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Monday, July 16, 2012

Joe Tacopina Predator Looks for Blood to Decapitate in Court!

The New York Post Joe Tacopina The Most Hated lawyer!!!!!

In Joe Tacopina's own words -- he says he is a predator in court.  He looks for blood he looks to decapitate--- all in his demo -- YouTube below....very, very violent imagery.

Joe are those really the words you want to use when pitching a reality tv show?


Hey Joe:

Remember when Barry Scheck booed at Yankee games?

Well you are even more hated.   I guess you don't have any good friends that would warn about CROWING from your website about getting a corrupt NYPD heroin rape cop off?

Well Barry came up with the DNA foundation and even got himself played by a handsome non-Jewish actor but you can guess the movie fell short of real life....how ironic --- Barry is far uglier and the woman Hillary Swank played far prettier.

You can do it Joe.   You are hated and I am not convinced you are smart.  You are very aggressive and extremely manipulative. You are hated and on more than one continent.   Your "saint Joe" routine ain't going to work.


Come-on Joe -- if Barry Scheck could figure out away so could you.  First he tried using Cindy Adams column and that didn't work.  (I am Jewish -- just wondered why Barry didn't fight for a Jewish actor to play him. )

Maybe Joe Tacopina will see out Ken Moreno's fellow corrupt cop from the 9th Precinct NYPD officer Mina and ask to represent him?


Joe Tacky-0 crowed about getting Moreno off.   Unbelievable.

It is wrong Moreno is out on the street but at least he doesn't have a gun and badge anymore and he will be going to jail.

Joe how much do you pay for advice like this.   How much did you pay for that YouTube where you state you are a predator in court -- that you look for blood to decapitate -- maybe you should talk to Ron Kuby to expand your analogies -- go a different route than decapitation?



Someone opened an new youtube account right after my latest Joe youtube and wrote an unusual comment.  Any ideas?

Come now -- Joe wouldn't have me harmed.  He wouldn't want to lose his house and yacht!  Come now!

When you get your reality tv show can we call in and ask why rapes are up in NYC and why you crowed about putting a heroin rape cop back out on the street that didn't have the decency to send the drunk and vomiting woman to the emergency room instead of using her like a living breathing sex blow-up doll.

Police are suppose to protect not sexually exploit.

Amazing another cop from the 9th Precinct has been exposed this time for gun trafficking and guns he stole right out of the 9th precinct.   Mind blowing really.

Glad Joe only preys on his victims in court, looks for blood and decapitates only in court...that he doesn't do that out of court.   Those words sound like a murder's words not a defense attorney....aren't you glad Joe is a defense attorney?

Can you believe Mark Drier now the star of "unraveled" thought he was above the law and above the radar?

He never imagined he would end up in jail.  The movie isn't worth watching even after they price tag all his expensive items he bought with stolen items.

My point the bigger they come the harder the fall and it is best to be humble.....stay humble you won't tumble....Mother Earth, humble and real.