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Friday, July 27, 2012

Christine Quinn Never Filled Slush Watch Dog Position Green Lighting Slush Abuse! Name of person and qualification.   Don't believe Queen of slush abuse filled position

Rewind The NY Post Condemns Chrisitne Quinn as Much as Larry Seabrook.....

Hey Christine Quinn....even Richard Nixon finally owned up and he admitted the guy up top was responsible.  Time for Quinn to own up and resign!

See The NY Post article by Josh Margolin exposing the fact Christine Quinn never filled the watch dog positions on slush!!!!!!!  Why?  Hardee har....

Christine Quinn is as dirty as she is ambitious.

Not a feminist icon.    A feminist does not take kick backs from Bill Rudin and allow a Rape Crisis Center to close along with a Trauma Level 1 hospital and AIDS care for Rudin Family luxury condos.

A feminist does not invite Dave Paterson guilty of witness tampering trying to silence Dave Johnson's victim spousal abuse  in to silence and Judge Judy Kaye a political fixer fixers it so Paterson did not go to jail for perjury and Cuomo also involved in fixing for Paterson all invited to Quinn's political wedding along with a couple hundred people who won't give her the time of day if she isn't mayor.