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Friday, May 27, 2016

CityTime Curse Looms for SAIC

CityTime Curse Not Over Shareholder Lawsuit and more coming  May be uncomfortable for Preet Bharara?

CityTime  A hunk of junk Destined  for the dumpster!

Its not over.!!!..Shareholder civil lawsuit still moving through the courts, should hear news soon?  Leidos Shareholder claims Leidos aka SAIC knew about CityTime fiasco and did not tell the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) in a timely manner in their financial reports.  When SAIC finally shared the bad news the stock price dropped. The shareholders want their money back! 

CityTime is the  payroll system for the City of New York . The City of New York hired  prime Contractor SAIC to run the project, the contract ended when a massive fraud scheme was discovered ballooning the project from 63 million to 650 million. 11 people were indicted, 3 are jailed and serving sentences, 5 light sentences, 2 fled to India and 1 dead. No City or government official nor SAIC executive have been held accountable. 

 If shareholders win, how much will CityTime prime Leidos settle for? Should Leidos be disclosing this on a new SEC form?  It will be a huge set back for Leidos to loose the appeal that allows the suit to move forward in the courts. The 2nd  Circuit court of appeals sees merit in allowing the courts to hear the CityTime story and how executives could have known CityTime was a financial disaster and  CityTime was  broadly known fraud scheme for far longer than management would like to admit on shareholder reports? Did management deliberately withheld disclosing to shareholders the potential dollar losses and potential to be barred from federal contractor?

 Fact Leidos received a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) extremely close to the required disclosure due dates with the SEC.? Fact Leidos refunded 550 million dollars to the City of New York in an near that same time frame? The shareholders law firm Robbins Geller uses the the vernacular "knew" "know" or should have" known" when referring to upper management knowledge on CityTime, you'd think these shareholders have more than a shot at getting their money back? This blog repeated says these crooksters should of could of known or likely knew?

Maybe Matarin Capital Management LLC has the inside scoop on shareholder lawsuit? This news passed the streets electronic desktop today. Maybe totally unrelated but Matarin definitely decreased their stake in Leidos effecting stock price...City Time Curse?

This blog has been tracking this lawsuit potential exclusively or so many years....check out this prediction in 2011, lawsuits were filed a full year plus later? ...Wonder Woman  knew Dr Redacto this blogs villainous legal character  was hiding info form shareholders 5 years ago! And the courts are just catching up to Speed!!! CityTime Curse continues...will the jailed trio continue to appeal? will the SAIC or Leidos continue to pay Denault's legal bills? To be continued...its not over. 

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Precious Four saved
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Dear Suzannah,

We've got them!With your support, the Wildlife SOS team has rescued the Precious Four. They are safe, comfortable, and being looked after by veterinarians at a temporary holding facility in Pune. 

Yes, the girls are finally free -- but they will need a lifetime of love and care. Among other problems, Goldie is blind in both eyes from years of neglect and abuse. Her daughter Sylvie suffers from acute foot problems, limping with every step. Poor Ruby may have had the worst of it -- in addition to foot issues, there's a gaping hole in her right ear that likely resulted from a bull hook. Pearl, despite serious health problems of her own, does her best to comfort the other elephants. It is a truly touching situation. 

Once they are cleared for travel from the holding facility -- and we have the necessary transit permits in hand -- they will be on the way to a wonderful new life... far, far away from the cruelty and inhumanity of the Rambo Circus. There is still much healing to be done for these amazing elephants, and we still have so much to do to prepare their new home. We are asking for your generosity once again. 

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Thanks very much!
Geeta and Kartick
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