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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Barry A. Bohrer Gerald Shargel Call Rudy Giuliani Mike Bloomberg CityTime Trial!


Question for Barry Bohrer (lawyer for Gerard Denault) and Gerald Shargel (lawyer for Mark Mazer):

What happened to a a fair and speedy trial?

Convenient huh?   CityTime the trial of the century...next century.....this trial may be delayed enough to not force Bloomberg to resign in disgrace like Nixon.    Nixon did  admit the guy up top -- is accountable!  To get answers we need to follow the money trail and I have said often the 455 million dollars wired back from SAIC to tax payers was too little.   I want a redo on the indictment based on Richard Valcich's letter.  I also want to know where are the arrests of top NYC gov officials and SAIC officials?  Not one arrest.  Hey little people trying shoplifting expect handcuffs.  This is very serious and bigger than Denault and Mazer yet no arrests.

Mike will quietly leave before this trial gets going if it does harder har..... and pay his high priced p.r. people to lie and say he was the greatest mayor ever when mayor Bloomberg is guilty of overseeing  the most tax payer abuse ever billions of dollars wasted, stolen, etc.   CityTime,  *ECTP 911 tech system bigger than citytime, NYCAPS, NYWiNS, FDNY Wireless, 311, NICE, etc. long list including Board of Ed tech disasters, problems and thefts.

Ironic a supposedly great biz whiz tech star responsible for a series of Tax Payer's Tech Titanics as well as Seedco and plenty other corrupt dirty dealings...ho hum....just another day of politics from The White House to Albany but this City Hall corruption is historic...biggest ever in NYC history!!!!!!  Shhhhhh.

Dennis Vacco put Bloomberg thru the ringer and in theory Bohrer and Shargel could pick up where Vacco left off.   Bloomberg committed perjury during the Haggerty trial besides breaking campaign laws! Perjury not covered by immunity and not one person on team bloomberg waived immunity ho hum.
Team Bloomberg suffered a wicked case of amnesia.  Maybe Patti Harris's husband coached them on amnesia testifying? Bloomberg appointed him and Mark Page to MTA board and I wonder if they pushed the corrupt SAIC MTA deal and on behalf of who and why was SAIC being pushed like heroin when they keep over billing us and delivering lousy services as Valcich's letter clearly lays out and before Denault was hired!

Bohrer and Shargel need to call Rudy Giuliani.   Why?  Rudy who gave us the hunk of junk called CityTime and brought in SAIC....oh,  and guess what?  Rudy's deputy mayors turned lobbyists for.....you guessed it SAIC!  

In my artistic opinion your clients are guilty but SAIC and even NYC gov top officials guilty including Rudy Giuliani who threw away a pay roll system that worked called AutoTime created and run by City Workers that could have been expanded as well as Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Christine Quinn and Rose Gill Hearn head of dept of investigation another Cathie Black,   went on NY1 and did an informercial for CityTime stating it works!

Does it?  CityTime is destined for the dumpsters.  CityTime like Maximus where 2 mega Rudy disasters that cost The People of NYC a fortune.

CityTime is a piece of garbage destined for the dumpster and my guess that was a no brainer early on.

Bohrer and Shargel need to call Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Christine Quinn who brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and fyi Bondy testified under oath in front of City Council.

This is just one of a series of Mike Bloomberg's Richard Nixon like Watergates -- truly big enough to force Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn out of office.




* where are the indictments?  expect major damage control and guess who and why containment like NYC gov and SAIC attempting to contain CityTime scandal...the goal to have Denault take the fall.
Yeah I think he is guilty but SAIC even more so and for a lot longer -- before Denault ever got there.



Oh yeah.....how much did we pay Gartner Group all these years for consulting on all these Tax Payer's Titanic?  Wow, Glenn Hutchins sold his stock! Mike how much did we pay Gartner and others for consulting on tech disasters when so many were actually bilking us?

I guess mega-millions.

We have harsh budget cuts and this City is in terrible shape except if you are NYU and how many corrupt greedy developers crushing our community.  We need that money to truly help the People of NYC and instead it went in to deep pockets....deep deep pockets....deep cover, all protected.

If Denault and Mazer are going down they might take others with them perhaps?

This goes all the way to the top and this is career ending....and FYI the 911 Tech System even worse...

If we have a terror attack home grown or foreign what are the chances the 911 tech system will fail us.

Rudy failed us 9-11....he had 11 years to move the command center and did not.

Get ready -- I pray we don't have an attack but if we do the 911 tech mess may be way worse than Bloomberg's Blizzard and the causalities far greater.

Just one reason I wish this trial was in progress right now this year.   Sorry I don't think millions of pages of paper are the only reason but the fact this trial will expose the largest corruption ever in NYC gov because they lawyers might bring up other tech over billing like ECTP 911 tech 2 billion 14 million so far originally a billion dollar budget.
Oh yeah and no one but me reported Gerard Denault sued SAIC on Valentine's Day and won SAIC has to pay his legal bills.   That must have greatly upset SAIC and top figures at City Hall.  Do the simple math as to why just like a 4th grader could have told us we were being robbed CityTime...