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Friday, May 31, 2013

Michael Palladino NYPD Detectives John Vergona 01 Det Squad a Note from Suzannah B. Troy

Please forward to Michael Palladino and every name on the Executive officers page that has no email

I left a voice mail for Sam Katz because Michael Palladino does not take phone calls and has no voice mail so asking him to forward this email to everyone and I will post on my blogs and note these are my opinions.

Above is a photo of me wearing a jacket now part of the 9-11 Museum.  I am told special visitors given a tour cried when they say my Jacket with Patches and pins perhaps because the Jacket represented them, civilians.  To the left you will see a NYC Detectives Endowment poster and I drew a small Red Heart over it.

I had a letter published in The New York Times after 9-11 asking for a sizable raise for the NYPD and FDNY and in The Wall St. Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero" which has grown exponentially.

After 9-11 despite a 2nd knee surgery just before the attack I went down to my health club at Whitehall St and massaged a high volume of NYPD and Army for zero dollars.  An NYPD Det tried to give me a tip and I refused.  NYPD had to stand for hours so in some cases because I didn't want them to get in trouble I said just take off your shoes and I will massage your feet.

I worked on the 9-11 archive for NYU Medical Center to interview and thanked all those that volunteered 9-11 and thanked so many volunteers that were turned away.

One woman told me just to be able to hand an NYPD Detective a cup of coffee at the Morgue was an honor.

I wrote a  fictional ghost short story dedicated to the NYPD and The World's Greatest Detectives about a woman that died downtown 9-11 and she can't face her death and the NYPD detective that finds her is really an Angel that has gently come to be w/her to help her come to terms with her death 9-11 -- like the pinch hitting angels the NYPD Detectives where the days and months following at the Morgue.

I also want you to know I have volunteered at Rusk with Pre-School handicap kids pre 9-11, I got a speed bump for Anna Silver School and bathroom doors returned to Tompkins Square Park and had the joy of seeing a handicap woman with her helper go in and close the door to have her basic human rights.

I worked with DC37 to fight to get mayor Bloomberg to get us $450 Million dollars back although I was the only way to say it should have  been 1 billion dollars x 3 RICO.

Oct 1, 2012 I was 50 years old and for who I am I felt beautiful and happy.   Now I have aged and have injuries to my eye and neck that need care maybe for the rest of my life and corrupt detectives from the First Precinct fixed this violent crime and their supervisors Sgt Chen, Lt Angelo Burgos and DI Ed Winski all in my opinion played a role.

Watch this video and than ask yourself how and why Det. John Vergona emotionally pistol whipped me in to dropping charges against my will?

He never answered me why did I have to wait 4 days until the weekend to be false arrested?  Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  Are you anti-Semitic?  He would not answer me.

I agreed twice to be false arrested but the day before the false arrest by a corrupt detective who should have gone to the DA with the video, my medical reports and the photos before and after which showed 

damage to my eye and defensive wounds.

Delita Hooks, Dr. Fagelman's employee 155 Spring st.  had her own detectives who's names I was not given and ditto badge numbers.  They never contacted me.

Det John Vergona refused to meet with me to see the wounds to my eye and arm.

Is that how The World's Greatest Detectives do their great work.  Refuse to meet the victim of a violent assault.  Refuse to go to the DA with the evidence?  Refuse to allow me to file a complaint Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint which I was told by retired NYPD Capt. is egregious.  

Here are 3 videos I sent to the Commission to Combat Police Corruption and the FBI.   

I am waiting tomorrow marks 8 months since Delita Hooks violently assaulted me.

Look at the long closed off counter Delita Hooks came out from behind.  Note there are no name tags for who works for whom but the Jodi Arias of reception sits up at the very front so she had to come quite away to come after me and she provoked me first to seek help from my MD who sadly was already in with another patient and than to finally start filming.

Det John Vergona asked me in our last conversation why did I walk past her.  Excuse me if I think he is shockingly stupid or willfully obtuse.

Watch the video -- see the heavy woman in the beginning leaning on the wall so nothing too exciting is happening until Delita Hooks lunges at me.  Note Delita Hooks is at the door and could have closed it but did not because she wanted my blood and corrupt cops aided and abetted her.

For 7 months I was also cyber stalked and harassed even a video "Det John Vergona Delita Hooks assaulted me false cross complaint no arrest" youtube and another illegally removed. Google YouTube apologized and returned my work and hard to believe someone close to Vergona involved but the NYPD just let it go and on and so far so has Internal Affairs.

I was called crazy and blamed for the attack.  There was nothing I did to deserve this woman hitting me as I held 2 heavy bags and my arm was numb (from a $430 medical procedure) as well in my right hand my iphone.

After the 3rd strike (to my body)  without putting down anything (2 bags and an iphone) I took her down to the ground as gently as possible just get her off me and she would not let go of me.

I remember the heavy woman yelled at me to let go of her and I put up my hands as Delita Hooks continued to yank on my hair and said I am not touching her.

Delita Hooks punched me, grabbed my hair ripping my hair and earring out as well as tried repeatedly kicking me her barefoot barely made contact with my vaginal area.

No arrest.   May I wonder if Dr. Fagelman called 1-800-NYPD PBA IAB fix it?  May I wonder is Delita Hooks got medical reports on her behalf forged which if so would be a federal offense?

I want every detective to know what was done to me and it is 8 months of suffering including inflicted by Det John Vergona and his supervisors and all involved in fixing this violent crime.

I had laser surgery to fix a hole in my eye and prevent blindness.


  I looked up the United Nations definition of torture and I am not sure but Det. John Vergona (actions and goal to force imprisonment in my opinion fit or close to UN's definition)

telling me things like I don't care if you have 2 black eyes, Det John Vergona yelling at me YOU ARE GOING TO DROP THE CHARGES!!!!!!!    and using a false cross complaint to keep me in jail (for a weekend if I did not drop the charges rather than go to DA with the false cross complaint) with a bloodied eye a hole in my retina, cervical spine damage whicih I had faxed him a report and he knew I have a collapsed bladder from tumors was his goal to punish me and make me suffer far more than I had already from being a victim of assault.

I know about the blue wall and so you can come up with every excuse in the book -- video three has audio of an IAB officer clearly not wanting to investigate why I was coerced in to dropping charges but I do believe G-d sees all and re: evil what goes around comes around so anyone who defends what was done to me is karmically challenged and I am sure not just for this.

I have donated my white blood cells twice and gallons of my platelets and at a function to honor folks like I me I met a retired cop who told me retired capt of detectives // ////// use to steal other NYPD officers food out of the 9th Precinct's refrigerator.  

Well /////  has nothing on detective john vergona and he taught me what the majority of people have been saying for so long.   Pat Lynch wants the NYPD to get back pay well the majority of New Yorkers want the NYPD to get a commission and a permanent outside monitor.

Any ideas on why?