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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Private Police Deutche Bank 60 Wall St. Private Army

NYPD Mike's private police or Intelligence Division
Do you want this removed because I expose Lynch is there for his muscle not his intelligence as he flouts NYPD protocol and escalates a situation that could have ended in 10 seconds stating he is NYPD, showed me his badge and identified himself?

Do you want this removed because Mike Bloomberg doesn't like videos exposing his NYPD removing critics and darn there weren't enough NYPD to remove thousands of People booing Bloomberg down at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory!

Supposed these YouTubes expose too much information -- are you kidding me?  This is a public street and they are public servants and their badge numbers public domain!


A member of Mayor Bloomberg's security detail is expected to turn himself in Friday to face charges he shot a man while off-duty, sources said Wednesday.
Detective Leopold McLean, 46, was stripped of his gun and badge and put on desk duty after the incident involving a gal pal's ex-lover.
Sources said the 17-year veteran did not report that he had fired his gun, a violation of NYPD policy. The NYPD and the Queens district attorney have not publicly commented on the shooting, first disclosed in yesterday's Daily News.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/member-mayor-bloomberg-security-detail-hot-water-shooting-article-1.452281#ixzz24VVbx1mM

Excuse but whom ever is running the Intelligence Division for Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn -- your secret police -- if you want to keep them secret hide them in police plaza but based on Det. Leopold McLean's use of a gun he not only made himself look bad, his bosses who I can't help are behind trying to remove my videos from YouTube that include 2 of their officers but as usual Mike looks like an anti-gun advocate fool.

How many times did Mike have Det. Leopold to Bermuda and his 5 star hotel that Mike puts them up at and it isn't considered graft?

If there is a lawsuit brewing I made be able to get some answers that even the mainstream media would find too juicy to ignore?

Before I meet NYPD Det. Kevin Lynch you could have called me a cop lover.  Activists are telling me see -- I told you so.  Lynch kicked my foot with his foot and banged his body into mine hitting my bag on my shoulder which rebounded in to me.

The NYPD are in the papers constantly for worst breaches than Lynch's including an officer from the very same detail

Could the NYPD Intelligence Division in concert with "Team Bloomberg" or shoulld I  say Boss Tweed Bloomberg and gang trying to remove my two YouTubes because they identify to NYPD officers that the NYPD don't want identified?

Has Commissioner Kelly okayed a new revised protocol for Putin Mike Bloomberg that Bloomberg's private NYPD do not have to obey NYPD protocol.

As I recall from the Tompkins Square Riots that some call The Tompkin Square Police riots NYPD officers removed their badges, changed badges so their is a specific reason the NYPD have this protocol in place.

The New York Police Dept has a new tech system videos galore and other features to fight terrorism which many including the ACLU who I have contacted aren't thrilled with but are we seeing a new trend and that is the Bloomberg "not so intelligent" division think they are above accountability and even in public areas are above being filmed they way we are and their name and division exposed.

We have other Intelligence Division officers show up to be intimidating and we have come to wonder if they are violating rights from Freedom of Speech as you can see Lt.  Dan O'Sullivan pulls me away when I yell Bloomberg down over CityTime and our 911 Tech system that is flawed and Bloomberg and Christine Quinn approved 2 billion 14 million dollars going oops 1 billion 14 million dollars over budget.

Hey Lt. O'Sullivan and your bosses -- if there is a terror attack or a series of planned terror attacks that create a Bloomberg Blizzard like effect and the 911 system fails us will you regret very cleverly and politely violating my 1st amendment rights?

We also wonder if Bloomberg and Quinn are abusing their position along with the NYPD Intelligence Division gathering information on their critics.

Interesting how the media that does attend your conferences are pretty much sheep and the few that aren't one wonders if you are plotting their removal the way O'Sullivan who at first took as much interest in me as fly and than a light bulb went off and I was shepherded away....

oh yeah...than O'Sullivan want my contact information.  Funny because I introduced myself to everyone in the small group of Bloomberg people and told than my blog name.  

When I had asked Lynch repeatedly for his name and badge number which he refused repeatedly at one point I told him my name and blog and I had been given permission to wait there to talk to Bloomberg's press secretary.

Lynch from the Intelligence Division must have been hired for his muscle and boring good looks lucky had no retention and when he woke up from his brain fart or is that where he lives he actually asked me again after refusing yet again to tell me who he is.

That is the first time ever I have not told an NYPD officer who I am!

When O'Sullivan violates my first amendment rights to free speech and suddenly makes me his focus changing gears from being too busy to the central focus of his job it was the 2nd time in my life I refused to share my info because he and Lynch did not evoke trust for some reason.

O'Sullivan isn't in any trouble but he will be asked to give his account to CCRB.

Do I want to be policed by him and his bosses that have struck me as not so intelligent and worse think the Bloomberg NYPD secret police or Bloomberg's FBI wannabe Intelligence Division are above even wearing an NYPD pin to own the fact the are NYPD and  must obey NYPD protocol or as O'Sullivans bosses with Commish Kelly's permission decided NYPD Bloomberg's private muscle are above accountability even the most basic protocol of having to identify yourself?


With the newest Tech Intrusion or fight tool or spy tool -- only time will tell is another battle brewing over 2 small videos that expose more of how Mike Bloomberg hold a press conference in a public street and Putin -- king Mike and his gang decide a public street is private.

No critics allowed so Lt. O'Sullivan who found me as interesting as a flea and as welcome transformed me in to someone who must be escorted away and asked what are my intentions.

Well my intentions were not to ask Mike Bloomberg or O'Sullivan for their hands in marriage.

I wanted to hold the mayor accountable.   No one at the press conference asked Bloomberg one hard question and the community Mike Bloomberg is so proud of "cleaning up or out" was not invited but worse turned away because Mike is an awful leader that wants his critics silenced.

Mike some of your tactics are worse than gun violence.  Your press people calling up newspapers to get stories killed and get rid of anyone with courage to do investigative work.

Shame on you and the not so intelligent division that wants to turn everybody against the NYPD but enjoys spying and technology  far more than community relations. Glad you aren't watching porno on duty and your desk draws aren't filled with porno or you aren't stealing guns and selling them or hiding cocaine in your lockers, or raping women, or killing people like the two retired mafia cops sitting in jail.

I wasn't impressed with Lynch but he could be worse he could have been the other Ken doll Mike had around Det. Leopold McLean who got a little out of control with his gun.....was that his service revolver he was suppose to "serve and protect" with.

Oh I get it, "the not so intelligent division" does not serve or protect but silences critics,  does not have to obey police protocol and G-d know what else the not so intelligent division does thinking they are above it all and police protocol emboldened by Mike Bloomberg who puts them up in in a 5 star hotel where ever he travels and flies them Air Bloomberg.


Wall Street banks have built major armies and Mike Bloomberg does not want to talk about how many guns and machine guns they may have socked away.

That's okay so does Mike...it is embarassing when Mike's special NYPD guards take their guns and shoot someone like the Det. in the NYDN article -- a man he saw as a rival but hey it's Mike's special NYPD and he thinks you all forgot about that bit of embarrassing gun violence.

Why hold Mike's private NYPD behold to NYPD protocol?