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Monday, December 17, 2007

got my little digital to go visual with the struggle: East Village vs mega dormed to death, infrastructure, NYU-Ville

Self-portrait graffiti St. Mark's Place East Village
Layers, layers, unfolding....

"Old" New York... Auden's poetry on love...

NYU mega dorm, Cooper Union mega dorm, mega dormed the East Village to death...denial is a river of concrete running through the East Village, concrete NYU mega dorms plus Cooper Union, SVA (a mini-mega dorm), The New School, and The NY Law dorm with balconies for law students to look out upon us plebians. The used the term community facility to supersize and exclude the community. We want community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm to help the middle classes, low income, poor and small businesses with free computers, listings of all resources, a table ask for volunteers and tutors and more. We want a NYU verison of 311 to call in complaints. Most of all we want NYU to stop mega dorming our the East Village to death and add the West Village to the equation -- No more NYU! Please note this "skyline of NYU mega dorms and Cooper Union continues to the Bowery where the "temporary student housing" becomes glittery sky piercing luxury hotels. Do you think NYU started a trend here?

Cooper Union's crane...I have heard rumors that this space will be more than just studio space for students. Let me know if you heard the same rumors...There have been some infrastructure breaks very close by...do you think they had anything to do with all these construction?
You can find me standing next to a water main break on NY1

NYU confuses Lafayette Street with a bus and trolley depot. NYU is not satisfied buying up, leasing and even tearing down historical sites like Poe House and St. Ann's Church. NYU, the East Village's very own evil empire insists on taking over every piece of public including Washington Square Park that meant to be a park for the people of New York like Stuy Town was meant to be affordable housing never NYU campus and now NYU takes up blocks of Lafayette Street and clogs are narrow streets with mostly empty buses and trolleys.
They need to get rid of most of these trolley's and buses and encourage the students to walk or take public transportation like NYC's high school kids do and that would be a "green step". Can't NYU park these buses and trolleys on their own property like those massive faculty housing that blot out the sky along Houston Street.

Welcome to the "new" hideous New York with glass mirrored buildings that reflect a history destroyed and a community that made the area so desireable no longer welcome. I sat down with NYU representatives and I asked that the first community out reach resource center be here.
Note: NYU Dept. of Housing = for us it means the death of the East Village, The Village East and West aka NYU-Ville. The only thing the mayor, socialite mega millionaire city planner and their friend John Sexton have not done is provide trains, NYU buses and trolleys to move us out for the new New York, the new "village" NYU-Las Vegas-ville.

Con Ed workers working on infrastructure is as ubiquitous as NYU students and we are paying for this tsunami of community crushing development city wide with higher Con Ed bills, some people with their lives....

Welcome to the "new' hideous New York built on "Old" New York's infrastructure...and we have been having way too many infrastructure breaks...The mayor has ignored the call city wide to slow down this tsunami of over the top community crushing development....mostly for the mega rich with mirrored sky piercing luxury condos, hotels, and the newest most hideous NYU mega dorm built at Guiness world record setting pace because NYU student housing is more important than the people this city so attractive to the people that know find us an inconvenience.
Gentrification has become supersification!
I must quote Jane Jacobs: "...Luxury housing projects that mitigate their inanity, or try to, with a vapid vulgarity."
I want to say-- Jane Jacobs if I had be shown one photo of the "vapid vulgar" mirrored hideous New York City that mayor Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire Amanda Burden nntended I would never have voted for him.
Welcome to the "new" hideous New York...built on "Old" New York's delipidated infrastructure -- that looks more and more like a generic shopping mall...


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...


Here is the link to the NY1 water main break on 7th Street and 2nd Avenue and I remember a community member telling me he and his wife reported one even closer. They live next door to the Cooper Union site but I didn't witness that one.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

here is my poem from way back when...

Bye Town, Sty Town or Buy Town, Sty Town, bye, bye

+it is official Buy Town, Stuy Town, bye bye...

so I put my poem up on the blog...slighlty modified

Sty town
bye town
affordable housing
just another oxymoron
built for returning WW2 vets
and low income
Peter Cooper Sty Town
Bye town bye bye

when NYU made Sty town
an unofficial dorm
it was a clue
bye bye Sty town
affordable housing oxymoron

Mayor thanks for the 150 million
anti smoking donation
a man burnt my hand as he passed
me on the street
he said he is sorry
sorry but the he ain't putting
down his cigarette.

Met Life do the last good deed
for middle income
and sell Peter Cooper Sty town
to the people that have lived
there because they looked and
they can't afford Brooklyn and Queens no more
no more affordable housing
for the middle and lower income
the homeless numbers just larging up
so is litter on the street
is something wrong with our eye hand coordination
or did people just give up?
did you give up us, the people
and we gave up too?
history, historic buildings torn
and i never saw so much litter
on the street
My heart and soul still
mourning the 2 big Towers,
people that took the Express to Heaven,
so much so much 9-11

I voted for Bloomberg because
I thought he'd bring innovations

hello 311
tax free not for profit institution
just tore down another beautiful building
Edgar Allen Poe piece
of history all for what?
mega dorms? NYU mega domination
living in NYU ville and I thought I was
living in the East Village.
all for what?
St. Ann's survived 158 years
but not NYU's
need for yet another
mega dorm...
for what? College kids want to say they live
here, NYU, NY Law not NYU, The New
School, Cooper Union, SVA and
the small businesses keep closing
and evictions keep rising like the
monster-mega dorma
but our college kids have housing all for
and higher and higher education
so exclusive all that live
here are excluded!
we have to leave
we can't afford NYU-ville
or health insurance
or NYC anymore....

Sty town
bye town

one day you might miss us,
will miss us
but don't come
because I don't want to you
to tear down my hiding

Good Bye New York
as we knew you and loved
you because the Mayor
says we don't have money
and have to close our firehouses
so beautiful with the memories
the fire houses from another
century also working memorials to 911
Mayor Mike says sorry they must go
because the City is bust
but the mega rich's pockets
have never been deeper
as the supersize and uglify
and no one is policing them
City planning is high fiving
them aiding and abetting supersizng them
ignoring our pleas to
save our 'hood and our
long term community members
that continue to be forced to leave

I hand in my testimony in
for 128 East 13th to
any honorable man that
does listen, I know
Amanda Burden can't hear
our pleas and even tells
me --oops she
took my call by
but she can't rationalize
the tear down of St. Ann's Church
and I tell her
the 10 alarm fire in Greenpoint
we need preserving not
destruction David Kramer calls a NYU mega dorm

City incentives to developers ain't about affordable housing
just a Trojan horse for developers
to supersize our historic communities

bye bye and it ain't just Sty town,
people keep saying sorry...

why do the mega rich
tear down our history
like terrorist and build
such ugly testiments
to the fact wealth
and power doesn't
come with
appreciation for

I listen...
who was there...?
Nobody --
mean no celebrities...

we pass the mirrored building
in front of the big black
cube at Astory Place and
see reflections
of a hood that is changing
and that we ain't welcome.
yet the want to live
next to you and me
byeand it is all over
ain't just Sty town,
by town
bye New York City
bye bye

Come visit us soon
cause we are looking
like an ugly midtown
traffic tied up with NYU buses and trolley
so leave extra time cause
the college kids can't use
public transportation

if you don't visit
you can visit
a recreation
of the Bowery
Lower East Side
and Village East and West
in Las Vegas in a museum

but don't come look for us
you won't be visiting
the house the Ruth built
it ain't
just Peter Cooper
and Sty Town
bye town,
no Donald Trump--
leave Spring and Varrick alone,
it has been along
time coming
a slow long exodus...

bye and thanks
for the t shirt
"I love NYC
but I can't afford to
live here"
bye bye

Suzannah B. Troy

ironman said...

Your passion and efforts to prevent this sea of change of our middle-class New York are noteworthy and I applaud you. But, I fear, your efforts are a classic example of whistling in the dark. Am I being negative? Probably, yes. Am I being realistic? Probably yes...alas.

PS Ironically, am listening to Leonard Lopate on wncy right now and he is discussing the number of artists leaving New York.

Jeremiah Moss said...

nice job, SBT, i linked to your blog today

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Hi-five and big "old" New York style hugs to my supporters!!!!!!
My favorite zen saying is..."Live each moment as if your hair is on fire!" Which means give each moment all your passion as if it was your last moment!

Thanks Ironman and of course Jerimah I am huge admirer of your dedicated passionate work with Vanishing New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!