but the shooting would be included in the stats along with evidence like the ambulance not going to nearest hospital for some reason.
Ray Kelly and Bratton can accuse each other of mine on stats statistical reports fixing cry but most of the city believes they're both lying and fix crime and too many me include are  victims of it  and it's clear we need our own database to report crimes the city won't allow us to!

Eric Garner from the grave he lawsuit  allegations would go into the app tracker and so we can get an investigation will be there for however many years it takes to substantiate true or false but victims will be able to have this information and we all think it's true and should be part of a statistical accounting

NYPD App tracker  Will keep a database of how many agencies were contacted and did nothing or pass the corruption buck like NYPD Inspector General, CCRB, Commission to Combat Police Corruption, DA etc.
https://www.scribd.com/doc/253681968/Eric-Garner-Lawsuit-NYPD-Violated-Him Eric Garner handwritten public sexually violated NYPD retaliation planted drugs for NYPD App tracker along with any and all victims from the past -- like Charles Hynes and NYPDcetectices that sent innocent victims to jail.

For NYPD App tracker sexual assault inside Manahhattan DA not included in NYPD stats


Thank John Vergona of Staten Island  Who lied and lied this verbally violent det would not meet me a victim of a violent crime except to false arrest me unless I dropped charges and threatening me terrify me I don't know what he's capable of read Eric's lawsuit above  to give you a clue and then we also the video of him being killed it was no reason to jump on him --

Det John Vergona hid his face badge number identity with his supervisors blessings including Ray Kelly and finally I say him and his facebook pals party to coercion on his facebook page -
We need to have a data base to expose real crime all the crime the NYPD will not allow us to report including their own and they're protected all the way up to the DA as Charles Hynes, Cy Vance, Richard Brown and Donovan have shown us - we report crime and links to evidence - photos, audios, videos, witnesses my case Det Vergona refused to interview witnesses I asked for help and my Doctor who finally came to help me in the hallway after I was attacked - she saw me before and after the attack and he refused to put that in his notes he refused to interview her and he said the NYPD would not talk to any of the doctors and when I send in a private investigator to talk to Dr Andrew Fagelman he said no comment there's going to be more on this and something coming to me Internet after I'm done suing Dr. Andrew Fagelman  stay tuned on that. 

It turns out the NYPD have 2 detective Vergona's and two Sgt Chen's and the app tracker would make it clear who I'm suing what they look like since I didn't know and still don't know for three defendants - I don't even know the names of the partners of those involved in a crime of coercion in my case and if Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks had anybody else threatened or intimidated and was protected?  App tracker would allow me to warn other victims and alert them or other victims to contact me because the NYPD are fixing crime erasing and crime from savages saw that at Dr Andrew Fagelman's to their own crimes in my case. Thank Dr Andrew Fagelman 1800 NYPD Fix it well the defendants in my case and Bill Bratton and Chief Reznick as well as The Mercer Hotel and Eugene Schatz and his facebook friend and partner Tommy Moran also Ed Winski, Sgt ? Chen, Lt Burgos, NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell, Lt Fikru Who admitted the video speaks for itself but wouldn't come forward to do anything about it,  for inspiring the NYPD app tracker

Note NYPD App tracker stats on NYPD in jail who has served time  because clearly the NYPD screening system including a psychological screening has clearly failed and we also need to lie detector tests

NYPD Apps tracker  expose NYPD taking gifts you can report them or put up links  like the New York daily news articles on NYPD Chief Dowd and NYPD Capt  taking gift from Verizon 91 $1 billion over budget hunk of junk and Verizon had a pass back $50 million the chief dowd payback nothing he collects a massive pension

Chokeholds -- photos uploaded and a database included Chief Joe Esposito and Chief pepper spray Bologna photos as well as Etic Garner - data base organized NYPD wrong doing from killings to stop and frisk to chokeholds, perjury, stealing from drug dealers, etc 

I saw a retired NYPD commander try and fix a ticket for a Bill Rudin Flunkie -- the retired NYPD commander in Rudin's payroll I could report incident to NYPD tracker as well as active NYPD breaking the law driving de Blasio running thru red lights or than mayor Bloombetg illegally using area to land his helicopter  with the NYPD intelligence divisions help or if we get evidence we can report NYPD's illegally spying on us including the intelligence division
We NYPD an NYPD app tracker

The data base can be cross referenced in so many ways including fixing in favors in retaliation

1) Report crime when the NYPD and Internal Affairs DAs ADAS prevent you from reporting crime including their own --  right now in the Manhattan DA is an alleged sex predator someone very senior got away with it because the victim and interns too frightened - I've met ADA Tiana Walton, ADA Joan Illuzzi and ADA Joe Giovanetti so I know how corrupt and the DA is - Cy Vance is the dirtiest DA The shortest amount of time so the NYPD tracker can report crimes and report New York City government employees that are offenders either committing crimes are preventing victims from reporting crimes including NYPD and Internal Affairs crimes - if DA ADA prevent a victim from reporting and NYPD Internal Affairs crime,  crimes they too are reported to the NYPD app tracker for the NYPD app tracker stats which expose the NYPD stats are a lie and expose the NYPD are committing crimes getting away with it more often than you could imagine.  

2) The NYPD app tracker will expose the most sued cops and how Internal Affairs them off the hook over and over like the dirty 30 - App tracker will tell you who are the internal affairs  officers all the way up to Captain Deputy inspector and Chief if we don't have names it'll say John or Jane Doe - my case Lt Fikru, Sgt Mary O'Donnell she likes me she let me believe detective Andy Dwyer's name was spelled DRIER and that would go in the app tracker warning victims giving them a heads up like right now she's at the 20th precinct part of their squad. 

An app would let other victims find each other because I don't think I am the first victim of Det John Vergona and his partner and Det Andy Dwyer and Vergona's facebook friends bad cop Eugene Schatz Who legally use the squad car and sirens to harass me and veteran vendors and artists having a small peaceful protest and his loyal partner Det Tommy Moran. 

3) NYPD app tracker composite sketches of alleged dirty cop Lt Agnes of The try not to laugh The Integrity Bureau Who protected NYPD John Vergona  who did a bait and switch of a far more serious crime and coerced me
- I don't know what he looks like soup for right now I would add a photo or drawing with the? Warning other victims of the app tracker the public and also allowing them to submit a photo of what they believe he looks like

Sgt Chen The first precinct detective squad is party to coercion crimes  protecting please crimes like a worship in my case along  with Lieutenant Angelo Burgos I don't know what these guys look like and if there are more than one Sergeant Chen's because of the criminal NYPD open violation of protocol their blue wall secret Policy deny victims badge numbers -- we need to put their photos ups to protect even more people and other victims to find each other --

Lt Burgos never answered my email a subordinate gave me his email asking for batch numbers but 3 1/2 years later New York State Supreme Court after he was served he sent me a LinkedIn request to be friends this is a man that open to close my case five times never contacted me and lied about me he refused to answer email asking for badge numbers.

NYPD openly violate protocol whether to stop and frisk refusing badge numbers and first names so there are more than one let's say Lynch, Kelly, Chen, Winski, we need photos, a sketch with it? And badge numbers when applicable first names because we have to expose wrong doing we have to warn each other this cop cannot be trusted the NYPD may be protecting them internal fares may be protecting them dirty DAs may protect them every government agency pases the corruption buck -this would protect cops with the same last name so they aren't confused with the dirty cop. 

Lt Burgos has to be my LinkedIn friend 5:35 AM on Friday the 13th the same day there was mass murder in Paris by Terrace he's not been punished or sanctioned in anyway along with the dirty cops he protected to threaten me coerced me lied  police reports. 

All top brass that protected the cops in my case they would be reported to the NYPD app tracker

4) NYPD app tracker would take the NYPD stats and then show you crimes that the NYPD prevented victims from reporting and or crimes the NYPD participated see you see a map of the NYPD stats which are always a lie and fake and then you would see how citizens are telling you for more crimes went on

5) The app tracker would tell you who is being sued and why corporate counsel is defending them and how much they've spent or what are the payouts if it's an NYPD officer will give you batch number what the person looks like and what precincts they work that were currently working at to protect more victims were to help other victims to come out and sue them

6) sexual assault - because rapes are so rampant the app tracker will let you come out and report it if it's an NYPD officer any government agency employee or anyone in a position of power you can report it will come up in a red light where ever took place with the information and the allegation of who is the sex predator -  if the victim is afraid even this could come back to haunt them it will be a special way to say well it happens in this precinct so it's a big enough that they can be in the statistical report and protect them from further retaliation because I know the please prevented me from reporting my tack or pressed her barefoot against my vagina and they attacked the course and the lies none of it ever was reported into the statistical reports

Cy Vance's intern would go in NYPD app tracker that she is alleged victim of sexual salt by someone senior the article from the DNA would be linked up so you can add links to newspaper articles to learn more about the DAs role in preventing a sexually assaulted victim of someone senior coming forward just like all NYPD articles with being sued or they few rare good NYPD who bravely audiotaped corrupt dirty senior cops forcing them to do wrong or be retaliated against all will be in the app tracker 

The articles about the NYPD will be cross referenced and with updates and links to suing the NYPD or NYPD that suit and what was the result of a lawsuit like Internal Affairs Det Shirley Pelage sued chief Charles and Internal Affairs damning article in the New York Daily needs would come up and the lawsuit and what was the result of a lawsuit 

7) I was able to get police reports and my attackers false cross-complaint and it's on the tip of the iceberg it comes to exposing NYPD and Internal Affairs and DA wrong doing - I have audio of NYPD, IAB and ADAs lying to me - they can be uploaded or direct you to a link where you can hear the audio -- Charles Hynes and plenty of others were able to just DDA's as long as they wanted and dirty ADA's participated in the NYPD app tracker will show New York City government agencies are New York State or whoever attorney generals are letting corruption go on including on the district attorney level and the app tracker will expose that and how they protect NYPD Internal Affairs crimes as well as crimes inside the DAs office

Because New York City government agencies are so out of control the app tracker should be on the front page of their website especially dept Of investigation the NYPD internal affairs corporate counsel City Council the mayors office and any and all lawsuits corporate counsel's defending if they're defending a Department of Transportation an app tracker and stats information should be available yup tracker will help to cross-reference show you maps any kind of cross referencing your date time employee if it's in New York City government agency photo if the victims need to share with other victims badge numbers if they've been withheld and in one victim can share it with other victims

"Nothing stays hidden forever"  David Lynch.  Comforts me re violence lies Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks violence lies #NYPD IA lies

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 6 second highlights Vine
Watch Delita Hooks remove her keys which had already hit me because they would hinder her goal to do a running punched in my left eye make me a hole in my retina 
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  

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