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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Non-Jewish Friend Helped Me Get Hebrew Keyboard on My Iphone and PTSD Savage Assault Dr Fagelman. Michael Rawson Mercer Hotel sicko Soho NYPD Fixing favors selective police for $oho

 בוקר טוב בוקר טוב

Non-Jewish Friend Helped Me Get Hebrew Keyboard on My Iphone and PTSD Savage Assault Dr Fagelman. Michael Rawson Mercer Hotel sicko Soho NYPD Fixing favors selective police for $oho
 I'm under so much stress I'm exhausted it's been almost 5 years since I was a savage the assaulted a doctor Andrew Fagelman who I believe just like Michael  Rawson of the Mercer hotel had the commander on speed dial one 800 fix it the rich sickos of SoHo just can call up and get selective policing done for them or fixing in favors and/or the doctors broke  NYPD broke laws.

Rawson got the NYPD to harass me and the detectives  I would let it later break laws  similar to the Williamsburg corrupt cops fixing in favors for SoHo's rich instead of orthodox Jews and Williamsburg
 Michael Ross and got NYPD Schatz to use his car as a weapon threatening me and harassing a severely handicapped dying Korean War Vet are in dying of cancer.

I believe Rawson is mentally ill has a manifesto about me on his Facebook page and he's absolutely crazy he believes he could call the police and have them ignore the fact the Mercer hotel was using their loading and unloading his private parking with valet service as he harassed a dying Korean war veteran who live for one thing for set up his table and sell items in front of the Mercer hotel he was dying of prostate cancer and he finally died in poverty and Hospice and did I mention he was severely severely handicapped he could barely walk and I was probably from the prostate cancer I'm guessing that was...   i'll never forget when Rawson got nypd to harass Eric  and NYPD police officer Eugene Schatz mentally ill freak like Michael Rawson? The creepy cop was so out of control he screamed and yelled at the handicapped elderly veterans for touching his car and the other veterans had to tell the crazy cop he severely handicapped you pulled up right on top of him he's touching the car for balance he fall over otherwise it's so sad when you have to telling out of control cop who's there to harass you courtesy of michael Rawson -  paranoid crazy cop no one is disrespecting him he's out of control harassing alchemy handicapped Korean Vetetan

Michael Rawson has use multiple accounts on YouTube to harass me and other people he thought with me he's tried removing YouTube's and succeeded to remove one YouTube illegally of an activist who reported what was going on in the street that's how sick and twisted he is he thinks they are me and they're not.  Sick guy.   He has threatened to sue me so when he does I call up Andre Balaz  i'm tell him that I'm going to have to include him in the lawsuit question him under oath along with Michael Rawson .   I'd like to ask Michael Rawson a lot of questions as well as the Mercer hotel and the owners the current owners.

I have a lot of questions for michael rawson including the NYPD.  I want to ask him about the signs that I'm alleging he stole from veterans that were gullible to listen  to the bully's thugs.   Every time I call Andre all of the sudden the bully goes quiet.

I want to ask about the hotel and NYPD selective policing and about retired NYPD as well...

 I continue to ask people to please Google Dr Fagelman.   He got corrupt cops to threaten me he conspired with these cops to break laws and I'm seeing the cops and I have to get a filing done by August 7 unless I get a second enlargement of time because the first March payment was granted because my mother was going into hospice but now I've asked for second enlargement of time because she survive six months and it's hard to focus and get this done so the court takes a month or month and a half to answer and I'm actually getting close to deadline.

It's the first division the judges I protected the Eric garner cop who should not of gotten a promotion let alone 24 hour security should've been punished there's no reason to jump on Eric and not one cop listen to him when he said he can't breathe mission to jump on him he wasn't running away and they knew the history of harassing him...  they knew him Erica ledges they sexually violated him they planted drugs on him and he sued eight years ago and his dad and I'm suing his cops are out of control so anyway one little nice special treat is that I've now been told about the Hebrew keyboard and I'm using it to practice Hebrew my brain is so tired so I don't know that I'll actually retain what I'm learning I hope so -- The keyboard does not have vowels.   It looks like script to me but I do recognize some of the letters I have to learn the whole alphabet and I haven't so what I do is I look up a word translated into Hebrew and then retype it on the keyboard

I remember the first time I've visited Israel as an adult I was shocked to see the Hebrew on everything because as an American Jewish child I saw Hebrew in prayer books and just thought of it only has something sacred not something you would find on every day.

I know that's funny but it just was the way I perceived Hebrew

This morning I had such a bad dream about the NYPD and the doctors office and I remember in front of the precinct there was all this water and I remember seeing rich people the kind naked fixing in favors that on cops that own NYPD like cheap pieces on candy.

 These people are so sick they're going to get their karma what goes around comes around.