NYPD PC O'Neill Blocks me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
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"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cy Vance Dirty DA Will be Excoriated in "Flash Boys" One of the Best Films of the Century

Cy Vance Dirty DA Will be Excoriated in "Flash Boys" One of the Best Films of the Century (Thinking of this best free gift this holiday season for how many victims of Cy Vance?) 

This film has not been cast yet but I promise you it will be one of the most famous films of our time so powerful I'm alleging my blogging about it scared Judge Zweibel, in my opinion,  in to owning up late in the game the false prosecution (double jeopardy which he didn't aknowledge right away) of a Goldman Sachs programmer whose only crime was quitting,  leaving Judge Z's usual partner (hardee har har) in crime Cy Vance to a starring role for prime global excoriation in Flash Boys without him!  The Feds FBI come off looking bad in this too and considering the Feds failing the People with 9-11, Wall St Implosion, NYPD IAB corruption far greater than NYPD Jose Ramos, 911 Tech Corruption ala Bloomberg greater than Rudy Giuliani not moving emergency command center when he could've before the second horrific Terror attack on the World Trade Center.  

My lawsuits are going to be historical records of corruption retaliation that -- win or lose -- can't be erased (like Eric Garner filed a lawsuit against the NYPD 7 yrs ago) and next year's lawsuit against Cy Vance NYPD IAB DOI I want to pursue to the Supreme Court if that's what it takes and the knowledge "Flash Boys" film is coming and it's historic impact around the world to come is comfort and solace re: my case. 

From Youtube after the Wall Street implosion I urged Oliver Stone to do Wall Street 2. His film flopped but Michael Lewis's film exposes how it's business as usual with Wall Street again above the law and not being policed but owns the police and the Injustice system.  The Dow may have  hit record high 18,000 but the inevitable we have Wall St Implosion Part 2?   Do you call that a correction? (Almost laughable if it wasn't also tragic.)  

Cy Vance Dirty DA (District Atty.) protects NYPD IAB (Internal affairs Bureau) and Goldman Sachs (Teflon Wall St Bank) note: it is horrific and tragic 2 NYPD officers could be murdered very sad condolences despite a group of NYPD and internal affairs incredible abuse and criminal behavior involving me but the heartbreaking murder of 2 cops doesn't let systematic corruption and dirty corrupt cops including under Mike Bloomberg and (including) Ray Kelly off the hook and their corruption and dirty DAs like Charles Hynes and Cy Vance led to an anti NYPD feeling!  It is amazing the NYPD and media pretend otherwise.   My new lawsuit next year includes Cy Vance, Ray Kelly Bill Bratton, Mark Peters head of DOI, The NYPD (notice of claim filed) and internal affairs include Corruption involving the largest taxpayer titanic New York City government history 911 tech system and Cy Vance could've stopped the stealing and corruption almost 3 years ago but the Oligarchs of NY and their NYC gov puppets say you can go over budget $1 billion on 911 tech system but there was NO stealing like the Wall St Titans responsible for the implosion of Wall Street. (Laughable if it wasn't tragic...).

Looks like Sony pictures has a huge hit despite the hacking but it can't compare to the effect Michael Lewis's Flash Boys will have and because I am a victim of Cy Vance's corruption, evil and myopic stupidity a trade mark of Cy's beside the fact I am suing him and ADA Joan Illuzi, ADA Tiana Walton ADA Giovenetti, I will be among the first to rush to see Flash Boys which will win Oscars and excoriate Cy Vance for all the World in what may be one of the best films of the century!!!!

Aaron Sorkin Adapting Flash Boys | Movie News


Between Suspicious Deaths and Cy Vance Criminal Prosecutions, Technology Jobs On Wall Street Are Now Among the Most Dangerous in America

"Wall Street’s incestuous relationship with law enforcement in New York City has grown to epic proportions. It includes the joint operation of a surveillance center in Lower Manhattanand the ability for Wall Street firms to hire off duty NYPD officers with the power to arrest.

"It’s time for a truly independent investigation of the prosecutorial hubris that has built up in New York City under the banner of “protecting” Wall Street. As Cy Vance scurries about prosecuting IT workers on Wall Street, the FBI, Justice Department, and New York State Attorney General are investigating Wall Street firms for potentially designing computer code to fleece investors across America.""

Lewis famously said early in his book that the “market is rigged,” in “Flash Boys.” Expect that line to come to the forefront of the film and be repeated quite often when the film is put to the screen. (Note from Suzannah: Move over Oliver Stone Greed is Good).

Wow judge Zweibel in my opinion was forced to do the right my guess because he read my blog posts and figured out he would be excoriated in an Oscar Award  winning film!!!!   If he had integrity in my opinion he would not have taken this case because it was double jeopardy and of an innocent man!!!!!


Cy Vance could have already prosecuted and put away NYC gov 911 ECTP criminals involving by the way possibly retired NYPD... Cy Vance could have prosecute Wall St's top dogs or  St Vincent's Hospital crooks which might have angered Howard Rubenstein's Client Rudin Family Greed's need to replace a Trauma L1 Hospital luxury condos. I'm still trying to find out if Cy Vances wiretapping NYPD detective who got arrested was doing any illegal wiretapping for extra cash but that interests the FBI as much as the Wall St Titans responsible for the implosion of Wall St.!!!!  911 thieves greed and stupidity just impacts about 8 million people here New York City that's nothing compared to Wall Street implosion. 

Cy Vance is a dirty DA who I'm suing next year along with three dirty ADA's in my opinion - oh yeah this is an opinion blog.  

Cy Vance is an arrogant piece of crap posing as blue blood royalty US style confident he's above the law a fixer of the worst kind a corrupt corrupts creep but here comes the good news...

He is going to be excoriated in an Oscar award winning film that will be far more successful than 100 times more powerful than Oliver Stone's film Wall St.  

Greed is good is going to be replaced with Michael Lewis's catch phrase "Market is rigged" with even bigger broader meaning because so is our corrupt legal system so Cy Vance has done so many corrupt misdeeds, abuses and unlike some of his victims who been jailed for no crime  but  political agendas by Cy Vance or his pals and include dirty cops to powerbrokers starting with Goldman Sachs.... It will be with great joy I support the film that's going to expose this piece of crap and evil scumbag and prevents him from ever getting a lucrative job hopefully ever again.   Re: everyone involved in my case it won't be enough until they own up and take responsibility for what they did to me and I wonder how many others?

I wish Michael Lewis would put Joan Illuzi's words describing her boss Cy Vance in the film. She sounded like she drank Cy Vance lemonade or is it koolaide "The Cult of Cy" and she was completely ignorant of his role in preventing the prosecution of St. Vincent's crooks and clearly either ignorant of other of his actions or party to it like in my case?  Joan Illuzi told me she would not hold my politics or my blogging against me.  She told me she didn't know who I was and at the time she didn't but do you think she lied to me when she said she would not hold my politics against me and I had a right to blog freedom of speech?

"It would certainly not be the first time that a New York City defender of the public interest used his office to audition for a multi-million dollar job on Wall Street.

According to Lewis, Aleynikov has started a memoir. One line from the memoir reads: “The prisons are filled by people who crossed the law, as well as by those who were incidentally and circumstantially picked and crushed by somebody else’s agenda.”"

""The evidence included the laptop, a flash drive and computers the FBI seized in its search of Aleynikov and his home, which they later gave to Vance's office after Aleynikov's federal conviction was overturned. Zweibel said that it was "improper" of the FBI to give the evidence to the district attorney's office even after Aleynikov requested that the property be returned.

"This constituted an unauthorized seizure and retention of defendant's property that was unreasonable under the circumstances," Zweibel wrote.

Zweibel denied Aleynikov's motion to suppress statements he made to the FBI after he was read his Miranda rights.

In a statement, Aleynikov's lawyer, Kevin Marino, said Zweibel's decision gutted the district attorney's case and was "another important step on Sergey Aleynikov's long journey to complete vindication."

The Manhattan district attorney's office declined to comment.  (note from Suzannah: Cy won't comment on Sandy Rubenstein alleged rape, cy Vance is my opinion oh yeah this an opinion blog is a corrupt piece of excrement posing as a human who protects banks, oligarchs, corrupt cops who lie on the witness as well as mayor bloomberg who committed perjury during the Haggerty trial and Judge Zweibel didn't notice?  Well my guess Judge Z read my blog post and didn't want to be starring in an Oscar-winning film that exposes him for being a corrupt political judge like how many corrupt political judges in New York? hardee har har) 

Last year, Zweibel denied Aleynikov's motion to dismiss the case, saying Aleynikov did not show that the charges brought by Vance amounted to double jeopardy.  (Note from Suzannah: again I have to say in Judge Zweibel read my blog is my guess and he got shamed pure fear of being excoriated in Hollywood film made him act like a friggin honest judge and do a complete turnaround!!!!)

Aleynikov was featured in author Michael Lewis's book "Flash Boys" earlier this year.

The case is People v. Aleynikov, New York State Supreme Court for New York County, No. 04447/2012.""


Were a series of my blog post like the one listed below enough to scare in my opinion is somewhat corrupt extremely political judge straight?  Zweibel was ready to go all the way allowing Cy Vance free reign to false prosecute innocent People biz as usual in my opinion  -- Cy Vance  set a record for New York City under Michael Bloomberg with false prosecutions of occupy Wall Street as he famously did not prosecute the mayor for breaking campaign laws and committing perjury during the Haggerty trial!!!  

Goldman Sachs Cy Vance FBI Judge Zweibel Cameo in Film "Flash Boys "?

Future screening room with Cy Vances victims or party post Oscar sweep my crystal ball Flash Boys

I protested Cy Vance after the NYPD Rape Cop Pena case asking if he was going to return the $5000 campaign donation from his pal Llyod Constantine who allegedly led the jurors to misogynist prejudicial decisions when clearly it was 1st° rape and it was a no brainer NYPD Rape cop Pena lying was yet another misigynist dirty corrupt NYPD officer business as usual. 

Joe Jazz Hayden, Classic Cy Vance with Joe directing us to a video of Cy visiting him at his home sitting on his couch wooing him to vote for him only later to be falsely prosecuting him because the NYPD falsely arrested him.  Cy would not do the right thing but made sure Joe got community service which Joe felt was a form of slavery since he commited no crime.   

Michael Premo case another example of a dirty DA protecting corrupt cops a Taru NYPD willing to lie under oath and with the dirty DA's blessing withhold video evidence that's undeniable proof the cops are lying and the victim is telling the truth like my case.  Cy Vance wouldn't dare false arrest me at least so far but he would not arrest my attacker despite his corrupt ADAs admitting I was a victim of 2nd degree assault, menacing and a false cross complaint. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
 I have audios of them lying to me, along with NYPD and besides allegingly breaking campaign lawyers along with Mark Guma Cy Vance lost endorsement of democratic lapses second time out running for DA because Democrats did not approve of this prosecution of minorities for stop and frisk as well as occupy Wall Street protesters, etc. 

Please watch this YouTube exposing how corrupt the NYPD internal affairs in the DA are.  I have audio of IAB on Chief Chuck Dowd regarding gifts 911 tech corruption and possible more graft firstnet - he didn't steal millions. 

Please continue to help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB and Cy Vance, ADAs involved thank you. 

Vid 4 second highlights Vine

Cy Vance being yelled down outside NYU Law for what he really is in my opinion a corrupt misogynist  DA.  

June 19, 2014 learned even more about Internal Affairs Corruption do created new blog goal to sue Mr Bratton and Mr Reznick 2015. 

The NYPD an internal affairs fix crime in my opinion based on my own experience.

Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks Violence Lies New bad Yelp Review Not ADay @ The Beach!

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