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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Etan Patz Jury Contamination and or Joan Illuzzi Corrupt Liar?

Did Jury in Etan Patz Murder Case Receive Improper Information? - ProPublica

“The issue is probably best explored in a balanced way by a hearing,” Cohen said in a phone interview. “The district attorney obviously has a vested interest in preserving the conviction and the better way to assure a balanced view of what did or didn’t happen is a public hearing where Hernandez’s lawyer can examine fully what the facts are. As they say, cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth.”

FYI Joan Illuzzi has no integrity is ethically challenged as in no ethics and is a liar and I posted a YouTube of her lying to me!!!!!
Joan Illuzzi is corrupt and all about political ambition and she has no ethics and I know it firsthand when I told her I was coerced she denied it but she made it I was savagely salted that it was second-degree assault that it was menacing and she promised she wouldn't hold my politics against me!  Joan Illuzzi is  a liar and she even lied to me about a federal express which I never received and when I asked her and her supervisor ADA Tiana Walton  for a tracking number they refused to give it to me and federal express said there was no FedEx!  It turns out the Manhattan DA you can hear Joan in her own words because I posted it on YouTube her lying to me that they did a thorough investigation she didn't even know where I left along with the assistant DA and staff she assigned to my case

You're rich and powerful man you can rape sexually salted women especially if you work for the Manhattan DA Cy Vance -- google DNA Cy Vance Intern, you can Google top names and rape and have a walk and sexual assault --

Cy Vance is the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time so many high-profile cases and he hasn't been forced to resign and he hasn't been forced to recuse himself regarding Mark Guma.

When Joan Illuzzi Learned I was a huge critic of her boss Cy Vance she let me know and really unhealthy terms how much she admired him it was really creepy but it explains why he rehired her after she had the most humiliating loss in Staten Island history for a run for Staten Island DA endorsed by Rudy Giuliani the New York Post New York Daily News she lost.

I believe she is without any ethics and it makes me believe even more Mr Hernandez did not kill Etan Patz.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Preet Bharara Grill Bill Volume 2 Friday Mayor de Blasio

Is Preet Bharara reading my blog finally I get an answer....?

Hardee har har 

US Attorney Preet Bharara "Grill Bill Volume 2" Friday Mayor de Blasio comes undone? Handcuffs, resignation or...?

De Blasio spends second day prepping for feds’ questions | New York Post

Hilarious Bill  won't answer tough questions from the press not that many of the press have a courage to ask but i'm confident he's been prepping for more than a couple days in fact he's probably completely taken advantage of all the delays to attempted to prep...?

Side note:  For anyone watching the Showtime TV show Billions early screening of episode two of this new season can you Jaw drop right up to the last minute episode two and did you think about the US attorney who is that based on...?

If at all......?

Anyway Tish James  could shortly be our interim mayor and if she is I hope she'll settle my case and other victims of the NYPD and there's going to be I believe at least one arrest if the mayor doesn't become the first mayor to be arrested he could be forced to resign and for many of the victims of the NYPD waiting for cases to be settled it couldn't be soon enough because you know what he was full of it -- Rudy Giuliani corrupt crooked never move the command center after the first terrorist attack downtown and bankrolled a fortune screwing over the taxpayers including SAIC which he had lobbyists his former deputy mayors push SAIC along with Michael Bloomberg pushed SAIC  like a drug kingpin pushes heroin....

 Unbelievably shocking Giuliani could be the head of technology all it means is he's going to make himself richer screwing The People over yet again as he makes himself richer....

Ironic  so much corruption so many Teflon people from Albany to City Hall but we are going to see I believe at least one arrest finally someone City Hall...?

US Attorney Preet Bharara  did not arrest one New York City government official for CityTime crime not even Joel Bondy!!!!!!

US Attorney Preet Bharara Mysterious Delay Grill Bill de Blasio

Well this Friday finally...

Below read dirty Cy Vance hires prestigious lawyer he hires --- special counsel who doesn't mind that the Manhattan DA is corrupt dirty and has a major intern sexual assault scandal?

How is mayor Bill de Blasio going to face Preet Bharara without immunity when he can't face a grilling from Yoav Gonen, the NY Post City Hall Reporter?

US Attorney Preet Bharara Mysterious Delay Grill Bill de Blasio


Tweet: Dirty Corrupt DA Cy Vance gave mayor Bloomberg immunity but perjury isn't protected. Bill de Blasio no immunity

 Many people believe that the US attorney has enough to make arrests and force the mayor to resign even possibly arrest him so what's the delay?

 Is the  US attorney handing out immunity cards get out of jail free cards to lobbyists...?

 He needs even more information to de rail team de Blasio.

 Remember during the Haggerty trial how first the corrupt dirty DA Cy Vance  try to prevent a sitting Mayor Mayor Bloomberg from testifying along with his team of corrupt players I mean Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and for some strange reason Dennis Vacco did not want to call Steve Rattner who is found guilty essentially but paid to not go to jail and paid not to have to admit guilt  and was banned by the SEC -  please google it I'm exhausted I'm so tired I can't do all the work for you OK so why didn't Dennis Vacco call him he was Fiona's boss and Fiona was having sex with  The newlywed married Haggerty  and she technically was handling the purse strings but Steve Rattner was her boss...

 If you remember the dirty corrupt DA Cy Vance was forced to give them all immunity and perjuries is not covered by by immunity  Michael Bloomberg a sitting mayor committed -  remember Tim Robbins when I New York one and send mayor Bloomberg testilied.

 My point is our current mayor doesn't want to be unity and if  Preet Bharara  is called in with immunity I think he be forced to resign so what's taking so long...

In theory Preet  might respond he needs more time to gather information but I don't know I just want the mayor out with the hopes that the public advocate would settle my case I'm probably one of many victims of NYPD crimes that's hoping the next mayor although she would only be into a mayor will do the right thing and stop projecting police crimes.

Judge won’t scrap city’s ‘100 worst landlords’ list

Judge won’t scrap city’s ‘100 worst landlords’ list | New York Post

• North Dakota protest camp disperses.
The deadline for Dakota Access pipeline protesters to clear their largest camp passed Wednesday afternoonTen people were arrested, but 20 to 25 demonstrators are thought to remain.

Evicting ICE from Rikers endangers lives: fed sources | New York Post

 Would-be bomber’s recruitment, and his foiled plan.
Documents obtained by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act show how the so-called underwear bomber was inspired to try to blow up a plane as it approached Detroit in 2009. 
 A former Uber engineer detailed in a recent blog post a history of discrimination and sexual harassment at the company. 
Her revelations shined light on a workplace culture in the technology sector that can be aggressive and unfriendly to women
• The U.S. economy appears to be avoiding a winter swoon, which means the Federal Reservecould raise its benchmark interest rate “fairly soon,” minutes of a recent meeting show.
 White House rescinds bathroom access rules.
The administration reversed an Obama-era policy that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity, an order that caused a rift in President Trump’s cabinet.

Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient False Cr...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NYPD Body Cameras like ECTP 911 NYPD Top Brass Graft and Soft Landings

NYPD Body Camera Scandal like 911 HP tied to Homeland Security

 The NYPD don't need to steal from drug dealers all they do still to this day they been quite just a few how many have not been quiet but now they just get lavish gifts thousands of dollars worth or more and sometimes their promise soft landings are consulting jobs are put on the board of this and put on the board of that and we're talking top NYPD brass that's why we need a forensic audit of all NYPD spending and it's ironic that two  NYPD officers got punished for excepting dinners and what they except it pales in comparison to what NYPD chief Chuck Dowd  got in relation to 911 tech corruption and also first FirstNet. 

Top brass up and excepting gifts and even Ray Kelly sept it lavish gifts to go flying on Mayor Bloomberg's jet with his wife when he was quiet I think he did pay back some token money but with the camera deal if they take in Grafton the deal gets killed then will they have to return the graft and no soft landings as consultants or board members and by the way how about  NYPD and the pensions...?

 Now you can see why top NYPD and top internal affairs are protecting a pile up of crimes from a doctors office to the police department they're not just misogynist racist and anti-somatic and corrupt they're capable of all kinds of retaliation they're willing to actually protect breaking laws and in that case become accessory to breaking laws and I know the truth is going to come out in books on corruption and films I really think what's been going on under Bloomberg Giuliani our current mayor and whomever replaces him the corruption is so out of hand starting with 911 but also NYPD wrongdoing in so many cases from Eric Garner's case over eight years ago Eric Garner's  can written lawsuit is an indictment of Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi  and corrupt Bill Bratton taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD.

I also think John Miller has not left the police department like he should've he should never of gotten the job he got because he can't find a soft landing. Bratton  got $1 million soft landing final to him self he was supposed to become Homeland security an FYI that was why I would not vote for Clinton - Clinton  is out of touch with the people she wanted to make sure she wasn't asked any questions about Eric Garner  she pretended we didn't believe that Bratton had Eric Garner's blood on her hands and then she wondered why she didn't win.  Well funneling  million dollars to Bill Bratton is just one reason...

Andrew Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient False Cross Complaint NYPD Fixed For MD'soffice fixing favors and FYI lying to the NYPD is a crime even when NYPD Detectives are committing crimes doing fixing and favors

Dr. Andrew Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient  False Cross Complaint NYPD Fixed For MD'soffice fixing favors and FYI lying to the NYPD is a crime even when NYPD Detectives are committing crimes doing fixing and favors

corrupt nyc, ny: NYPD Det John Vergona 01 Det Squad LIED vs Public Member Marks My Case by Suzannah Troy on Scribd

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NYS NYC politics for personal gain

"Richard Painter, a former ethics adviser to President George W. Bush, had told The Associated Press that the language in Mrs. Trump’s suit was “an unprecedented, clear breach of rules about using her government position for private gain.”"

 I got the quote from the New York Post but it's kind of hilarious because New York State and New York City that's all government people tend to do is use the political office mean look at where people live and how they got the property they got where their family members, look at my Bloomberg he went into New York city as the mayor and tripled his billions... Rudy was not rich and he left making $30 million  selling the myth he's 911 hero when he didn't even move the emergency command center after the first terrorist attack..

Rudy is now using a technology job at the White House to make even more money he is so corrupt and dirty it seems like it's a standard given that you get into government office for networking and soft landings and exploiting everything possibile for personal gain  and also for your family your lover mistress whatever....????

NYS NYC politics for personal gain a way of life in the USA?

#FDNY Prayers for Chief Neville

Your prayers are requested for retired Deputy Chief Tom Neville and his family who are originally from Mahopac, NY. Tom is gravely ill and suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis and related heart conditions from years of duty. Chief Neville was in the FDNY for 37 years and also Chief's Rep for the UFOA. Tom retired in 2000. 

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Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Mayor de Blasio The City's Most Vulnerable Children Failed

Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments

Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments
The Washington Post
The unrest took place in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Stockholm. Read the full story

Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments

Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments
The Washington Post
The unrest took place in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Stockholm. Read the full story

Monday, February 20, 2017

Not My President's Day' protesters rally to oppose Trump

Not My President's Day' protesters rally to oppose Trump
Protesters in cities across the country took to the streets on Monday for "Not My President's Day" rallies with a strong anti-Trump message. Read the full story

Haymaker's Killer Delicious Breakfast

NYPD at Vegan Diner Champs investigating a break in

‪Breaking Champs Vegan Diner closed this morning while  NYPD Investigate  break in. My source the NYPD ‬

 Champs is the best vegan diner it's the only one the food is incredible but also fattening it's not for people that want to be skinny vegans  

 I always laugh when I think of their  groceries Haymaker's--there's not one piece of fresh fruit or vegetable but they do have the best vegan foods and substitutes even a vegan deli I kid you not

Suzannah Troy (@vegansuz)
Suzannah B. Troy artist: #NYPD at #Vegan Diner Champs investigating a break in. Brooklyn suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/02/nypd-a…

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NYPD Crimes Zero Tolerance Data Base Tracking NYPD Crimes to Graft Tech Contracts?

 New York City is wisely backing away from an abusive “zero tolerance” policing strategy that led officers to blanket minority communities with criminal summonses for minor infractions, but more needs to be done, the Times writes.

To The NY Times editors:

 Could you imagine if zero tolerance or broken windows was turned back on NYPD officers? The NYPD detectives from the 1st Precinct, the same precinct that handled the Etan Patz Case coerced me, threaten me lied in DD5s aka police reports and top brass One Police Plaza, Corp Counsel and Internal Affairs are using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend no crimes were committed from the doctor's office where I received a running punch to my head -- a hole in my retina which is on YouTube with 400,000 views to the police who lied in police reports, protected those who threatened me and acted on horrific misogynist Hate Crime to turn the tables on me bury me if I took any legal action by a lawyer missing a sock puppet account.

It took me a year of calling the 1st Precinct to find one honest cop who gave me my attacker the medical receptionist/Office manager's Force cross complaint number file two days after me.  I posted her boss cross complaint on scribd.com it has 4500 years.

I've never met Ron Kuby and I was a critic of hers but in the darkest moment when I was terrified he came through for me over the phone and via email he kept me from even greater damage with a hole in my retina and cervical damage from corrupt Who hid from me like Ku Klux Klan members and lied in DD5s (police reports) and are now openly Facebook friends allowing me to see their faces for the first time via Facebook last year and they are friends with the first cop PO Schatz I reported to Internal Affairs  2 years before I was attacked down the street at the doctors for using his car like a weapon intimidating threatening me been illegally using his sirens on behalf of The Mercer Hotel as well as protecting the Hotel illegally using the loading unloading his private parking with valet service.

I appreciate what Ron Kuby did which was keep me out of danger and the possibility of even more NYPD crimes committed at the First Precinct but his letter to the NYPD was not what I agreed to vs my attacker's letter to her NYPD fix her signed openly threatening me yet again warning me to not come back and file second degree assault charges; ironic because NYPD knew it was second-degree assault but wrote 3rd° and then falsified it into a mutual assault  and than Sam d no assault when was a medical patient and a human piƱata holding bags, my arm numb from a medical procedure and I was filming my patient rights being violated and shocking unprofessional behavior and rather than close the door or apologize she use the door for balance to start a violent attack that continues after the camera shots down from the punch and impact of her hitting me so hard and your violence continued including pressing her barefoot against my bachelor area when she couldn't kick my groin.

Det John Vergona omitted my attackers threat to do bodily harm the fact that she repeatedly assaulted me with their hands objects throwing her shoes and the sexual assault the part of pressing her barefoot against my vaginal area.

Every supervisor that lied about me and police reports for the detective squad never met me wouldn't answer my request for badge numbers and three police commissioners two heads up Internal Affairs  protect spike up of crimes in my case and how many others?

 When I finally realized I could report second-degree assault  I was turned away! Chief Banks and Lt Gannon confirmed I was turned away because I was in Federal Court pro se suing thr NYPD and Lt Gannon said it's against the NYPD policy to allow a victim of violence to upgrade charges if I'm suing the NYPD but prior to that a month after I was coerced I tried to report my attackers was cross complaint when it wasn't suing and I have audio of Sergeant Chen of the first precinct detective squad having me turned away. Sgt Chen could be heard refusing to come downstairs so today I don't know what he looks like an I don't have a special number and he has the police officer at the front desk join in the lies telling me I can't report a fast cross-complaint because I'm not from the DA and I'm not a detective which simply is not true.  I learned turn broken windows back on the NYPD that they work together the blue wall of corruption they use their badges to break laws; to do fixing in favors in retaliation.

You can't even be a victim of violent crime of the doctors which is supposed to be a sacred  place at doctors office I was weighed  and judged (in police terms a round robin) and then retaliated against for being a whistleblower.  NYPD term for cop doing fixing in favors for somebody for somebody who pulls it off is a rabbi or hook.

It's time for new commission in to police corruption which includes holding Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs cannot investigate Internal Affairs corruption let alone NYPD crimes. 

The new commission in to police corruption and an app tracker would also track all NYPD $ including contracts because the NYPD are out of control taking lavish gifts the most heinous maybe the 911 Tech system and the newest in question could be the NYPD cameras as well as pension dealings?

I also came up with the concept of an NYPD app tracker series of databases that would allow citizens to review or government data like lawsuits which agencies are sued foil requests and most of all report crimes the NYPD and internal Affairs won't let you report including their crimes and track every government agency that fail's victims.

It is time for The New York Times to share Eric Garner's hand written a lawsuit in his own handwriting an indictment of Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi.

There should be zero tolerance for police corruption.

Suzannah Troy
 The misogynist corrupt evil detectives at the 1st Precinct and their commander and top brass including internal affair start that they were going to teach me a lesson but I don't think they taught me that lesson they planned on I don't think they got the results they planned on either

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NY State AG and Comptroller My Case

I'm contacting the attorney general for New York State as well as the comptroller to tell them about my case - Zachary Redacto Carter  another corporate counsel lawyers rolls as well as the NYPD police reports to show nypd Det John Vergona lied plus direction to the audios posted on YouTube of nypd Sgt Chen having me turned away as well as audio  I have internal for Sergeant Mary O'Donnell work using evidence.... etc.  and to alert them that in part one aspect was blowing a whistle on the 911 Texas them and your mayor Bloomberg which was a bigger tech disaster then  I'm contacting the attorney general for New York State as well as the comptroller to tell them about my case and to learn them that in part one aspect was blowing it was salon the 911 Tech asap ECTP under Mayor Bloomberg which was bigger tech disaster then CityTime in the top NYPD brass were taking lavish gifts as contractors overbuilt delivered late and delivered crap

911 tech aka ECTP is still the biggest or corruption in the history of New York City and millions of people's lives depend on a working system which is a scandalous overpriced report Lake City time both destined for the dumpster  and not want to rest of the city government employee by the way  but I agreed to false arrest twice for running punched my head because of a crazy violent lying manipulative receptionist/office manager with anger management problems employed by Dr Andrew Fagelman.  Google Dr Fagelman assault.  Watch the Youtube  with over 400,000 views

How ‘The Elephant Man’s inner pain became a surprise hit | New York Post

 I really would like to read this book in that movie was amazing FYI I was treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany and my Dad World War II veteran and scholar died knowing Ray Kelly and Charles Canpisi's role.   My entire YouTube channel was removed before Mike Bloomberg ran and barely won his third term  I got back my channel with an apology from Google and the Wikipedia page on me was deleted but first cyber vandalized  misogynist he climbs similar to the one that followed Sunday after I was punched in the face running punched my head at Dr Andrew Fagelman's my guess by Joe Tacopina it should be noted on my way Wikipedia  Page on censorship the page with sensor deleted even though I am referenced in Guiseppi Logan's Wikipedia page and Joe Sanchez  and another page I'm not gonna can tell you where it is but it just shows you the misogyny and prejudice  and the lengths people would go to censor black out the truth like Eric Garner's  hand written I made years ago that every New Yorker should  everybody should read Eric Garner's  handwritten lawsuit exposing Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi  and a media that is blacked it out entirely.

Bill Bratton, John Miller, Reznick, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Chief Chuck Dowd taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD...

I do believe you will see a series of books on corruption both of the NYPD in technology  contracts here in New York City under Rudy Giuliani (ironic after his role with DAIC he has the job he should never have gotten it and he got it to cash in as if  30 million he made on the myth he was September 11 hero is an enough money) , mayor Bloomberg (911 aka ECTP, CityTime, board of technology, FDNY wireless, etc.)as well as de Blasio  The newest scandal the body cameras and you will be seeing films documentary in film son police corruption my case and I believe our gardeners as well as many other victims of NYPD crimes including murder...

Many visitors at the 9/11 Memorial do not realize they are also visiting the site of an earlier attack in 1993 that, while less deadly, presaged an era of terrorism fears in New York City, The New York Times writes.
Rudy Giuliani had 11 years to move the emergency command center  out of the World Trade Center after the first terrorist attack and he did not do it and now we have two command centers the first was built with contractors delivering late delivering crap and the second was so many years late and mega bucks more money than it was supposed to be so the NYPD are saying  it is top secret to cover up the crimes and possible even more NYPD graft just like the NYPD cameras...

 If you want to understand corruption in New York City New York state you probably need to look at the pensions as well as lobbyists and consultants as well as the contractors that openly steel over bill and it's horrific it was very apparent to me under Michael Bloomberg but if you Google Pentagon taxpayer if you still see it's even worse than I could've ever imagined  and contractors that were grossly over billing stealing are tied to Homeland security pentagon NSA etc. 

Grill Bill Volume 2 Bill de Blasio faces Preet Bharara Coming Soon

Grill Bill, Bill de Blasio Could Be Forced to Resign

Well we're waiting and we're hoping he'll be forced to resign and Tish James will be the next mayor at least for a month month and a half until there's a new race not that the voter "technology" could handle it - like 911  tech under Mayor Mike Bloomberg it was a see if taxpayer Titanic's mega ripoffs no arrests except on the payroll system and again not one city government employee was arrested in other words corruption with no accountability and 911 is a huge story massively covered up specially they overbilled delivered late delivered crap huge stories about both command centers not news. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Season 6 Episode 5 Homeland

This was an incredible episode and what appears to be a terrorist attack in Manhattan is clearly not a terrorist attack  but that has not been more deals where should we put it this way --  someone was responsible for a bomb looks like it's going to be a shocker who that is.

 This was when the better episodes I've ever seen in surprise surprise NYPD play a role where they're not honest and the reckless in terms of communication and listening they're awful ....

 Anyway I cannot wait until next week to see what happens...

Showtime Season 2 Billions episode one #Vegan bit hilarious

Suzannah Troy (@vegansuz)
Showtime Season 2 Billions episode one #Vegan bit hilarious. About 30ish minutes in...

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Netflix The Kindness Diaries, Wow Factor

"Kindness Diaries" on Netflix
 I have to tell you at first I was skeptical and I really was not into it I'm like OK you have a rich guy that's trying to get people that have nothing to give him something so I was not comfortable but then occasionally he turns around and does something so incredible for someone that really has nothing that's been incredibly generous to him and one is a homeless guy and how he helped him is amazing it is so incredible when you can help someone to no longer be homeless but also to find their niche to find a way to work -- that is an episode two and I think it's in Chicago ... whoops ---  i'm exhausted I actually think now it's Pittsburgh because it goes over it again later in Croatia...I'm not sure I'm so tired it was just amazing

It should be noted I was a victim of savage violence and more savagery with the lies that followed after the doctors where you're supposed to be safe in Soho New York city and then I went to the NYPD and the detective squad didn't like me they were willing to break laws to fixing favors and retaliation all on the way there of been really good people supporting me even telling me they're sorry this happened to me and it helps but the people that broke laws and continue to lie so far of gotten away with everything but murder so anyway I'm grateful to every good human being that's been supportive of me kind compassionate and I just I'm starting to enjoy the series...

misogynistnyc: Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp Fixing Favors like Corrupt NYPD Yelp Reviews?

NYPD First Precinct Pal Henry Buhl Vesco Scandal Funneled $ to Wife?

  NYPD First Precinct Pal Henry Buhl Vesco Scandal Funneled $ to Wife?

Look at The NY Times article and you can see way back when it looks like Henry Buhl always was a "Buhlshitter"...even then....

Ray Kelly and his wife enjoyed free rides on mayor Bloomberg's private jet and who knows what else and he protected many top chiefs taking graft as well so my guess Ray and the NYPD just want their graft....?

Who cares that on ECTP aka 911 Tech under Bloomberg, contractors were delivering late and crap and grossly over billing along with consultants and lobbyists laughed all the way to the bank like on CityTime... newest scandal is the NYPD body cameras....

Ask NYPD Ray Kelly and Deputy Inspector Ed Winski if it matters to them rich folks who own the NYPD like cheap candy -- does it matter about their resumes....

I wonder what boys in blue enjoy courtesy of Mr Buhlshit?

Sure seems Henry  Buhl was lucky they did not have an internet way back when --- if there were resources like this to share he wouldn't have an ARTIST'S loft in Soho and living off his grandaddy's fortune....?

NYPD First Precinct Pal Henry Buhl Vesco Scandal Funneled $ to Wife? by Suzannah Troy on Scribd

Wealthy Soho owns the NYPD like cheap candy like Williamsburg but TEFLON so let's look at this article from The NY Times and read the last section -- it appears to me that Vesco funneled money to Henry Buhl via Buhl's wife?   The First Precinct was doing fixing and favors for Michael Rawson than manager of The Mercer Hotel who was wasting police time harassing me on going until I called Andre Balaz and FYI I have documentation of Rawson harassing me under 2 different accounts admitting he was going to harass me until I took YouTubes down of the protest against him --  he got non NYPD Vets to harass a dying Korean War Veteran dying of cancer but after Rawson exited in 2012 right before I got savagely assaulted by Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying attack receptionist/office manager -- a private investigator asked Dr Andrew Fagelman did you speak to the NYPD and for some reason Dr Andrew Fagelman stated "No Comment" more on that later.

So I protested the First Precinct's pal Henry Buhl dropping illegal planters down including by where the Korean War Veteran worked who was dying of cancer and as usual I called in wrong doing but the rich of Soho are Teflon protected like the Orthodox Jews that had a special understanding with the NYPD -- that understanding is systemic and it can mean money funneled, invitations to a party, favor for a NYPD family member, etc - it can be a power trip or trying to lower the stats on crime including  NYPD that commit crimes way too many with Internal Affairs protection and the Mercer Hotel was and probably still is running private parking with Valet service in the loading and unloading zone with a special relationship with the First precinct which I became aware with with the cyber stalker nut job Michael Rawson who I am alleging has used more than the 2 YouTube accountants with his name to harass me...he has wrongly accused me of owning YouTube channels that are not mine and he admits censorship by illegal flagging a video of the protest out on the street.  He sent out thugs to steal signs I made and he or his thugs threw water on a Viet Nam Vet.

Take a look at my post and he came on my radar when he was calling the police on People of all colors, male and female trying to make a living in Soho and they did not inherit a fortune from their grandfather...ironic -- I read his mother disinherited him and he sued and got money -- -too bad for Soho but the NYPD at the First precinct like em rich what ever their resume.

This guy is the real deal and did not inherit a fortune from his grandfather like Henry Buhl  of Soho aka Buhlshit the buhl foundation
The Buhl Foundation, established in 1989 by Henry M. Buhl, is a private not-for- profit foundation. Our primary mission is to provide funding to organizations in ...

Putin has his Fans Here in NYC?

 I hired a car to take me a short distance thankfully and the driver was asking me all these questions so I asked him where are you from because he had a thick accent and he said from -\|||~~<

 I said I'm sure...

 Long story short I was critical of Putin - I believe him to be a murderer he just kills very rich powerful people take their money and power but he essentially told me I was wrong and it's the US US goes and kills people  all over the place and Russia's efforts for  example to support Syria's government heroic.....

I said well have you taught me I said thank you -  you've convinced me Putin  should  get a Nobel prize.

Of course you know that I was being sarcastic.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp Fixing Favors like Corrupt NYPD Yelp Reviews?

Jeremy Stoppelman is it okay to violate my patient rights, savagely assault me and than get fixing and favors from the NYPD and it appears to me the victim  Yelp as well?

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp Fixing Favors like Corrupt NYPD Yelp Reviews?I

If I understand correctly Jeremy
Stoppelman originally created
yelp to prevent the horrors 
I endured at Dr Andrew Fagelman's 
when I went to see Dr Vine and
Dr Fagelman's violent lying
employee decided to repeatedly 
violate my patient rights.

Delita Hooks false cross complaint has over 4,500 views on Scribd.com   I filed out the top part and an NYPD employee filled out the bottom where Delita Hooks does admit she understands
I am a patient but she makes up lies and the YouTube with 
over 400,000 views proves it.

Lucky for YouTube or else patients my trust YELP!


I have never met NYPD Det John Vergona now retired and living on Staten Island but he is a sicko liar just like Delita 
Hooks -- take a look...

If I was Jeremy Stoppelman's sister or mother maybe I would have not had to hire
a lawyer to get the truth out but mysteriously even with the lawyers help
lucky for Dr Andrew Fagelman the truth which every patient should see and MD
for that matter was moved to not recommended even though the reviews was
infact recommended.

If I was Mike Bloomberg or Ray Kelly's 
family member she would have been 

I have to wonder who does Dr Andrew Fagelman know?   And we know years later I found the detective corrupt cowards that hid from me like
Klux klux can members starting with Det John  Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer and they are facebook friends including with NYPD PO Gene Schatz the first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs from abuses and down the street
from Dr Andrew Fagelman.

I have been told that there are ways
to get fixing and favors from Yelp
as in buying advertising...or is it
like the dirty corrupt NYPD having
a "friend" at yelp who can 
do the trip.

I want to ask Jeremy Stoppelman
and anyone at Yelp that 
can answer why Delita Hooks
gets to violate my patient rights,
lie to the NYPD during an open
investigation after she 
did a running 
punch to my left eye making
a hole in my retina...
and she threw her shoes
threaten to slap the 
crap out my ass,
signed a letter -- my 
guess Joe Tacopina
was stupid enough to 
ghost write openly threatening
me to her NYPD fixers 
-- matches the Cunt calling
threat by a cowardly
misogynist lawyer using
a fake suck puppet account
Delita Hooks a violent,
maniupulative liar 
gets a banner up top praising
her instead of warning 
Patients Delita Hooks has
anger management problems,
is a liar and a criminal 
but Dr Fagelman got 
fixing and favors from 
corrupt NYPD detectives 
at the First Precinct who 
also belong behind bars 
for lying in police reports,
protecting aggravated harassment,
threatening me and than 
corrupt Det John Vergona
joined in verbally violently 
threatening me like Delita Hooks
my attacker who by the way
punched a hole in my retina,
hurt my cervical spine and she 
pressed her barefoot to my vag....

Anyone one in the medical 
community, anyone with a brain
can tell you there is nothing 
I could do to make this violent
liar act unprofessionally and violently
but I want to ask everyone involved
about the YouTube, Delita Hooks
false cross complaint, the 
police reports where the NYPD lied
in their police reports, go over the audios
what ever it takes until I get Justice.

Everyone good person says I am sorry
that happened to you.  

We know Orthodox Jews in 
Williamsburg get fixing and 
favors from the NYPD and so
do the rich of Soho.

It is common knowledge
NYPD do fixing and favors for 
the rich, politically connected, 
friends...even family members.

Dr Andrew Fagelman was asked
by a private investigator if he
spoke to the NYPD and the guilty
slimy evil little MD said
"NO COMMENT"!   I want to
ask him under oath if he knew 
Delita Hooks filed a false cross
complaint as well as lied to the
police during an open investigation
and did Dr Andrew Fagelman 
conspire with corrupt NYPD
Detectives and higher ups inside
the NYPD to threaten me in to
submission with false arrest
unless I dropped the charges.
Was Dr Fagelman assured by
corrupt NYPD detectives 
I would drop charges so he did
not have to worry about 
firing his violent lying 
receptionist/office manger who
like Dr Andrew Fagelman and
the women in nurse PJs in the
video don't seem to understand

Dr Andrew Fagelman's Team Fagelman
started the war on social media harassing 
me Oct 3, 2012 after I was attacked 
trying to convince me I was a liar and 
threw the first punch.

Let me explain to anyone who has not 
seen the video -- there was no fist fight.

Delita Hooks did a running punch to my left out
making a hole in my retina and you can see the camera start to shake and than shuts off from the 
impact so powerful she made a hole in my retina.

Yelp does seem to act like they have the same relationship as corrupt NYPD detective except the NYPD detectives and their supervisors broke the law and my goal is to testify against them in court and in front of a new Commission in top NYPD, Internal Affairs corruption and any and all government agencies that protect what the US Attorney calls "Call a Cop" but I call 1800 NYPD fix it and when the NYPD app tracker gets built I want to be among the first to upload links to police reports, audios, video evidence -- join what will be a massive statistical data base and time capsule 
of NYPD, Internal Affairs, Dirty DAs, lawyers at Corp  Counsel that protected NYPD crimes etc.

Yelp has alienated so many people that they are turning to other venues to put up reviews.

Since the NYPD did fixing and favors
for the corrupt evil creep Dr Andrew
Fagelman the only way I can protect
fellow patients including of other MDs 
that share the office is to make sure 
as People see this YouTube.

I had to hire a lawyer because someone,
or several people connected to Dr Andrew
Fagelman have been harassing me on line
and they even got my yelp account closed until I hired lawyers and got Yelp to give me my review back but unlike the man that praises Delita Hooks

I was not allowed to use her name despite the guidelines that allow for extenuating circumstances.... I also was contacted on linked in recently by a woman claiming to be Dr Fagelman's housekeeper and a fake sock puppet account on YouTube and the first harassment online was 3 days after I was attacked by Ajohn on YouTube calling me a liar prompting me to post the YouTube of the attack.

I really want to talk to Jeremy Stoppelman about
Dr Andrew Fagelman's Yelp reviews and Delita the violent manipulative liar being protected rather than exposed.

There is a loser creep Harold who writes on Yelp he would like to be a fly on the wall implying I said something.  I did not say anything to warrant Delita Hooks to repeatedly violate my patient rights and my body but Harold is a poster boy for those morally challenged that get off on blaming the victim.   I guess that makes him lower than a fly.

Immigrants Escape Run over Border Canadian Law Enforcement to the Rescue

Nine people flee U.S. border patrol to seek asylum in Canada - NY Daily News

Hundreds of Mexicans form ‘human wall’ in border wall protest | New York Post

Preet Bharara Grill Bill No Immunity

Grill Bill, Bill de Blasio Could Be Forced to Resign

Well we're waiting and we're hoping he'll be forced to resign and Tish James will be the next mayor at least for a month month and a half until there's a new race not that the voter "technology" could handle it - like 911  tech under Mayor Mike Bloomberg it was a see if taxpayer Titanic's mega ripoffs no arrests except on the payroll system and again not one city government employee was arrested in other words corruption with no accountability and 911 is a huge story massively covered up specially they overbilled delivered late delivered crap huge stories about both command centers not news. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

NYPD Shrink Violent Psycho like how many corrupt cops internal affairs protects?

Ex-NYPD shrink pleads guilty to shooting husband to be with lover | New York Post

 The NYPD have way too many criminals on their payroll even Senator Diaz's daughter is allowed to carry a gun and badge despite criminal behavior which proof is City need new psychological valuations and lie detector test including before they're even hired - read more on it's time for new commission for the NYPD Internal Affairs and dirty DA blog take a look


Harley Quinn and Kevin Smith for Compassionate Meals

Charles Campisi Corrupt Evil Internal Affairs Chief Book Review Using Ron Kuby letter to protect NYPD IA Crimes

 Posted this  part about Ray Kelly under his new book (I would recommend you not buy this book -- it's full of lies and dishonesty as is he I wants (should say I once)  respected him (Kelly)  but you should know that my Dad  a World War II veteran and Scholar who also respected him died knowing that Ray Kelly  protected me being treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany by corrupt Det John Vergona of the First Precinct.

Ray Kellyis the devil incarnate like his puppet pal Charles Campisi who use  Ron Kuby's letter to pretend  the NYPD Internal Affairs did not commit crimes in my case.

 I'm confident G-d and karma will get them both like an elderly Nazi hiding out till you're 90 and then there's a knock on their door.

 They should be have to be forced to answer questions under oath about my case and others meaning we need a new commission into police corruption  that focus on internal  affairs and dirty DAs in league with them.

 Below is what I wrote about Charles Campisi's new book.)

Charles Campisi is corrupt evil and if he is working in the jail while collecting a huge  pension he doesn't deserve  at least he's in jail and that's a start. Google Dr Fagelman or Dr Fagelman assault  see a 34 second and YouTube second-degree assault intent to do bodily harm an FYI lying to the police during an open investigation is a crime as well threatening  the fixed yet Charles Campisi  protected all the crimes including the detectives lying in there DD5s aka police reports vetbally  violently threatening me refusing to meet me and lying about that, he Ray Kelly corporate counsel have been lying for years my Dad a decorated WW2 Vet and Scholar  died knowing that Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi  protected the 1st Precinct detective squad lying threatening me  doing a bait and switch to mutual third-degree assault and then no assault acting on a misogynist take climb (should read HATE CRIME)  that I believe Joe Tacopina scripted using a fake sock puppet account which I sent to detective John Vergona  and asked is this witness tampering you C word  i'll turn the tables on you I'll bury you I'll destroy you I'll see the tables turned on you if you take any legal action and that's exactly what the corrupt detective squad did -- and my Dad knew that Ray Kelly a Vet a man  he wants respected  protected the misogyny as well as the anti-Semitic  detective who would only false arrest me on the Sabbath if I didn't drop the charges I asked are you anti-Semitic false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath and he would not answer.

Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi  so protected Detective John Vergona for telling me he didn't care by two black eyes,  stop my babbling and he screamed at me you were going to drop those charges or I'm going to arrest you!

Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi's  books in their evil actions are cursed not by me but by their evil by their wrongdoing they are more than karmically challenged and what they did to me and other victims may come back to haunt them and made a fall and fall hard. May G-d  find a way to punish them away I could never conceive of.

 I'm alleging that Ray Kelly took lavish gifts flying on mayor Bloomberg's private jet and excepted free rides for him and his wife that's what we know and we know for a fact thanks to New York Daily News that Chief Charles Dowd took  lavish gifts from at least one contractor and I believe more that were grossly over billing delivering late delivering crap on a 911 tech system endangering all our lives as top cops to craft an internal affairs said hey it didn't affect the contract bidding.  I can hear more of what Internal Affairs Drugs me a post it on YouTube regarding Charles Dowd and FirstNet.

 I testified at City Hall we need a criminal investigation into 911 and I met Chief checked out he did not want to identify himself  and tell me he was the head of technology.

Charles Campisi  has no integrity and protects top brass who got promoted for fixing crime inspiring this phrase for me the NYPD fix climb like a Las Vegas casino and apparently there so many chiefs that happen quite let's give a short list as per the NYDN Chief Dowd, Chief Marino who also got caught taking human growth hormone and using NYPD has private security and he kidnapped Adrian Schoolcraft the whistleblower,

Charles Campisi protected of violent crime  letter which doctors office and SoHo leaving me with a hole in my retina  cervical damage and he such a sadist along with Ray Kelly and top brass and corporate counsel that they're using Ron Kuby's letter to pretend that The corrupt detectives from the 1st Precinct detective squad didn't withhold batch numbers which I don't have they did, but they didn't lied police reports which I have and they lied,  they ignored the video which shows intent to do bodily harm, they have NYPD public members notes which show my Tucker said she's going to slap the crap out of my ass and references the video but not Detective John Vergona omits bodily harm, here omits  her assaulting me with her iPhone, The keys on her wrist left defensive wounds on my forearm which he refused to see he refused to see my eye, defensive wounds he refused to meet me repeatedly he was alerted I was being harassed over and over on YouTube including a threat to bury me destroy me turn the tables on me calling me the c and  I posted police reports on YouTube I've sent them to three police commissioners Ray Kelly, Bratton taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD and James and Neil and Reznick who is a puppet like Campisi who just wants the money - Reznick  calls whistleblower NYPD cops rats and I want to ask Ray Kelly and Campisi and any police chief name one whistleblower NYPD person or one whistleblower like me who is been rewarded acknowledge respected by the NYPD or the city of New York.  You can't.

I also posted my attackers's false cross complaint which has 4500 views filed two days after me it's up calling the police precinct for one year to get one honest cop to give it to me.  I also posted my attackers pass cross complaint which has 4500 views filed two days after me it's up calling the police precinct for one year to get one honest cop to give it to me  Det John Vergona going to false arrest me using that he fabricated a mutual 3rd° assault and he could only arrest me for salt 4 PM on Saturday with the goal to humiliate and degrade me even more than he did telling me to keep my head down stay out of trouble but guess what I found out which Charles Campisi probably knows that their Facebook friends  and Det John Vergona was going to use Delita hooks  false cross complaint to false  arrest me Det John Vergona fabricated a mutual 3rd° assault and he could only arrest me for assault  4 PM on Saturday with the goal to humiliate and degrade me even more than he did telling me to keep my head down stay out of trouble but guess what I found out which Charles Campisi probably knows that their Facebook friends -  wait who's Facebook friend's?   I will get back to Facebook friends corrupt nypd detectives and PO Gene Schatz all party to coercion facebook friends.

 Well the detectives and their supervisors including Lt Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen  hit their faces from me we didn't meet me lied about me they had like Ku Klux Klan member.  Internal fares it was a joke they forwarded my case to the integrity unit checked Lieutenant michael J  Agnese  I was told by subordinates has no supervisors refused to meet me even though IAB Sergeant Decker  said he would interview everybody and I said hey that was with the detective told me and he lied and wouldn't meet me,  I refuse to interview my doctor and her assistant I asked for help - he  he said they didn't witness the attack but in fact they did witness part of it -  do you assistant saw my attacker the receptionist office manager menacing me following me and my doctor came to me after I was attacked bleeding offered me assistance and went right to the rich doctor who's off it was it is and demanded my attacker Delita Hooks be fired.

 To lie to the police during an open investigation is a crime which certain members of the doctors office did including my attacker who also signed a letter to her NYPD fixers openly threatening me and warned me to not come back and file second-degree assault charges or she would finally get another false cross-complaint but she didn't have to worry and I'm guessing Joe Tacopina script at that stupid threatening letter to match his C word  Youtube sock puppet threat because Charles Campisi and all the Chiefs and everyone involved were never going to allow me to Report second-degree assault upgrading my crime when I finally was alerted again by that another honest Police officer almost see year later I could go report second degree assault Chief Banks and  Lieutenant Gannon backed up the supervisors at the 1st Precinct you said I cannot upgrade to second-degree assault because I'm suing me NYPD and that they don't allow you to upgrade when you're s backed up the supervisors at the 1st Precinct you said I cannot upgrade to second-degree assault because I'm suing me NYPD and that they don't allow you to upgrade when you r suing.

I have audio of Sergeant Chen refusing to come down and meet me after he had told me over the phone that I could report second-degree assault first he laughed at me and said you were the one assaulted at the doctor's!    He said don't you have a lawyer I said do I need a lawyer to report  my attackers false cross complaint.  It was a month after I was assaulted and he said no you don't need a lawyer OK you can come in and report the false cross complaint.

 I have audio of me being turned away being lied to by NYPD PO Magori or Migori who  tells me I can't report Delita Hooks  cross complaint  because I'm not a  detective or from the DAs office which is just not true you're allowed to report a crime Professor Eterno  retired NYPD captain told me that of course I was supposed to be allowed to report that and it should've gotten my file her file and investigated

I  audio of internal affairs Sergeant  under Charles Campisi refusing evidence including Ron Kuby's letter is not what I agreed to although I'm thankful he kept me out of dangerous way I can imagine with the cops are at dance me at the precinct what else they would've fabricated maybe sexually violated me as well they're such corrupt evil dirtbags capable of anything since they did a bait and switch and than fabricated a mutual downgraded and made it all go away telling me there was no assault and Corp Counsel actually told me that I was not assaulted when the youtube had  over 400,000 views...

 So who's Facebook friends my attackers detective Andy Dwyer and Detective John Vergona and Facebook friends with  NYPD Gene Schatz  Who is the first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs for being a call a cop for the Mercer hotel and Michael Rawson  was harassed me for years including on YouTube protected by the NYPD sometimes even getting to NYPD to harass me including Schatz Who was illegally using the siren his car being threatening to me In behalf of the Mercer hotel who is using their loading  unloading as private parking  with valet service.

I even found a fake NYPD placard in a car parked there for hours as cops walked by them to ticket in elderly Korean War veteran who is dying of prostate cancer and was severely handicapped and P I even found a fake NYPD placard in a car parked there for hours as cops walk by them to ticket and elderly Korean War veteran who is dying of prostate cancer and was severely handicapped and PO Schatz use his car like a weapon with me and the dying no Korean War Vet.

Charles Campisi and the corrupt evil detectives that he protected that were party to a gangbang of retaliation for me being a whistleblower and I'm sure misogynist terms that they've used  along with three police commissioners and Reznick and DI Ed Winski  need to answer questions under oath regarding my case and others they don't have the courage to answer questions under oath because it would be like opening up Pandora's box involving so many other crimes.

Google Eric Garner handwritten written and find my blog New York City I love you big time and read Eric in his own words  indictment on Ray Kelly in Charles Campisi  and the NYPD and they're dirty methods to retaliate target falsely arrest people I believe Eric and his account including that the cops planted drugs on him after doing a public body cavity search  in retaliation for the fact that Eric said he would sue them.

 The NYPD and internal fares either commit crimes or protect crimes and then have corporate counsel defend these crimes fully funded by the taxpayers plenty that they've already threatened or false arrested ...

 I'm pretty confident this book like Ray  Kelly's new book are both going to fail  because these guys are liars corrupt and they don't have the courage to answer me under oath regarding my case.

 Look at NYPD John Vergona's facebook page he is friends with Det Tommy Moran, PO Gene Schatz, Delita Hooks corrupt Det Andy Dwyer  and possibly my detective in her detectives partners whose faces and names and batch numbers I don't have.

 Top brass inside Internal Affairs  were and are protecting crimes the NYPD committed using Ron Kuby's letter as an excuse at one point I was told there was no criminal matter it was a medical matter and he forwarded my case to Dept Health.

 Internal Affairs Lt Fikru  said the video speaks for itself but he was not gonna have anything to do with the violence the attack the arrest he was just going to investigate Mary O'Donnell and he decided that her refusing evidence was not wrong doing.

 I just posted new audio of me asking Internal Affairs  affairs wrongdoing and I was told Internal Affairs!

I do know this Charles Campisi  is an evil man who doesn't have the courage to answer questions about my case under oath that he is a liar corrupt and he and Ray Kelly are awful and their books are doomed to fail  and so will day however long it takes but before that happens I would like to see them all the questions under oath about my case, Eric Garner's  hand written  law suit from Riker's which got tossed out because he didn't know to update his, Adrian Schoolcraft's etc.

 I'm so glad Ray Kelly's  Book and his puppets are not gonna be on The NY Times  bestsellers list or any bestsellers list...?