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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rudy Giuliani Mike Bloomberg Embraced SAIC CityTime Boondoogle Pales to SAIC NSA Trailblazer Mega Rip-Off that should have prevented Sept 11 Terror Attacks????

Tweet: Giuliani Bloomberg SAIC CityTime Boondoogle Pales SAIC NSA Trailblazer Mega RipOff + #NYPD graft role 911 Verizon &?
Note from Suzannah Troy Artist:  I started watching the Eric Snowden documentary and then I started to look into Bill Binney  from NSA the whistleblower and he  blatantly states the trailblazer is to blame trailblazer should have  prevented September 11.    NSA throws out Binney's program like Rudy threw out AutoTime both bring in SAIC  replace with hunks of junk and overbill massively.   (Note AutoTime  was created by city workers run by city workers and could've been expanded but Rudy  threw it out for a hunk of junk that's Destined for the Dumpster CityTime and Rudy's deputy  mayors became lobbyist along with than mayor Bloomberg pushed SAIC like drug kingpin pushes heroin.)

 Why am I the only one New York talking about SAIC Trailblazer  and SAIC  CityTime  A clear pattern here and we read the allegations against trailblazer you wonder why haven't there been arrests of top SAIC officials...!  Ask Preet Bharara or his old boss Eric Holder.    Below I give you a link on SEIC and they're bad resume which includes the Iraq war I need to shake your head that there's no one behind bars from SAIC except Denault on CityTime.

911 NYC gov is a far bigger crime than CityTime and still not a major news agency  demanding a criminal investigation just my blog every day now for years.      The connections to contractors overbilling also tie in like SAIC Trailblazer and CityTime...more later.

  Ok.    Who is the major contractor on trailblazer ???? SAIC !!!!!   SAIC had suckered the FBI  with the bogus system trilogy overbilled the FBI (aka tax payer $$$)and did the same but far more massive scale with NSA trailblazer and than Rudy Guiliani who maybe wanted  to bring spying to new heights in NYC throws  out a working payroll system created a run by city workers for a hunk of junk like trailblazer called CityTime and Rudy's  deputy mayor's turn lobbyist for SAIC.      SAIC was stealing  from the beginning on CityTime just like HP, Verizon,  possibly Northrop Grumman and other top companies that were contractors on 911 from the very beginning but all are above the law.  

Did Rudy Giuliani Mike Bloomberg bring in SAIC with the hopes of upping spying in New York City w/#NYPD ray Kelly?   I am glad at least The White House didn't support Ray Kelly for head of Homeland security.     Most every contractor over billing NYC tax payers has  very cozy relationships with homeland security.

Stay tuned;  i'm the only one to report that Nypd Commissioner Bill Bratton NYPD Cheif of graft chuck Dowd hosted FirstNet board meetings.    I want to know if the NYPD chief was financially compensated been anyway FirstNet?  I have audio  i've internal affairs defending him stating he did not steal millions stay tuned because I believe this along with Ray Kelly eventually will become news    .

 Contractors gone wild is an understatement it seems they have blood on their hands or Teflon and protected starting with the White House... It should be noted that President Obama is harder on whistleblowers and the few investigative journalism left in America than the George Bushes.

"Its main goal when it was launched in 1999 was to enable NSA analysts to connect the 2 million bits of data the agency ingests every hour - a task that has grown increasingly complex with the advent of the Internet, cell phones, and instant messaging - and enable analysts to quickly pick out the most important information.
The stakes could scarcely be higher.
A major failure leading up to Sept. 11, 2001, involved communications intelligence, investigators found. More than 30 hints of the impending attack had been collected in the previous three years but had sat, unnoted, in the NSA's databases, according to a joint congressional inquiry into pre-Sept. 11 intelligence operations.

The NSA initiative, which was designed to spot and analyze such hints, has resulted in little more than detailed schematic drawings filling almost an entire wall, according to intelligence experts familiar with the program. After an estimated $1.2 billion in development costs, only a few isolated analytical and technical tools have been produced, said an intelligence expert with extensive knowledge of the program.
Trailblazer is "the biggest boondoggle going on now in the intelligence community," said Matthew Aid, who has advised three recent federal commissions and panels that investigated the Sept. 11 intelligence failures."

Note from Suzannah: The New York media refuses to investigate the fact we need a criminal prosecution 911 crooks the biggest corruption New York City government but for now  The New York media refuses to investigate the fact we need a criminal prosecution 911 crooks the biggest corruption New York City government featuring  hewlett-Packard and Verizon  as well as other top contractors connected to Homeland security that are Teflon.

Note when government officials been arrested for their role in the out Regis abuses when contractors to over bill and deliver crap but  I agreed to false  arrest twice for running punched my eye that damage my vision at the doctors watch  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 4 second highlights Vine
https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173385168#fullscreen Delita Hooks false cross complaint I paid 15 dollars to get she walked in to 01 Precinct 2 days after me and committed yet another crime.  Judge Alison Nathan appointed by Pres Obama at 39 either never bothered to read the false cross complaint and arch the video or she is as corrupt and political as the dirty corrupt NYPD IAB she and the dirty DA protected? I don't know you tell me.  

It looks like top contractors and SAIC stands out among them  get a Teflon treatment they really really have blood on their hands and you have to wonder with the top contractors that were robbing us here New York City how many of them got Teflon status  and perhaps for even suggesting or offering are making backroom deals involving more spying perhaps by NYPD  and other agencies and therefore we're never going to be held accountable for their  criminal activity as well as plenty of them have NYPD on the payroll I should say retired NYPD?

CityTime and Trailblazer boondoggles have SAIC in common   -- amazing  this was lost on all mainstream media covering  CityTime and the U.S. attorney.  

From watching the Snowden  documentary and then looking into Binney and  The fact he blew the whistle on trailblazer  I realized Rudy Giuliani  may have  been aware before he hired SAIC  that they were be lead contractor and trailblazer who grossly over built delivered faulty crap and possibly are to blame for not  detecting terrorism which would become mass murder in carnage September 11 downtown Manhattan.  

I want to ask Rudy Giuliani under oath did he know about trailblazer when he hired SEI I want to ask Rudy Giuliani under oath did he know about trailblazer when he hired SAIC.  

 Note Rudy Giuliani had 11 years between terror attacks to move the command center for the World Trade Center and didn't   

What Rudy Giuliani did do is turn his full Sarah was him into $30 million personal fortune and his deputy mayor's became lobbyist to SAIC.

Snowden film and some googling give me devastating insight in to 911 tech corruption HP  i've always known was the lead contractor from sources was overbillimg and going to overbill until they lost the contract and I knew from in AP article that Hewlett Packard had to biggies on the New York pension ...HP  had no 911 tech experience but they had the two biggies on the pension board do the math     

 I alleged Verizon paid off top NYPD white shirt starting with NYPD chief Chuck Dowd  because they wanted to keep the NYPD happy and off their backs while Hewlett-Packard Verizon and other top contractors grossly overbilled us and delivered crap just like their pal SAIC on CityTime   

The 2nd command center for 911  is still not up     
---  I cannot believe top officials from SAIC are not behind bars and if you Rudy knew about SAIC in trailblazer perhaps he belongs behind bars.

I want to ask Preet Bharara about SAIC trailblazer  there was no Gerard Denault  but it looks like Mark Hughes who is confronted by Richard Valcich (who lawyered up but he and his replacement Joel Bondy  as head of office of payroll nyc gov -  and any and all top SAIC officials had nothing to fear for some reason).

Ironic note when Mike Bloomberg who pushed SAIC like a drug kingpin pushes heroin hired Stephen Goldsmith  I attended a breakfast that morning hosted by the media outlet and films Liz Holzman  hustling Steven and I wonder if it was for SAIC since she to shockingly was a lobbyist!!!!

Rose Gill Hearn  didn't infomercial on NY1 stating CityTime works  

 But the truth is the payroll system is a hunk of junk and doesn't work properly and belongs in the dumpster long with this 91 Texas them and that would be about $3 billion combined right there fraud waste junk    - Rose Gill Hearn  protected Mike Bloomberg and his administration and in return got to kick back appointments giving her even more power money and wealth   

Spy data system a 'boondoggle' / After 6 years and $1.2 billion, NSA still hasn't set up Trailblazer - SFGate