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Thursday, August 16, 2012

NYPD Capt Jack Jaskaran DI Elisa Cokkinos Heads Up Christine Quinn Protests

Here is Louis Flores newest YouTube to update you on his book as well as alerting NYPD DI Elisa Cokkinos and Capt. Jaskaran of the 10 Precinct where Christine Quinn resides of problems in the past with NYPD harassing peaceful protestors on behalf of Christine Quinn.


Via this post, Flores alerts DI Cokkinos and Capt. Jack Jaskaran of  Christine Quinn's critics from Term Limits to Abuse of Slush money aka tax payer money, LGBT activists who feel betrayed, to Animal Rights activists  all are peacefully protesters.... all have a history of peace.  None of us have ever been arrested.

Christine Quinn's critics have a history of years of peaceful protests.

In what is the 10th Precinct zone,  protests are held  peacefully  outside the building where Christine Quinn's new million dollar condo (special insider price for speaker Quinn?),

Peaceful  protestors are asking DI Cokkinos and Capt. Jaskaran for awareness and action to stop unprofessional and wrong behavior by the NYPD that show up to harass peaceful protestors including NYPD from the intelligence division on behalf of Christine Quinn, all documented in Flores and other's YouTube Channel as well.

I believe an officer in plain clothes from the Intelligence Division refuses to give his name and his badge number although he briefly flashes his badge but avoids identification and that is not proper police behavior.  He is not alone in this unkoshor activity.   I am confident any NYPD officer starting with Internal Affairs will back me up on this.

These peaceful protestors have been documented in 2 Wall St. Journal articles.



Interesting huh, The NY Times who writes on stops and frisks for some reason has no interest in reporting on Christine Quinn's systematic use of NYPD to harass her critics as documented on several YouTube channels, blogs and websites.   The NY Times refuses to report on community anger at Quinn from her own district, small businesses dying as well as People because there is no hospital.  ( Just one example of a high profile death and The NY Times killed the news.)

Christine Quinn has a long term and bad reputation for her use of NYPD to systematic harass, intimidate, even physically shove protestors for no reason as well as be abusive to senior handicap citizens most recently  trying to prevent  a petite senior woman from leaning against a side of a mail box for support (certainly not a crime) so she could hold up a  sign critical of Quinn's activities as speaker ---  which is admirable at her age with her walker beside her.

NYPD Capt Jack Jaskaran and DI Elisa Cokkinos are now aware of activist concerns because of Louis Flores's efforts and because he registered a complaint because he was shoved unnecessarily yet again.

He was shoved in front of the LGBT center by an NYPD officer who was not from the 6th Precinct but this aggressive police officer was assigned to micro-manage peaceful protesting demanding a Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village and the NYPD need a hospital as much as we do if not more because of their dangerous job.

It is frustrating that the laws are very clear on sidewalks and yet NYPD officers on behalf of Christine Quinn and other one Percenters she represents seem willfully obtuse on the law.

 I spoke with Capt Jaskaran and he is willing to meet with us and work with us.   He asked that we contact community affairs in the future to give the precinct a head's up and so the officers also get to know us.

Capt Jack Jaskaran was born in Guyana,  raised in NYC and has a NY accent to prove it.   He founded the first South Asian Organization "DESI" for the NYPD and is working on his Phd at Cuny.      Capt Jaskaran is like DI Brandon Del Pozo part of a new group of NYPD with a special emphasis on education.

 I may quiz him on the law if I do ever meet him. I did ask him about one of my favorite NYPD the first NYPD officer to die in the line of duty abroad in 1909  and he answered correctly.

These protestors are consistently peaceful.  Quinn has a history of using NYPD which has been documented years ago on www.christinequinn.com I have joined them from time to time and also encountered difficulty with NYPD on other occasions and for no apparent reason use intimidation.

http://christinequinn.com/content/quinn-hit-more-protests  Proof this systematic harassment by the NYPD of Quinn critics has been going on for years.


Here I am being wrongly threatened by an NYPD officer from the 5th Precinct telling me he has the power to put me in handcuffs for my attitude.   (My "attitude" was questioning him telling us wrong information).     We were not blocking pedestrians and the sidewalk is a public space.

direct link to the YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m4T3z7Fggs

I know the law apparently better than the NYPD.

Christine Quinn and her rich pals call the NYPD via 911 and they get instant responses to have us swept off the sidewalk but I know the rest of us don't get that response when we call 911.

Christine Quinn's badge of shame is a  911 call  involving an ambulance for a 75 year old man that passed out in the freezing cold waiting to testify in front of City Council (many who did not show up) that he wants a Trauma Level 1 Hospital.  The ambulance took a half hour and Christine Quinn and Chuck Meara refuse to investigate why.  If Quinn had an ounce of integrity and or humanity she would call for the investigation instead of me having to continue to shame them in to one.

We also wonder if Christine Quinn is abusing the NYPD Special Intelligence unit to not only gather info on her critics but to harass peaceful protestors including senior citizens and handicap protestors.

 The NY Times has brought in out of town lesbian Carolyn Ryan to silence all voices in opposition against Christine Quinn -- Carolyn Ryan stops and frisks every article to make sure only sugar and honey articles on Quinn are published. 


 The NY Times is willfully obtuse -- the Old Grey Lady wears a dunce hat.    How can we take The NY Times seriously on the NYPD using unnecessary force when Carolyn Ryan, an editor with no journalistic INTEGRITY   is a serial story killer for Christine Quinn on news such as Quinn locking out her own district from testifying.


The NY Times killed so many stories to protect Mike Bloomberg and is even worse with Christine Quinn and continues to prevent me from commenting when ever they can including on CityTime.

When it comes to killing stories to protect Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn,  Bill Rudin and all of Howard Rubenstein's clients The NY Times would be mass murders if stories were human lives.

I was told when applying for top jobs in NYC gov Howard Rubenstein interviews applicants.  Rudin his client advertises in The NY Times his luxury St. Vincent's Rudin Condos yet another reason Carolyn Ryan kills stories for Quinn and has Kate Taylor write faux public relations pieces which are shameful considering their is no hospital in the West Village.

I was the only one to report do not renew SAIC CityTime contract -- instead we need a full investigation.

I was the only one to report we should be getting a billion dollars x 3 back as I stood with Local 375 DC 37  and Tish James outside SAIC's NY offices that we demand our tax payer money back and we got Bloomberg to ask SAIC who he pushed like heroin to give us $455 million back and I am still demanding the US Attorney re-write the indictment.

I am the only one to report the 911 tech system were we were grossly over billed and I want over a billion dollars back may not work if we have a terror attack as the EMS software has flatlined twice in 8 months and St Vincent's a Trauma Level 1 hospital is closed putting us in double jeopardy and this is not news.

Here I ask for the status of the criminal investigation.  The media should be leaning on Cy Vance for one on the 911 tech system.  This is life or death besides highway robbery.

If there is a terror attack of any kind and a greater blood bath because of a failed 911 system we paid over 2 billion 14 million dollars and huge chunk in my opinion is flat out robbery than the papers will have to report the news I have been blogging about non-stop.

For now with the exception of The Wall St .Journal it is not news that the mayoral candidate with the  most money backing her is using NYPD to harass, intimidate and even shove voters, New York activists around and it must stop.

We are asking that when we protest outside Christine Quinn's building or any where in NYC that the NYPD respect our first amendment rights.

Orwellian when the media starting with the NY Times and certain NYPD including the NYPD Intelligence division throw integrity and the law to the wind to serve Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn in what is suppose to be a democracy.   The NY Times is as fair and balanced as Fox News and Carolyn Ryan is the polite Rush Limbaugh having Kate Taylor shove a faux-Quinn down our throats killing important news stories to protest Christine Quinn with Kate Taylor building a false legacy.  Christine Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy.

Did Mike Bloomberg help you?

No but he helped Quinn.

We'll see you outside Chris Quinn's million dollar plus "insider price?" condo to protest PEACEFULLY as we always do and hopefully no longer harassed on behalf of Mike's mini-me another emperor wannabe Christine Quinn.


Last night Louis Flores' YouTube on Quinn was returned to him after many months of being banned.

My YouTube channel was removed before the mayoral election and Donny Moss's youtube critical of Quinn was also removed but again we got his work and my channel back but it took work and time.