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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NYPD Crime of Coercion for Dr Andrew Fagelman's office Lt. Burgos Follow-up Like Det Vergona's DD5 a Lie!

Lt Angelos Burgos  wrote I was uncooperative --- that was a  lie.  I have phone records and even an emails to prove it.

I never was contacted by Lt Burgos but I found out he was a supervisor so I contacted him via email asking for badge numbers of Det Vergona and Sgt Chen.  At the time I had no idea of Detective Andy  Dwyer's existence.  To date I still do not have their badge numbers.

Lt Burgos had to know that Vergona's DD5 a lie if he watched the video and that Det Andy Dwyer never contacted me.  He didn't think it was strange?  Lt Angelo Burgos lied and wrote I was uncooperative unless he meant I would not cooperate with the NYPD's crime of coercion and sealing my attacker's false cross complaint in under one year?

I was coerced.  The video proves Det Vergona's dd5 is a lie and Lt. Burgos had to know that and Lt Burgos and my attacker Delita Hooks's NYPD detectives never contacted me.  Lt Anges of the Integrity Bureau never contacted me but fixed it for Det Vergona.  I called Lt Agnes office after he did not ever call me and asked for a supervisor.  I was told he does not have a supervisor.

CCRB forwarded my case to IAB but IAB sent to the Integrity Unit to close the case out.

I have 3 police documents I am posting to scribd.com more evidence the NYPD lied and fixed their police reports as well as Det John Vergona threatening me repeatedly with arrest unless I dropped charges using Delita Hooks false cross complaint.

Delita Hooks false cross complaint was obvious to any honest cops including IAB but to date none have gone to the Manhattan DA Cy Vance.

AG Investigative Unit told me to contact the Manhattan DA as well but DA said IAB had to bring the case to the DA not me.

ps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you.

Please look here to see Detective John Vergona's DD5 which his falsified -- it has blatant lies.

Watch the YouTube.  She attacked me.  He left that out.  He left out she came out from behind a long reception desk to come after me.  Det Vergona left out the fact he said to me I had a right to defend myself.  He left out the facts I was provoked to first seek help from Dr Vine and when I couldn't get her because she was in with a patient I started to film to document her unprofessional behavior.

The NYPD lie and do this kind of coercion fixing crime all the time is my guess.  They just never imagined someone who did not go thru false arrest would ever be looking at their DD5 lies!!!!!!!

Who gets to repeatedly violate a patient rights and than repeatedly violate a patient's
body -- my hand/iphone, my face permanently damaging my eye, ripping out  my
earring, grabbing my hair ripping out my hair with the goal to drag my down the hall
and place her bare foot against my vaginal area and LIE ABOUT  it all including to her
NYPD helpers who sealed her false cross complaint instead of bringing it
to the DA and they threatened me with it first insisting I wait until 20 days
later for a arrest on Saturday at 4pm unless I dropped the charges?

Delita Hooks.  http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/lifestyle/Cocktails-With-Delita-Hooks_14378007

Thanks and gratitude to a mosaic of People all colors and backgrounds male and female who helped me obtain just a little bit of Justice via YouTube aka YouTubeland helping me break  22,000 views to shame Dr Andrew Fagelman who ignored how many yelp reviews regarding his staff and I paid the price with a hole in my retina and permanent damage to my eye and my neck.

Than I went to the NYPD and took 20 days to commit the crime of COERCION.

Coercion is a crime not a policing tool.

Internal Affair also turned out to be corrupt as well so thanks and gratitude.

I believe the NYPD via YouTube posted a comment telling me my lawsuit against them would go no where -- the same words I heard when I tried to report the savage attack.

Well the lawsuit is now past the 9 month mark so what ever the Judge rules it has gone some where and there is a Federal record of what was done to me and via their lawyer I got more incriminating evidence including NYPD DOCUMENTS which are fabrication and from NYPD officers that NEVER MET WITH ME!!!!!!!!

The NYPD prevented me from reporting an alleged HATE crime by the detective that was supposed to investigate my case Det John Vergona pre- lawsuit, also they prevented me from reporting the false cross-complaint - I have audio proof which contradicts what the New York Police Department's lawyer stated to me on the phone attempting to defend her client Sgt Chen.  I have audio of IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell stating case closed.  FYI the case is open.  I have NYPD documents that prove Det Vergona and Lt Burgos lied about me.  Lt Burgos never even contacted me refuse to answer emails asking for BADGE numbers and I sent the email to him to Mr Kelly, Mr Esposito, Mr Campisi and Mr Ed Winski.

Lt Agnes never contacted me.  Reported my allegations unfounded and he is from "the integrity bureau. 

I have more and will get more evidence if I get subponea power. 

Before I was attacked -  note all the bags and FYI my arm was numb with 2 injections in my elbow as well as I held my phone as she repeatedly attacked me.

Det Vergona asked me why did you walk by her.  

I responded if you kept your word and went to the office as he said she would know she sits at the very front of a long closed off  desk....

MD Office Violence NYPD Coercion YouTubeland Justice Delita Hooks Attacks Me a Patient 22,000 Views

NYPD Crime of Coercion for Dr Andrew Fagelman's office Lt. Burgos Follow-up Like Det Vergona's DD5 a Lie!