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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turner Won Sends Message Media Heads & Corrupt ”Protected” Politicos! Democratic Party NY Been Killing Itself

Yesterday Erin Einhorn did yet another Informercial for Bloomberg never asking him one tough question!

Einhorn gave Mike Bloomberg his usual informercial and the future “deposed” (hardee har get ready to be cross-examined in Haggerty Trial Mike) king Mike Bloomberg  and Einhorn both look like fools just like all the press silencing voices of opposition on behalf of Bloomberg Quinn as the flushed democracy down the toilet.

Yes, President Obama’s treatment of Israel was a huge reason Weprin  and Obama lost but another big reason Bloomberg-Quinn and all the city council people that denied us a referendum, Weiner a power addict as much as a sex addict, ditto Elliot Spitzer and all the politicians that covered up for Dave Paterson and the list goes on and on.  The Democrats are hurting the Democrats -- no Republican operatives needed.   http://youtu.be/Cgzp95ueBNo

The media moguls want Christine Quinn as their head mayoral puppet and the corrupt media protecting their media bosses financial bets including real estate and tech deals are going to be humiliated again in the mayoral run as they silence voices of opposition yet again like they did for Mike!  Stay tuned!

The  NY press just  covered up spineless sell-out Christine Quinn and Dave Paterson on WOR yesterday like NOW (National Organization for Women) all silence, silencing the heinous fact Paterson attempted to prevent  a victim of spousal abuse from coming forward by his 6 foot 7 best friend Dave Johnson who he kept on the payroll  as long as possible.  Dave Paterson refused to fire Dave Johnson who later did plead guilty and Johnson fled when the police answered the 911 call but Dave Paterson protected him and way too many “Democrats” here in NYC protected Dave Paterson and therefore sent the wrong message about violence towards women!  Shameful.

Reminder Paterson had staffers join him in calling the victim, many who later resigned when they learned how they have been used and abused by Paterson.

Paterson hired by WOR and Real Estate Magnate NYU who’s president John Sexton ran down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have a 3rd term worrying a real mayor might try to curtail NYU’s ruthless destruction of the neighborhoods NYU has been gobbling up responsible for mass displacement and Quinn is an NYU purchased politio as well.

Well WOR had their Paterson and puppet Quinn  puppet show yesterday.  The media never reported the news asking how could a supposed politic leader --  a woman sit down with Dave Paterson and keep silent.    http://youtu.be/6fPuhfFMipQ  Here I ask Dave Paterson what no newsreporter had the courage to ask him to his face and ditto for Christine Quinn.   If I stood outside yesterday and asked Christine Quinn the same questions she would have refused to answer.


Christine Quinn is a sell-out political puppet and she has  learned city politics can make her and her close friends rich but she has to lie and cheat like Mike and Rudy.

 Is there hope for the Democratic Party? Only if the many corrupt Democratic politicians are stopped -- as in voted out, arrested and if media moguls hire investigative reported instead of people sharing informercials for corrupt politician. ------- In the book City for Sale - Exposing Ed Koch's betrayal of this great city Barrett and Newfield reveal 50 New York Post reports signed a petition protesting The NY Posts reporting on Ed Koch as in prejudice in his favor.  Page 130 footnote at the bottom of the page.

This would never happen now at any New York Paper and that is why a Republican beat a Democrat.

Weiner like Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg (a closet democrat) and the majority of Democrats in NYC have over dosed on “power”.   Corrupt politicians mostly democrats in NYC abuse their power in countless ways and the media has sold it’s soul as well with no investigative reporters on staff anymore just “secretaries” copying down informericals posing as reporters.  (Why does it take years to expose Espada, Lopez* who is still be protected, Kruger, Bloomberg*, Quinn* still being *protected, etc.)

That is why Weprin was defeated yesterday.  True News predicted Weprin would be defeated but no news reported would go there.  http://truenewsfromchangenyc.blogspot.com/

Just like Bloomberg barely winning a message was sent and all involved did not listen and are giving Christine Quinn the same treatment.   Will they listen now that Weprin was defeated?  No.

We, The People,  will defeat Christine Qunn the media moguls and real estate moguls choice for mayor including NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U.  Christine Quinn will be humiliated along with the media yet again because the media owners are as arrogant as the politicians that continue to destroy the Democratic Party here in NYC riddled with corruption and arrogance kidding themselves they are above the law and above the People they are suppose to serve.

If the Democratic Party wants to salve itself start by dropping Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson who both stood in the way of stopping CityTime (SAIC and sub-contractors) +  Bloomberg/Quinn reign included ECTP 911 Tech system and corrupt Tech Education Deals for schools , the largest White Collar Crimes in NYC City so far exposed not to mention Bloomberg Quinn  slush abuse - denying us a third term and the  pension scandals including Steve pay to play Rattner...Quinn acts as Bloomberg’s deputy mayor and Thompson failed as comptroller.

You want to save the Democratic Party -- find some leaders not high on power tripping and actually willing to SERVE the PEOPLE rather than sell them out!

http://youtu.be/F3OLAgH1MJg  Half a year before the mayoral election I predicted Mike Bloomberg may not win due to Voter Anger.  I was right.  The media did their best to silence me along with all Bloomberg opposition.  My YouTube channel was removed but thanks to Norman Siegel and supporters I got my channel back with an apology 28 hours later.  Too much corruption and dirty play here in NYC like Nixon’s Watergate but the cover-ups continue.  

Next stop is making sure Christine Quinn is not mayor.  No more “bloomberg puppets” running NYC.