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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scott Stringer Removes Press Release 911 Audit Request for Criminal Investigation to Help Out George Arzt, HP, Bloomberg and Kelly etc. ?

Remember my exclusive yesterday???

"Exclusive Scott Stringer Remove John Liu's Press Release for May 2012 Calling for Criminal Investigation Comptroller Website"

Yes Stringer removed it. 

Ask George Arzt if he knows why Stringer did a Bloombergian revamp of nyc comptroller website removing John Liu's 911 press release -- historic for faux photos of Scott Stringer who admits he can't do his own taxes.  

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, HP and lobbyist for HP George Arzt also Scott Stringer campaign manager for Scott Stringer --- in bed with Stringer for a lot of reasons but Arzt in bed with a lot of players NYC and don't forget his wife and Extell. http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2013/09/christine-quinn-scott-stringer-no.html?m=1

short list for back room deals to put Scott Stringer who is unqualified for NYC Comptroller in office -- 1 reason to kill any audits on a sea of tech corruption starting with 911 hence Stringer rushing to put up disingenuous photos of himself with People same time removing John Liu's historic press release May 31, 2012 audit of 911 Tech Mess and a request for a criminal investigation.

More interesting what Scott Stringer is removing in contrast to his shameless phony photo album he is posting on NYC gov comptroller website.

Remember after Hurricane Sandy both Bloomberg and Ray Kelly said 911 worked.  Well it didn't.  911 had a history of problems from the get go and 1 possible reason besides open season under Bloomberg for contractors and consultants to pillage tax payer dollars like never before was HP had no 911 experience but truly fascinating how they got the contract.   Putting Stringer in was a hope to protect the Bloomberg administration, lobbyist, contractors and tech advisors including Gartner.  Lobbyists made out like bandits and many collected pensions. Consultants plenty from the NYPD ditto.  DOITT players left to very interesting jobs too. 

DOITT a messy dept that like every dept and city council allowed historic tax payer dollars to be robbed on way too many tech projects but no one noticed.  Bull!!!   CityTime and 911 shocking similarities including Dept of Investigation ignoring nyc gov whistle blowers and Rose Gill Hearn rewarded by Mike Bloomberg.   

Mike changed DOITT heads frequently and look at where DOITT heads and top players landed except Paul Cosgrove who called for HP ouster. 

Cas Holloway looked at me after insulting us at 911 city council meeting and said HP came in under budget leaving before People including me testified  I wrote on my blog in my opinion creative accounting.  

Please look here and read Cas Holloway letter.  If he and Bloomberg come out of closet before departure admitting Liu audit has merit why didn't press confront them on Liu's request for a criminal investigation and Cy Vance seeing no evil.  http://nycgov911techmess.blogspot.com/

Read Cas Holloway letter in link above my newest blog!!!!!!

Note 4am posting letter but still go to blog post above to read NYDN article by Juan Gonzalez that included letter.  

“The controller’s audit has three primary conclusions, none of them true,” Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway added.
The administration disagreed “almost entirely with your auditors’ findings and conclusions,” Bruce Gaskey, director of the Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, wrote to Liu. Gaskey even accused the controller of “deliberately misrepresent(ing) the facts.”
Given those denunciations, you may be surprised to learn what City Hall told the federal government just two weeks ago about the same 911 upgrade and the same Liu audits.
Letter dated Aug. 9 from  Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway to  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano regarding the 911 system.

Letter dated Aug. 9 from  Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway to  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano regarding the 911 system.

On Aug. 9, Deputy Mayor Holloway wrote to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano in an effort to head off a potentially embarrassing federal probe of the 911 project.
In that letter, a copy of which the Daily News has obtained, Holloway pointed to Liu’s audits as proof city officials were being vigilant.
“The city agreed with some of the controller’s findings,” Holloway wrote, and is reviewing payments made to Hewlett-Packard, “to determine what, if any recoupment should be pursued.”

Reminder as I said Cas Holloway turned to me and snidely said HP came in under budget.  (Yeah more smoke and mirrors and cover ups Cas and Mike forced to eat their words re: audit by John Liu that Scott Stringer just removed the Press release calling for a criminal investigation.    Note HP was not alone. 

Well with Bloomberg puppets in place HP protected and I allege George Arzt who is connected in way to many ways to nyc gov deals protected and is protecting HP in your face 911 corruption although under Bloomberg contractors and consultants including Gartner in my opinion open season. 

Also we need forensic audit 311 in my opinion yet another Bloomberg tax payer's titanic. 

See the old post below.   

mayor bloomberg king of new york: Christine Quinn Scott Stringer No Hospital in Bed with Geroge Arzt Extel Rudin Luxury Condos Selling the People of NYC Out!!!!

AP drops a bombshell a Friday afternoon circa a year ago ish - when news is best buried -- NY Pension board HP biggies call for their ouster----  no one picks it up but me and HP quietly gracefully shown the door on 911.  

If Bloomberg, Arzt and other involved protecting HP they would do everything possible to kill HP figures on NY Pension - call for their ouster.  We are never told who called for their ouster although easy to guess.  

Doesn't surprise me Arzt even attached himself to John Liu but maybe Liu didn't realize Arzt real long term goals. 

 CityTime HP Stealing HP Biggies NY Pension Board to today's lie

DOITT interesting relations with HP hardee har....and the other 2 companies Agostino and Gino rep NG and Verizon.   They are not lobbyists for HP.....correction on that error sorry March 13, 2013

Ex-DOITT Gino Menchini Agostino Cangemi Lobbyists HP Correction NG and Verizon 911?

Note I thought Agostino Cangemi and Gino Menchini DOITT biggies were lobbyists for HP guess I was wrong but cozy on lobbying for tech after they left DOITT like TechnoDyne who was robbying us on CityTime birthed by Rudy and his deputy mayors lobbyists on SAIC and Rudy and Mike thugs along with SAIC tried to push thru MTA SAIC corrupt deal but Preet again like Cy saw no evil.  There is a lot Preet can't explain and 1 is how TechnoDyne crooks could escape to India and remain in hiding despite remaining in contact with Denault????   

Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn said we would get all 80 million back from Spherion crooks. We didn't but Rose got her kick back for damage control for Bloomberg -- her new job. 

In above link I did a youtube yesterday. 
Can you tell I don't feel well -- it is mostly from the trauma of savage assault at Dr Andrew Fagelman's and the NYPD and Internal Affairs Fixing.  See this post -- my opposition to NYC Gov trying to dismiss my case and front page of my opposition address HP 911 which was Ray Kelly's baby as well as Bloomberg's. http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/01/dr-martin-luther-king-jr-quoted-up-top.html

Preet said there would be arrests of NYC gov officials on CityTime.  There were none.  In fact instead of Haggerty Trial with Immunity handed out like Kleenex to Team Bloomberg no key players including Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Chris Quinn, Mark Page, Patti Harris, Joel Bondy, Richard Valcich called to testify -- ditto SAIC top officials and Jelly Bean; Jelly Bean named in famous whistle blowing CNN I Report. 

Hey Preet re SAIC can u strip search a deferred prosecution agreement.  


Amazing how from Slush Abuse to CityTime to 911 Preet saw no evil with top officials nyc gov.