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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

NYTimes Exposes Bloomberg’ Tech Disaster Josh Margloin Exposed Aug. 11 NYCAPS

For over a year I have been making YouTubes and blog posts stating Mike Bloomberg’s techno-dreams are the tax payers nightmares...folks the papers have touched on little to nil as the tax payers continue to be robbed and we have massive lay-offs 800 NYC gov. workers thanks to Mike being a failure when it comes to management and tech decisions that are bleeding the city dry with greed and corruption.

It is nice to now that occasional newspapers feel obligated to report the news and Bloomberg’s people consistently lie to save face.  If there were US Attorneys and DA will guts and integrity we could get Bloomberg and his staff on the stand including Dept. of Investigation and ask them these same questions with the threat of facing perjury charges as well.


Wow!  The NY Times author David Halfbinder doesn’t give the system NYCAPS a name for several paragraphs - how about NYCAPS in paragraph 1 and in the title?  NYCAPS was exposed by Josh Margolin of The NY Post did August 11 --and as of today Sept. 24 the rip-off/over-run is now 363 million.

Will my comment make it past NY Times censors?  Don’t think so.  http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2011/09/ny-times-to-censor-suzannah-b-troy-for.html

The New York Times wants to charge for reads after 20 free articles but their news reporters have done below par reporting like John Elligon never naming Chad Seigel as the attorney that compared women’s genitals to a venus fly trap when he asked the forensic nurse does “it snap shut like a fly trap”.

Apparently the editors do not think naming names like an attorney’s  when he commits an in your face hate crime disguised as a question or  the 1st paragraph -- name it NYCAPs.

It took many paragraphs for Halfbinder to actually name NYCAPS so I could say oh, that’s that piece Margolin exposed over a month ago.


From NY Times piece:
"Rather than asserting more control over the project, the administration delegated a far bigger role to Accenture, the prominent consulting firm, which was charging the city as much as $383 an hour. “

If only the news reporters would investigate Gartner and how much NYC gov. pays Gartner consultants.  Gartner is owned by Glenn Hutchins and like many of his pals also on the Partnership for NY 

No arrests or law suits for money back ECTP 911 Tech System, NYCAPS, and many board of ed Tech deals....also like CityTime were other behind the scenes deals made....?   Once CityTime was up and running NYC gov would get a percentage of any sales if NYC gov sold the system to other gov. agencies on behalf of SAIC as I understand it....

So with NYCAPS could Bloomberg have brokered a behind the scenes deal with info NYC gov. gathered and sold behind the scenes?  Just wondering....?

Indictments but where are the arrests CityTime and how about starting with NYC Gov officials or like all of Bloomberg’s pals they are above the law?