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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Working on Healing Hole in my Eye We Believe from Violent Assault by Dr. Fagelman Receptionist Delita Hooks

After being violently assaulted by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist I had blood under the skin above my eye and below my eye but going to the EYE MD we found blood injury in the eye.

He sent me to Retina Specialist -- I had to drop everything clear my schedule.

My Retina MD saw and documented the blood but he did not see the tear or hole in the Retina.

I went back aprox  two weeks later and I wanted to talk but when he heard symptoms he made me stop everything and get my eyes dilated.  It was than he found the hole in my Retina and no surprise considering the blood both Eye MD's documented.

I also developed floaters in both my eyes which could come from aging but also from being assaulted not only punched in the eye but she grabbed my hair viscously and wrenched my neck back so that would be enough to cause floaters.

Too date Delita Hooks has not been arrested in my opinion because the NYPD are so corrupt and out of control and Adrian Schoolcraft audio recordings as well as other NYPD brave enough to come forward prove -- the NYPD are now documented down grading crime and or making it go away and include me being violent assaulted and I did not defend myself until she physically assaulted me three times but before that she berated me got out from behind a very long counter to stalk me and than as I left violently give me the finger.

You can hear her yell at me I am going to slap the crap out of you.

You can hear her say get out but she hangs on the door using the door for leverage to hit my hand and slap my iphone out of my hand.   She could have closed that door but it was almost like she had an NYPD fixer friend at the precinct and she knew she had her perfect scape goat piƱata.

Look up Dr. Andrew Fagelman on yelp and see Delita Hooks and gang have a bad reputation and more people are coming out to tell me how rude she is.  Yes I was told by more people about her bad attitude and People ask me why hasn't Dr. Fagelman fired her.  The Yelp reviews the negative ones say it all and my guess is Dr. Fagelman may have even asked some people to help me out and post nice reviews and last night I was harassed by someone on Delita Hooks behalf and I blocked them and they couldn't take a hint and came back with a sock puppet account.  Amazing these people have really problems no shame or empathy.

Saturday late morning I go to the Retina specialist to see him again post surgery.